Ubiquiti In-Wall Access Point Unboxing and Setup

In this video, I unbox and setup the UAP-IW Ubiquiti In-Wall access point.

To get your own In-Wall Access point – click the links below!

Single UAP-IW: http://www.crosstalksolutions.com/product/ubiquiti-networks-uap-iw-us-unifi-ap-in-wall/

5-pack UAP-IW: http://www.crosstalksolutions.com/product/ubiquiti-unifi-uap-iw-ieee-802-11n-150-mbits-wireless-access-point-2-40-ghz-82-ft-maximum-outdoor-range-mimo-technology-3-x-network-rj-45-poe-ports-poe-wall-mountable/

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Marco Iannacone says:

I’m interested in this device.

Is there a way to switch off radio at certain time? (I mean can I have it on only during working hours?)
I know that unifi controller has enable wlan schedule. Is there a similar option for this ubiquiti device?
If so, will it switch off radio or simply disable SSID?

Astral Jaeger says:

I guess its time to get a cheap Ubiquity PoE injector?

Alf Einar Walsø says:

Would love to have some of those, but they won’t fit in a standard mount here in Norway :/

Prabath Jayasiri says:

HI, Can I do the AD integration for this brand.

Jonathan Opsomer says:

Im moving and i wanna do a crazy network install,; but im scared ubiquiti’s UNIFI is too difficult for me 🙁

Tjo3K says:

can you power an ac-lite with this?

Time4B2 says:

Awesome video, thank you.

Laurence Thornber says:

This costs the same as an AP Lite, wouldn’t it be better to just install one in each room of a hotel instead?

yryo617 says:

The 802.11 protocol is pretty chatty. So your good-put will be lower than what device says for wireless side (Wireless link speed). Perhaps that’s the reason.

Joseph Arueyingho says:

Nice one bro

boss6021 says:

Has anyone shown you how to have your devices automatically inform to your AWS controller?

Niall Collins says:

Hi thanks for all the  videos great to see Ubiquti equipment working . quick  question whats the advantage of using the cloud controller for unifi and how to setup thanks

Icywolfe says:

Is it possible to manually disable and enable the ports? Because I want to have one in back so whenever the tenants complain about a lack of internet for their places I don’t have to run with a 100ft ethernet cable out the front door and in to their place. And instead I could just remotely enable the port so they can run the cable themselves.

(The real oddity is the tenants places aren’t using cable internet but DSL from ATT. And far too often it’s like an outage. Often it’s their dinky box thingy and then you gotta wait a few days for a tech to come by.)

Action News says:

48+ passive will not blow it , as ADAPTIVE becomes passive.

Colin Zapalac says:

You really should look at the Netonix WISP Switch. Would take care of those PoE woes of yours…

jdavis83 says:

Great video. Awesome shirt!

Joel Diaz says:

Its not Passive??? Thank GOOD!!!!

Cor Smit says:

Another awesome video chris, keep up the good work

Yo Ch says:

The Reset Switch should be on the inside of the AP and not on the front…if so it takes about 1 week and you can go back to the hotel and reconfigure all the APs 🙂

Nice Vids!!!
Greetings from Switzerland

Exploited89 says:

Hi, one simple question: can you turn off PoE passthrough and use both ports as data-only?

John Poldoian says:

Chris, have you reviewed the newer IN-Wall AC access point? Often Ubiquiti has a guest SSID on a separate network with DHCP. But I can’t find it on this device using controller V5.5.20. Is it hidden away somewhere? A separate network and DHCP is critical for my application.

R J says:

Your videos are great, keep up the good work. I am getting ready to upgrade my home network to an Edge Router Lite and am on the learning curve side of this right now. I hope to later on add an AC Lite AP and unclutter my entertainment center with all the different devices I have on it at present. I am also considering doing away with the old POTs phone system and going with a VOIP setup, but that will be a little further down my list. I just recently installed some CAT6 drops and a structured wiring panel in my home so I can have a good robust network and get some of the devices that are stationary off the wireless side of things. I also just set up a FreeNas server and so far have been very impressed with it. In any case I just wanted to give you a shout out and say thanks. A giveaway would be great and you can throw my name in the jar for that too.

Jamie English says:

I am interested in becoming a freelance IT / consultant. I live in a rather big city – what’s the best way to get clients?

Ron Alcorn says:

You often mention wanting a QUIET POE Switch, the TP-LINK (not always a fan either), but this switch is quiet and surprising options for the price. The model isTP-LINK T1600G-28PS. I have been very pleased with it, even in a small business environment.

Tom Peterson says:

Chris, Have you used the Eth-SP in conjunction with Toughcable Pro? I don’t find any documentation showing which side to ground to shielded ethernet cable.

Joakim Holmberg says:

Could you do one of your amazing reviews on the replacement for this one, the In-wall AC?

Christopher Titus says:

Hey Chris, any way you can review UniFi AC In-Wall AP.

Indraputra Ibrahim says:

Hello, I love your vids about ubiquiti. Really helps me lot! So the question, what happen if i have 2 pcs and use all the port just for internet? Is it gonna blow?

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