Ubiquiti UniFi AC Wireless Access Point

I hate WiFi so much…. Save me, Unifi Networks….

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JonatasAdoM says:

Cables for life. Cables for the poor. Cables for everyone!

Andrew Bowen says:

good advice linus as always

Шура Шу says:


Roberto Perroni Vanelli says:

The router doesnt matter ? this ap do ALL the dirt work ?

Atwine Moses says:

Fist guy to ask his video to be disliked? I like to confidence. Good job

J Rallo says:

Have to agree, consumer stuff is crap, even into the $200 price point. I ended up going a different direction than buying a pre-packaged item. I bought a PC-Engines APU2, 2 WLAN cards (one does AC, one does N for 2.4Ghz) Ceiling mount antennas, and coax to hook it all up. Antennas aside (they cost about as much as the other hardware alone!) The setup was fairly cheap, runs Ubuntu, is future up-gradable (change out WLAN cards) and just works. It doesn’t have a fancy GUI but I rarely was ever in a GUI after setting up the device. This was much like building your own router using pFsense or similar.

Swiss420 says:

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 – $30 – Easy Setup – Ultra Small – 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Auto Switching – Seemless Connection over multiple Devices. Stop Buying that expensiv junk and go with something that is worth much more then its price.

John Wick says:

please give me one

GTIP productions says:

I cant wait until late 2019 when 802.11ay comes out because of its 100 Gbit/s stream rate

G Bueck says:

Bought a UniFi AP AC LR and love it. It is installed in the middle of my 1500 sq.ft house and covers all the way to the street, and backyard.

Kristof Heymans says:

TP-LINK TL-WDR7500 V6.0 Archer is a very good router, i have it setup as an access point.
only downside is that the firmware is in chinese but google translate can help you there .

CraftyMiner88 says:

This is hella old but still useful believe it or not lol

B Jewell says:

Not that you need another thank you for this video, but… Thank you! This video got me onto Ubiquiti a couple of years ago and my network has been rock solid ever since. No more consumer grade poo 🙂

X4ND3R08 says:

i LOVE my Ubiquiti APs. we have the exact model in our infrastructure. we have 6 sites, all the same SSID and password for our guests, and our internal users. Love the portal too.

Gearbox says:

Can you review the eero please.

David AE Levy says:

I just bought the Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD Unifi AP, can’t wait to hook it up

David says:

Has the firmware for the roaming garbage come through yet?

sterlingtardie says:

Linus, my home is 3655 square feet and my only wireless AP is a Netgear Nighthawk C7000. It is a combination unit that combines a cable modem, Router, switch, and wireless AP in one device. It is located at my computer desk upstairs at the front of the house and I can use the wi-fi for streaming HD video on an older macbook pro in my kitchen or great room downstairs at the back of my house. It has to handle three laptops, six smartphones, a 4K TV, an Amazon Fire stick, an all-in-one, and four tablets wirelessly. It also handles a desktop computer, a Verizon Wireless range extender, and a WD Mycloud on the wired side of things. It does all this without any issues.

Brian Peppers says:

Linux is a noob

Darrin Hillier says:

if you are watching this in 2017 do yourself a favor and avoid this older square model. I do however 100% recommend the newer round UAP AC Pro model. I’ve personally installed and manage roughly 50 of these units across multiple locations. Coverage is strong, setup is a breeze, and they are rock solid. They are also considerably cheaper than this older model.

Bandicoot Fan Jazz says:

Wifi is a dick, the always says “hohohoehe”

Danny Kriegbaum Laursen says:

I replaced my $200 Router with $114 Router after 8 years and I would have keep that Router if, It didn’t randomly lose DNS or restarted.

I am really happy with my new Router so far since, it handles FTP, Media Server and QoS without issues.

Blaze Hawk says:

if I have to hear that “a wireless router is actually 3 separate devices” one more time Im going to shoot mysel

Abraham Lincoln says:

i got rid of of the 10 Ubiuiti AP AC Pro units i bought last month. they are terrible. they advertise 120+ METERS of range on that model. i can’t even get 25!

ramsin eivaz says:

Hi Linus thank for your input it would really help if you go through the setup process of this router!! Also, I also love rt n66u and I have them in a 2500 square foot house at two ends using an ethernet cable and using one as access points. it works pretty well!!!

potato potato potato potato potato potato potato says:

Wireless are only for mobile devices like my phone or laptop if it’s at a fixed location like a desktop, tv or console lan all the way

Jack H says:

we have that in our house and it works so well

Brendan Rosa says:

Best way to network your home/small office in my opinion:

– (optional) Buy a reputable modem and kick the company-provided one out the window although it would be pointless if the quality of service is already terrible.

– For router, if network-level VPN w/ encryption is not important to you, simply buy a reputable router and install dd-wrt firmware on it; otherwise go overkill on your router with a little Skylake Pentium/i3 build, 2-4GB of RAM is plenty (mITX form factor). Install pfSense on there (if you go the x86 route). Or you could get a ARM-based computer and use dd-wrt.

– Buy an 8 to 16 port switch (think in terms of the future, will you need more ports? Make the 16 port switch investment then not later)

– As pointed out in the video, if a constant connection like VoIP/Streaming over wifi is important to you where you will be moving between APs then go with something fancy, otherwise some cheap PoE APs from TP-LINK can be purchased on Amazon for like 45-60 per unit.

– Ceiling mounting is probably the easiest and most aesthetically-pleasing approach. It’s out of sight, super easy to install via the attic and gets the job done.

– Go ethernet where possible. Sure you’re not going to use your phone/tablet with an ethernet cable, but don’t be lazy and let your smart TV or home entertainment system run off the wifi – wire it!

Pok Chanito says:

do you connect this directly to router or is something else required?

Alex Wielinga says:

*LED ring* yes cuz rings are square

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