Wireless Review: Aerohive Networks – 230AP


Wireless access is one of the most demanding and costly factors when servicing customers. Aerohive offers many options that answer this call.

Here is a review of Aerohive Networks, their controller option and the AP230.


jason99714 says:

Thank you for taking the time to explain the Aerohive offering.  Very insightful.

Thomas G Sophiea II says:

What switches do you use?

Orian Iglesias says:

Great review, thanks.

shwaha says:

Hi Jon, I found a HiveAP 340 and wanted to know if I can use this device as a AP in my home? Do these things have an specific ip address?? so I can get into it. Thanks for your help.

Bala Sankar says:

Does we have MAC based filtering in these AP(s)?

jbrumfieadair says:

Hi Jon! First, thank you so much for the review that points out some of Aerohive’s features, such as our PPSK. To clarify later points in your video, for you and your visitors, Aerohive absolutely does support customers with deployments in the thousands of APs. In fact, we’ve written a bunch of case studies on some of our large deployments including this recent one at Broward County Public Schools http://www.aerohive.com/customers/Broward-County-Public-Schools.html where they are managing 11,0000 access points on their network. There have also been many people like yourself that have written reviews on our solutions here on IT Central Station https://www.itcentralstation.com/search?item_type=ProductReview&search=aerohive and they haven’t had any issues with scalability. As for a clarification around HiveManager licensing – our access points continue to work, with or without an active HiveManager license agreement, so I assure you your Aerohive Wi-Fi will keep on ticking should your organization choose not to renew. Last, that while we don’t have a local controller appliance that is common to the legacy architectures, neither do we rely on a controller in the cloud. Aerohive is unique in the Wi-Fi industry with our cooperative control protocols that control APs in much the same way routers cooperate in the internet without single points of failure or bottlenecks. I hope that clears a few things up. If not then please contact us and we’d be happy to show you more examples or walk you through anything you have concerns with. Thank you 🙂 Jenni

intecrisis says:

The only thing that would take longer with managing more than 250 or 1000 aps or whatever on aerohive is it would take a while to update the hivemanager itself if you have on premise, which you don’t do that often or moving VHM servers, which also wouldn’t happen often.

Nick Lowe says:

Quick clarification, HiveManager isn’t a controller, it’s an out-of-band management platform.


Diego Dominguez says:

Hi, thanks for the review. Do you know is possible increase the coverage? I have in my company this type of APs

Vince Salvati says:

You said you also tested Meraki. Do you have a review and what AP were you testing?

Shane Moore says:

Jon, nice review.  Not sure if anyone told you but you can host HiveManager yourself, on either a VM platform or you can buy a hardware appliance.  With either of these you have access to HM, even if you can’t pay for maintenance.  Thanks!

sicilianbambino says:

What product did you end up using ?

Bevin Vincent says:

Thanks Jon. This helps my understanding about this product.

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