Xclaim XI-3 Indoor AP – Your Next Wireless Access Point

Xclaim, a daughter company of Ruckus, is shaking up the small business wireless game right now with this R500 variant, the XI-3.

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Allen Downs says:

I had a Ruckus R700 for my home and it was nice. I ended up selling it and trying this (because I want to learn new products). It’s okay. I ended up deploying this when I worked at a local YMCA since they had no budget. I put 4 of these in one building and it was ah-mazing with zero problems. They had so many users connected and they worked decent. I recently purchased a R510 for my home to replace the Zyxel WAC6503D-S. I think I’ll stick with the R510 for a while. Works great!

Zach Ashton says:

“Device location – Uranus” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
I’m a child sometimes.

CircuitHD says:

Who the hell would do this its all about the Dial Up guys am i right?

Anadia Shark says:

I don’t think this will make much difference, my internet is only 5Mbs down, AKA 500KBs.

Edgar Marroquin says:

@LinusTechTips Unifi vs Xclaim?? What do you think?

Walso says:

wow did you just assume wanda’s gender

The1andonlyBYack says:

Hey Linus, are you still using this AP? If so, has the FW been updated to better support management?

DarthDweeb says:

So does this AP provide better wifi connection? Better range? Both? Or does it just support more concurrent devices?

h0len says:

Linus…. you can have the same SSID and the same password to create a seamless transition between AP’s.

gopalakartik says:

Great video, but I am sorely disappointed that Wanda never got to make an appearance.

ocelotxp says:

What would you recommend as a router that leads to this access point?

Leo Maxwell says:

A questionnaire type setup is quite a good idea for wifi for the less knowledgeable consumer that has never been done… maybe even have a router that can automatically try a few settings between a test dongle, or something, that can actually find the right settings with one button click, since figuring out how to get consumers to actually change their own settings is a challenge, some don’t even know what an address bar is. Though I hope that problem will solve itself in about ~40 years, but that is hopeful thinking, as some people are just plain too lazy to learn.

Sollux Captor says:

One year.

Sumerian Kryptex says:

Does this case support 4k?

h0len says:

Linus 1 6 and 11 is the american standard for wireless channels, 1 5 9 and 13 is the european. They have approximately the same effect, and most home users will not see a benefit from using the american standards. They may actually see performance improvement from the european standard, depending on the amount of wifi signals(the more signals there are, the better the european standard is). I say this because i’ve never had less than 5 visible networks in my house

Yannick Ruile says:

Just ordered this AP, should arrive tomorrow, lets see if it does a better job then my current consumer router + repeater..  Cause I’m not happy with that at all considering speed and stability :/

Jack Joseph says:

+LinusTechTips This or Google OnHub

German Otero says:

@linusTechTips how this AP get compared to an Unifi ap ac?.. is it better? and how better?

Nathan Patterson says:

i am a noob with wifi :/ i live in michigan with 200 kbps down and up. (ikr amazing) what should i get to improve this situation? please reply

Brett Heppes says:

So it’s time for a show that talks to consumers (Home) users alternatives for Internet Access that isn’t buying dual DSL accounts from AT&T or subjecting yourself to the huge performance range of Comcast Cable service. Oh, and what about Fixed Point Wireless and Satellite Service with DirecTV/AT&T (was Hughes) or Dish?

Nicholas Ruebel says:

+LinusTechTips What router would to recomend to install with these access points for a user that requires static ip’s and port forwarding as well as several wired devices?

Cj Wee says:

what are the main hardware differences between enterprise routers and top of the range routers eg dlink 890L?

Fabrizio Lungo says:

Serious question, how does it compare with a UniFi AP? That’s what I use at the moment.

Phil McGroin says:

how does this compare to the APPLE AP?

Joe Pleasant says:

God damnit wanda

Fabrizio Lungo says:

What’s your obsession with Wanda? Does your wife know about Wanda?

Caedo says:

Can someone confirm for me once and for all, I’ve been looking here there and everywhere and people always say multiple things about Wireless Access Points. Is it possible for me to set up an access point in another room in my house, which has NO wired connection whatsoever to my Router, and have it connect to my PC via ethernet cord? If so, which Access Points are good and affordable to look at? (Somewhere between £20-40, if this isn’t the case, don’t mention powerline adapters, doesn’t work with my router setup unfortunately!)

Rodrigo Sasaki says:

I wish those were sold worldwide…

Hey There Billy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

but no roaming. . . my house is too big for only one of these and manually changing connections is bs

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