Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point – Unboxing and Review + Install

Today we unbox and review a Ubiquiti wireless access point. If you are like me you are sick of troublesome big box store wireless routers. Lets try and change that.

Find this access point on Amazon : http://amzn.to/1VHJcwu

UPC: 810354023422

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xTheShady1x says:

Would this be a worthwhile upgrade from a UAP-LR?

TacNipples says:

Can you give us an update? thanks

Jon Dugan says:

I am running 3 AP-AC-Lite units in my town home, I only use the 5ghz and let my ISP modem handle the 2.4ghz stuff since my thermostats are the only thing running 2.4. I think I’ve been up for almost months, only problem I had was after a power outage I had to cycle everything, but I think it was more my ISP device causing the problem. Since I have 3 I used an edge router SFP mounted in my SMC to provide the POE.

Tan Zhengnan says:

hi i need some help here. So i just bought one of this and installed it on the ceiling and there is blue light. However, i cant connect to it on my phone and PC how do solve this problem? Also it says please connect at least one unifi access point which i dont know how but i already installed the thing on the ceiling. Thanks in advance!

T Washington says:

how is this working so far

bloo890 says:

Thinking about getting one. Not sure if its worth the $90 since my isp router is adequate

Xa Ya Za Za says:

Great description it helped me answer a question I had!!

Zinck82 says:

Gr8 Channel And review 🙂 Can i get your opinion? I have a router provided by my Internet provider – but the WiFi part is not that great, i have a 250/250 Mbit connection, but when i test on my WiFi i only get around 100, maybe 120 Mbit DL.
Would you recommend the Ubiquti og a new wireless router? The setup looks pretty ease and simple, can you confirm 🙂
Thank you in advance.

Supreme Icecreme says:

music and spinning box are annoying. don’t expect subscribers like you do. don’t say ‘when the channel gets 500 subs’. what if it doesn’t?

InfinityRC says:

If you buy an UBNT-AC AP you should consider to buy a AC-Pro model if you don’t already have an POE Switch in your house cause the 24V POE Injector from the LR and Lite just supports 100mbit’s Fast Ethernet (100FDX), i was running one of them via the POE injector in my basement and recognized that it said 100FDX in the UniFi WebUi, then i connected it to a ToughSwitch and turned 24V Passvie POE on and it just worked fine with full gigabit speeds. Now i’m getting about 350mbit/s with iperf in the same room through the LR AP and about 400mbit/s through my AP-Pro. The AP Pro comes with an gigabit 48V POE injector btw.
Speeds tested with an MacBook Pro with ac wireless.

Rajil Saraswat says:

Can you check if the PoE injector takes 220V AC or is it only 110V?

Ken M says:

Its obvious you like it, but your video lacked a lot of what I wanted to know, such as how did you access it on your pc? is setup automatic? Well I will continue my search. Great unboxing and install video…now to find the meat, lol

Ray Bernardo says:

How many devices can I use w/ a wireless access device? Does it work only on “one wireless” device.

nyk0n2k7 says:

I bought the pro version installed it yesterday…..man this thing is fast…blows my 4 Apple Airport Extremes AC’s away…looking to grab an LR version of this to reach the garage with a bit more umpf

Ludwik Krochmal says:

Good video, too loud distracting music.

Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン says:

> 2016
> CAT5e
> Not using CAT6

Lloyd Lim says:

Looking to upgrade my RT-N16 router to something better. I have a SMARTRG SR505N on bridge mode. I’m in the market for a new router/ap and was in the market for R7000 from netgear, and the AC68U from ASUS. What do you recommend?

Philip3601 says:

Uncle Sam salutes you!

Billy Mackie says:

Nice vid. What was the ac router model it replaced the wireless of?

Ari Hayslett says:

How do you add multiple access points? Buying a 3 pack

gaminguk says:

If I connect it to my router would it stop my routers wireless functionality

UltraBanana says:

Can you add it to an existing network and router or does it have to create its own network?

LLRMarion K says:

Thank you!!

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