Ubiquiti Mesh Wireless

What is mesh wireless? In this video, I unbox Ubiquiti’s two mesh access points, do an overview of what mesh wireless actually is, set up the AP’s and test them.

Equipment used in this video (Amazon affiliate links):
Ubiquiti small mesh AP (UAP-AC-M): http://amzn.to/2ptJ5uz
Ubiquiti large mesh AP (UAP-AC-M-PRO): http://amzn.to/2nXGR6w
Ubiquiti USG: http://amzn.to/2kMP4Hu
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO: http://amzn.to/2lIB92T
Ubiquiti CloudKey: http://amzn.to/2lJDyvh
Ubiquiti US-8-150W: http://amzn.to/2lJjQ2u

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Ruben Ramirez says:

Does this work on wpa2 personal? Or just on wpa2 enterprise?

Nick Alexander says:

helpful video and cool house!

Jared says:

I’ve got the ac mesh but I’m having trouble finding the corresponding program you’re using

KELLI2L2 says:

Access Points are wired but you still need a Network contract to get on the Internet = (AT&T, Cable company or Satellite) ! Capitalism.

Eric Alkurabi says:

Want to send a referral link to the 16p poe unify switch? I have to purchase one and do not see it among your referral hardware. Have to make a purchase and would like that added to the other uac pros I have to buy. Thanks for the great videos – subscribed for sure!

revellionalt says:

What wireless NIC do you have in the laptop when you made the video?.

The results of the iperf3 test when wirelessly connected to the unifi ap AC pro looks really bad compared to mine. I get about 357 mbit over iperf3 with my laptop sporting a Intel wireless-ac 7260 nic.

Eugene Davidyuk says:

Honestly your videos have saved me! Very thorough explanations
Can we get to get the gateway/cloud key next…thanks again

bwzes03 says:

Interesting stuff…
I have a Ubiquiti UAP-AC PRO and using the wireless on my laptop I get 70 to 90 Mbit/s download from Speedtest. (Dell Latitude with an Intel wireless nic.)
My Samsung Galaxy S8+ gets 120 Mbit/s download on Speedtest…
So my laptop is slower than my phone in wireless use….

50cdc says:

When it says 600 ft range, is this the radius from the antenna or the diameter of the circle around the device. 2nd does these units automatically pass clients from one to another or do they need the same name to do this?

Ron McKinney says:

Question: for the mesh failover scenario does the controller have to be available? Often I’ll set up a unifi network on my computer so the controller lives on my Mac. Do the devices ‘remember’ how to fail-over to a secondary uplink if no controller is present?

Mark Brown says:

i need brandon’s contact info for some wisp

Bill Sheley says:

This was an excellent video. Thank you. I would love to see how you might do some signal strength / channel tuning within the mesh network to strengthen those weaker wireless uplinks. Subbed!

robgom777 says:

Not sure if anyone else has covered it, but it seems the weak link is none of the network mesh hardware but rather the Wifi Network (WLAN) card in your laptop. Upgrade that (if you haven’t already) to maximize your results via Wifi.

Mitchell Earl says:

Maybe I’m missing something but if they’re a mesh system, wouldn’t they have the same SSID; how were you positive you were connected to the closest mesh device when running the test? Was it through Unifi where you were seeing connected devices?

David Hoch says:

For the Mesh devices, each device needs electric power to function. Since they are powered via POE, they need to have a data cable (i.e. Cat.5) run to their location. That being the case, it’s a small jump to simply plug that cable into a POE switch and run that location using a wired device rather than a Mesh device. Am I missing something?

Riad Ahmed says:

Network need motor way and small roads link roads by pass fly over elevated express way bridge , every thing on demand so carriers for bulk supply or trunk for far end but mesh for sorter too,

OthmanEmpire says:

Thanks for the video, it was very useful =)

Ivoire Tube says:

It is so sad that no one can go slow explaining how this product works not even their so call chat help group. The landing page do not work and no one can give an explanation why .

Rober Bertot says:

You make those videos look very professional, everything is clearly described. The only issue I see is the content itself. I mean you are turning around the pot about very basics things. I was using WDS now 15 years ago to repeat 802.11 b networks. I mean there is nothing new or even special. Those a b a s i c functions. So my point is that you don’t buy/search for those Ubiquiti AP to have someone show you, like Steve Jobs would have, an iperf between 2 machines running over a simple repeated wifi signal <_ < It would be like talking about some very specialized drilling machine and the guy is only explaining all different ways to plug in and out the battery >> what’s the point ?!? Talking about Ubiquiti I want to see a mesh setup in a very big place with like 50/100 AP with all the fine tuning and so on. Seriously, you shut put more effort in the content than in the shell.

stili774 says:

So, were is the difference to a repeater ?

Menelaos K says:

Hi! Do you know anything about the UMA-D dual band sector antenna, especially made for the UAP-AC-M? It was in beta store. Is it going to be released?

Corey Skipper says:

Question. I have a project i’m working on at my office. I have a tower next to my main office not being used so I want to utilize the tower and have wifi around my shipyard. The main reason for doing this is I need to put security cameras on the dock that is on the other side of the levee. I cant get any cable on the other side at all. So the question is will this work with the longest range I need to place a camera 550 feet away? Like I said I have a huge tower next to the main building not being used at all. I would say its about 40 foot tall. So I would have clear view to all the wireless cameras. If you think something else would be better for my situation please any help would be appreciated.

Warren Simmons says:

Thanks Chris, Much appreciated, your videos help heaps.

nasserzir says:

If I connect the Mesh Network with 2 different wired Internet connection, what will happen?
What happens when one Internet Connection go down?

Thiresan Naidoo says:

Which should one get between the Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite AP and the Ubiquiti small mesh AP ($7 more locally) in this case range is important so 183m? But you did mention that the device may see the ssid but not be able to connect. Also the AP would be used to provide access to devices almost literally in a straight line from it (a narrow but long house) and the bendable, replaceable antenna have appeal plus outdoor use. ALSO this one is the cheapest (by $22 locally): Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise 802.11n Indoor AP so how does it compare to the Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite AP? Thanks in advance.

Matthew Lafata says:

nice video. My boss asked me to help with her home wifi issues. She has a 2400 sq ft ranch and the cable modem is on the first floor on one side of the house and the wifi signal is week on 1/2 the house and very poor at the rest. The only access to add APs is in the drop ceiling in the basement. I did try adding a cisco AP and a nighthawk for testing and this did not help much. The night nighthawk did get me 1/2 way there. I did try a Cisco AP in the basement ceiling but gave very limited coverage. The basement is finished and she would not want anything added to the walls. Do you think the Mesh antennas will help due to them being omni directional? It appears adding the APs in the drop ceiling reduces the distance quite a bit.

Jack Booker Jr. says:

I think it was a good video. I’m am planning to purchase a UAP-AC-M just to use as an outside access point hard wired back to my ASUS router I currently own. I might one day experiment with the mesh capabilities if I get some more access points.

Marvin says:

Hi I loved the video and you do a great job explaining. I have a few questions that you or someone else might help answer.

At this moment, I have a modem Motorola SB6183 and a NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit. I have experienced significant slower wifi during the last few months. I do have about 14 devices using Wifi. I will be moving in a house that is about 40 feet apart from the house i am living right now (that house is in the back part of the front house)

The questions that I have are:
1. Is having a mesh a viable option? is it worth it? can you connect them via wifi to each other?
2. is having Unifi AP a better solution? can you connect them via wifi to each other?

3. If I set up an AP as repeater, will i lose speed?

Thanks for the video once again.

Tony Ly says:

How much does it cost to start an Isp company?

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