Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi Access Point Unboxing and Setup

http://www.bernardotech.org/?p=571 Bernardo unboxes and configures a Ubiquiti Unifi Long Range WiFi Access Point.

Click the link above to see the more detailed written review of the Unifi AP.

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tromboneJTS says:

Thanks for this clear and concise video. Does the “controller” software and PC need to be constantly in contact with the network. Can’t the PC be removed once the programming is complete?

Ashwin Pradhan says:

Is it worth buying?

Daniel Knight says:

It just glows green but I didn’t configure it

juan espino says:

hello buddy when your discovering the locations can you do it over the apple macbook over wifi or i need to be hook to the same router with cable ? thank you

curtismapman says:

Hi Bernardo. Thank you. You’ve really helped demystify this process. A couple of questions…I’ll be replacing my home wifi, an ASUS, with this. Is it okay to still use the ASUS as a router? If so, do you know how I would disable the ASUS wifi signal so there aren’t two on at once?

Benny Wilks says:

Hi Bernardo. I’m looking to set 4-6 of these up at a facility with (2) floors and is 40′ x 120′. Is there range as reported? What are the channel settings you use and how much overlap do you have?

Dalovesac King says:

can the POE cable be as long as you want? So you can have the adapter at your rack rather then the adapter hanging on the ceiling next to the AP.

Don Unchained says:

Must I have an “Ethernet box” to use this

Ben Feldman says:

Thanks for a making the video I just bought one of these and am having trouble configuring it. I am also using this for my home. When I went to configure the device I get this error message “Make sure the devices are on the same L2/switch network and try again.” I do not know what this means I have have been working on it for 3 hours and still do not know how to fix this. I tried connecting it to my computer and the Access point appeared but the controller says that it is unsuccessful in adopting the device. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

TheMikeyd2000 says:

I attempted to follow this and while configuring the device, the software can’t seem to detect the access point on my wifi. What can I do to fix this?

alex martineau says:

when you say its connected to my “switch” you mean router correct?

Neil Stewart says:

Does the orientation when you mount it make a difference to the coverage?
I’m looking to mount one vertically on the side of the stairs, does the front of the unit (with the light on) need to point in the direction where most of the users will be?


Ryan Barnes says:

I’ve got 3 of these but my former colleague knew the password to the controller. Have to reset all the devices. How do I go about resetting them to factory?

curly0117 says:

So do you need the adapter? Or can you just use a long ethernet cable and take it from ur router anywhere?

yvette Winfield says:

hi does the access point remain connected to the Ethernet cable or is it wire less

John Connors says:

I have set up the Ubiquiti Unifi Long Range WiFi Access Point.  Easy set up thanks to your video.  Have you had or heard of any problems trying to connect a Sonos system or a HP Officejet Pro 8600 to the access point?  Everything else connected easily.  Our phones, laptops, Fire TV, Dropcams but not the Sonos or HP.  Any advise?  Thanks.

Lennart Jensen says:

Great video. Ty

emtfarva says:

So, with the power brick, you have to use that brick or can you buy a poe switch made by that company to power multiple devices?

Nade says:

How is the wall penetration?

Komzy's Gaming says:

Hey man pls foes this router need to be hooked up with any major network like att or Comcast? Or is it an independent thing?

Juse Jamez says:

love the “we assume you know how to download and install software” LMAO!

Ritchie Hubert says:

I can’t seem to get my phone or iPad linked to my unifi. I’ve punched in my password and it will not connect. On my computer it says my unifi network is connected and stable. It also says no clients in my household are connected. Does that mean the unifi is up and running but someone is connected to it?

Joe Cavallaro says:

Hey, I’m thinking about getting one of these, but then I thought…how the heck am I going to get power to this thing wherever the best place in my house is to mount it to the celing!?


Braulio Emanuelli says:

where do i get a network cable cause i have none i do not know if i need 2 ethernets?

chasuav says:

Does this AP support Captive portal?

라이언 says:

Wait so I need a router to use this???

Abhisekh Gehlot says:

this access point have cluster feature because I don’t want to use controller software

Luckydog - says:

Thanks for the great lesson! Also, the music is just fine. Starts as an introduction, and then fades out. Just fine. Thanks again.

Dolphieness says:

Why do people put music in the background. It is so irritating.

Niall Agnew says:

Can this be used as a wifi range extender?

Sajjad Hussaini says:

Hi I have 3 Unifi AP and did same process but at the end its not finishing. I tried many times and all 3 have same can you help me please.

Nin Mar says:

help. mine is saying that Port 8080 is being used by other programmes and my start up failed

Panfleto89 says:

Question about naming the Network: does the name have to be different than the name of my wifi network that I already have with my switch and router? Or does it have to be different, so essentially I would have two separate wifi networks with different passwords. If I can use the same network name and password, then I don’t have to worry about choosing the stronger signal as I move through my house.

cltbuc says:

can I do mac address filtering with this AP?

Ingrid Fidêncio says:

Hey, congrats for the video, but I need some help. I’m having a problem accessing the configuration page, it appears as if he had not found the AP when I do a search on AP detection program it appears there. any tips? I have to set something in IP or DHCP?

Fabrizio Branca says:

Hi Bernando,
thank you very much for this excellent video! I was wondering if you need to run a server 24/7 to drive those or if you only need to run the software to configure and manage them, but after that they run autonomously. Is a server required if you need more than one of those (for the roaming functionality)? And can you actually run a single one without any additional server?


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