Ubiquiti Unifi BaseStation XG WiFi Access Point Review with 10gbe connection!

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Bradley Stannard says:

tom my wifi is struggling to stream your stream and watch this video at the same time

Kjeld Schouten says:

One little nice note:
That loop on the casing, is for mounting it on trusses in event venues.

Safety rules for equipment on trusses above people (okey, actually everyone tends to use it all the time anyway) advice/require to ALWAYS use a safety cord on mounted equipment. Its a short metal wire which you loop through safety holes on mounted equipment and the truss its mounted on. So they put some thought into it by adding the loop in the frame of the AP for a safety cord.

Nice little note: Normal AP’s are not truss safe by design at all, even worse most other brands (i’m looking at you Meraki) are not truss safe AT ALL.
Yeah I know, we event techs all mounted non-truss safe devices before and looped the safety through another hole, made a hole or found another solution. But safety by design is still a nice feature to have regardless.

hombero says:

Lol I can just imagine it now: a bunch of cell phones and laptops with additional special wifi devices with 10″ antennas coming out of them. What the hell is the point of this and its long distance when 99% of devices aren’t going to be able to transmit at a high enough level back. LOL. Come on.

óskar ólafsson says:

Why the hell does – everything – have to have RGB?! …. that aside, looks nice… but ffs… RBG……

fedemtz66 says:

Could you make a video on how to set up VLANs on an edge router for ISPs that gives internet on one VLAN and IPTV on another one

Jeff's VLOGS says:

7:37 got me feeling drunk hahaha. cool AP I really want one for the RGB.

SomeGuyInSandy says:

I’m trying awful hard to justify one of these in my network…

David Grishko says:

He almost pulled a Linus lol….

Charles Morris says:

I was really hoping you would do a teardown 🙁
Great overview though

Abdrouf says:

The display at the bottom is really nice.

ic3xiii says:

nice intro XD

James Briggs says:

I wonder how well these would work in an RV park application. Have 2-3 mounted on a central building and pointing outwards. An RV park across the street from my one office has horrible WiFi, they are using basic home wifi extenders throughout the park.

P V says:

I don’t buy any professional hardware with useless features/cost, like led lights that do nothing but look cool.

charlie brownau says:

How much is it this in USA ?

USD$500 ??
1000 + ??

Ron Alcorn says:

Do you think one of these alone would handle the typical high school gymnasium all by itself?

Kamil Kuzmicki says:

I got the BaseStation XG at my house to overkill but hey better then upgrading in the future saves the hassle lol

Rob Turner says:

Just because the AP has long reach doesn’t mean the client device will have equal reach. Takes two to tango.

Tyler Lindberg says:

No SPF+? That’s a shame.. What if this is sitting on a tower 100ft tall and the nerest uplink to the LAN is another 200ft? That’s hitting about the max CAT7 can handle.

antonio aguiar says:

There we go.

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