Ubiquiti Unifi Outdoor Pro Wifi Access Point Review – UAP-AC-M-PRO-US – UAP-AC-M-PRO

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/mntlj (affiliate link) – The Ubiquiti Unifi outdoor access point extends Unifi mesh networks outdoors with impressive range. See more Unifi: http://lon.tv/unifi and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

01:32 – Hardware overview and build quality
01:47 – Wireless AC type, cost and other options
03:04 – Power over Ethernet connection
04:06 – Connecting with the POE injector
04:20 – Second ethernet port explanation
04:42 – Software configuration
06:13 – RF environment feature
06:43 – Airtime fairness feature
07:55 – Indoor “perfect world” iPerf speed test
08:59 – Outdoor distance test
09:54 – Outdoor iPerf bandwidth test (5ghz AC at 230 feet)
11:08 – Conclusion and final thoughts

AC wireless explainer – https://youtu.be/Hr_R7TLBdXs

Unifi is the best wireless mesh solution out there. Their products are affordable, reliable, and easy to set up despite the fact they are marketed as enterprise products.

What’s also nice is that there are many different Unifi access points depending on the need. This one is a long range outdoor antenna that, while large in size, delivers WiFi over long distances. It integrates seamlessly with indoor units.

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Rick Anderson says:

Love the Ubiquiti Unifi network. Best purchase I have ever made to increase my wireless access.

Kewl Kid Brownies says:

Really liked the outdoor shot Lon!

Steven Osborne says:

Awesome video Lon, Big fan of the awesome reviews and full disclosure.

Marcos Santiago says:

Thanks. I like how you accompany the software explanation with actual video of you navigating through the interface. Makes it easier to compare this with other Wifi options out there 🙂

Family Murphy says:

Lon really enjoy your channel, but I wish you had done a bit more outside testing, off angle etc, maybe some shorter distance speed testing etc. Thanks again for all the great info.

Mart Ashton says:

Surely the connection between the access point and the portable device , has a lot to do with the wifi on the device, i bet if you had tried to use your iphone on wifi at distance , you would fail

hiryu3 says:

Just recommended the lower model mesh unit to a client. ubiquiti products are great

subagon says:

Is this device directional, omni-directional, or somewhere in between?

WiseSilverWolf says:

Thats a huge outdoor access point.

Rafael M. says:

Ubiquiti Rocks! So do your videos!

huggi2 says:

can you post a link to your previous ubiqtui videos

I love clorox bleach says:

Does it support 5Ghz Wi-Fi

Isaac Hanna says:

Hi Lon, where is the video of you discussing 3×3 versus 2×2?

Porcenel Joachim says:


Daniel Moreno says:

Love the videos I’ve actually bought some stuff that you recommended and you have also helped me from making any dumb purchases !!

Dave Small says:

Thanks. That’s a pretty useful device for outdoor wifi. I’m going to check out the 2 by 2 version. Your videos are great.

Dan Lay says:

Excellent video.
Could you add a link to the video explaining the differences in 2×2 and 3×3 antenna systems?

Rowjack1993 says:

bloody hell, you could play dark souls with that thing, shield ya self form all attacks

Jeremy G says:

would you or can you review the ubiquiti video security camera next

rajan rohit says:

is all ac point work on same SSID if install in one home

Rick E says:

@lon.tv Please hide your mac addresses on all your videos. They give away lots of information as well as personal.

Matt Theman says:

Ubiquity is amazing

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