Ubiquiti UAP AC Lite review – installation, setup, roaming, performance tests

In this video I’m sharing my thoughts on using an enterprise grade wifi appliance at home, along with a consumer grade hardware.

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Edgar Jeknavorian says:

How did you test the roaming ? From the Asus to the UAP.

Luke Fong says:

Where did you get the rasberry pi to install the UniFi controller?

Ryan Wyss says:

So are you saying that to run the Ubiquiti UAP AC Lite, you have to have an always on computer (in your case, the raspberry pi) to use these on my network? Or is this only necessary with the initial setup? Also, could you give some details on your raspberry pi setup? I like that enclosure.

Zaan Q says:

WOW!! your stuff is Unique as fuck (mind my french)…Subbing!!!

vistarox says:

Can you tell us what kind of screw you used to mount the AP? Thanks!

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

Dominique Richardson says:

i would love a more detail video on how you ran your Ethernet cable for this install

خزام الدغماني says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful.
have you got your hands on a another one of these yet? if so, have you tried the hands off or Fast roaming features?
It’s the only thing that stops me from getting 3 AC Lite, I’m afraid that the switching between AP’s won’t be so fast and it would be better if go with a mesh Wi-Fi system.

Robert Selberg says:

Thumb down because of the disturbing background music. Otherwise I would have given it thumb up.

iAmit says:

So this is basically useless if you have a furnished home. There is no way I can run a cable from the 2nd floor (where the router is) to the first floor (where I would put the UAP AC Lite)

TheFengLord says:

Your accent is getting on my nerves.

T Washington says:

so i can set it up through the controller, then when im done i can remove controller and use the mobile app?

Ritesh Dhoot says:

Appreciate your efforts !! Great Video !!

José Augusto says:

Thank you for the video. I´m planning to kick out 3 ordinary routers for one of those. I´m already an enthusiastic of ubiquiti products (have edgerouter and a pair of nanostation m5 working great since 2010 between 2 buildings apart 3km) and I believe the UAP will not disappoint.

Did you try the band steering function?

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