Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC PRO wireless access point, unboxed and reviewed – worth the money?

Hi Guys,

I decided to try and improve my wifi network at home by installing this Ubiquiti AP AC Pro. As an “Enterprise” device my expectations are pretty high …….. does it live up to them?


Watch the video and find out 🙂



Think Tank TV PH says:

Awesome video! What’s the square meter range for this unit? And do you think one of these this will fair well through cement walled rooms in a 100 sq m 1 story home or should I get 2?

km88ful says:

Hi, could you make a video about how it is working after installation ?
I want to buy this version but i am not sure because i have Ubiquiti UniFi AP and it has bad performance(with 4 clients it does not want go more then 80mbps total) and likes to crash (i need to restart it by disconnecting cable)


Can I get a valid link to download the software??

Peter Ramirez says:

If I wanted this access point in my room, but the router is on the other side of the house, would it still work?

Jorge Perez says:

how many clients for both bands ??? 😀

Matthew Corbett says:

Does the software you’re running only need to be installed to configure the device? Or does it have to be constantly running on your network in order for the device to work?

Hikari says:

Kinda weirded out with the constant “smart” reference that seems to make no sense lol. How does PoE make something “smart”? It’s just a power delivery solution… Nothing” smart” about it. Nor does it state anywhere that it is a “smart device”… It’s just a really nice router with lots of customization options.

Kraig Kirsch says:

You can turn the creepy light off lol.

Molb says:

Did you just put it on the wall???

Accuracy158 says:

The light can be disabled if choose to from the from the software configuration options. I use a single one of these access points in my house and I like to leave the light off. If you are using multiple of these devices in a well lit or high ceiling business environment the light is probably less intrusive and useful for trouble shooting.

I find the thing pretty easy to configure though it has a lot of nice options if you dig around in the software a bit. You can even have each AP give a detailed scan of the RF environment and there is a beta supporting deep packet inspection. You can rename and track each client easily and all the settings are saved after the one click firmware updates. This is much better with large number of clients, file transfers, and game streaming via Steam or Nvidia Shield than my 5GHz 802.11AC Trendnet router. Overall i’m very pleased with device.

freakqnc says:

What’s the area you’re serving with it and are there any walls or obstructions in the way of the signal? Do you get signal across floors and does it reach outside (like garden or pool area? Thanks 🙂

Lasse Pedersen says:

You do know that you can turn of the light?
Why didn’t you recommend sealing mounting, that should get you better coverage when placing it on a wall.

Jamie JaysCom says:

Thanks for the video! Also, here in Austraya* each time you call it a “rooter” we think it’s a device that roots (or screws/breaks) stuff. Its hilarious listening! We say router, phonetically like saying our or ow 😉

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