Ubiquiti UniFi AC LR and Pro Access Point Review

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points are some of the best wi-fi access points around. I have been having problems in my house with the wi-fi signal so I decided to give these a try based on a friends recommendation.

The two access points in the video are:
Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AC LR AP Enterprise Wi-Fi System (UAP-AC-LR)
Ubiquiti UniFi UAP AC PRO 2.4GHz/5GHz, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2xGbE, support PoE+


Dan Gil says:

available at best buy now!

Dominic Dymond says:

I screen shot the google earth/maps image of my property and imported it to the software then I measured the distance of an object with google earth to make scale correctand therefore the software has better estimates of the wifi saturation.

Marte Larsen says:

Nice review 🙂 And I like the intro music. Could you tell me what it is?

Ben Walker says:

Really good review – thank you. I am looking at getting some decent, cost-effective APs for a client of mine that is suffering with very bad Wifi at the moment. The seamless hand-off feature is an absolute must for me so great to hear your honest experiences with it!

Dominic Dymond says:

wait you got mesh wireless and are only getting one? it almost defeats the purpose, if it wasn’t for how affordable the LR is, and still it performs very well and it seems reliable.

Cesars Tecnos says:

I need to know how much to reach (meters) has the UniFi UAP-AC PRO, and also how many users can connect to this device.
Thank you for helping.

Frikandel says:

You forgot to mention something very important for users with >100mbit connections; The LR only has a 100mbit Ethernet port, while the Pro has 1gbit.

TJ NL says:

can u use it from a powerline?

Think Tank TV PH says:

Awesome video! What’s the square meter range for the Pro unit? And do you think one of these this will fair well through cement walled rooms in a 100 sq m (about 1000 sw ft) 1 story home or should I get 2?

Intel Alive says:

Will i have to connect on of these to a router provided by my net provider coz that has the modem plus router built in?

Fred Flinstone says:

lol… you know enough about these devices to be dangerous.

Alan Green says:

“I dont do reviews, per se” lol. ubiquity goodies are brilliant

kevin mvita says:

whats the difference between these and wifi extenders?

Nick Ogaian says:

Gave you a thumbs up before even watching all due to spyderco I love it

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