Ubiquiti Access Points Explained

This video details the various Ubiquiti access points and discusses where they should be used.

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Saturn2888 says:

I have over 120 Wi-Fi devices in my home, most of them smart home devices.

From your understanding, how many devices would I require where an HD would be worthwhile? And does it really cut through walls giving each device that much better signal in a typical home?

aakksshhaayy says:

Is this a sponsored video?

Justin says:

8:50 I don’t think thats how it works…

Andrew Eastland says:

So what is the wired lan spec? Those throughput you quoted are irrelevant if it only has a 1gb lan port

SplitNails says:

I still want the AC PRO for my house for the speed.

Saturn2888 says:

Do you recommend mounting these on a wall?

Ron: Decline to State - says:

8:00 _Defeatured Hardware_ , every company does it, basic economics, hit more price points, maximize profits. Look it up if interested.

Chris Rodriguez says:

Lime the video but the only thing I have to disagree is that the cloudkey is not limited to POE switch. It can be powered with micro USB charger. It does not need to be POE only

Colin C says:

We have definitively solved signal issues by swapping a UAP AC PRO with a UAP AC LR. The difference is big (and real). Thank you for your videos.

David Schwartz says:

The whole point of an improved antenna to increase range (as opposed to an increase in transmit power) is that it benefits you when receiving as well as when transmitting.

Neatwork says:

Can you make a video where you show/tell how to setup proper rooming / hand over with multiple AP ?

Help Desk says:

the long range is for point to point where you have 2 of them facing each other. say if you have to get wifi out to a garage some distance away.

Tech Lovers says:

I have ISP
I use in ISP Mikrotik PPoE Connections
In PPoE connections how configure PPoE on NanStation as a Access Point

eric molimard says:

Hi, great video, very easy to follow. I have a question. My internet router is in a bedroom upstairs and the signal is great in the upstairs of the house and the downstairs part right below the bedroom but past the kitchen which has steel beam running across after an extension, the signal is very poor and we cant use internet at all. What set up can I use with Ubiqity? Thank you.

avel robe says:

can i install a uap ac pro in single poll?? how ? what equipment i will use?

Alexander G says:

One thing to noticec the UAP-AC-PRO do NOT have powerfeed on the secondary port. There is just data. As a nanostation can output 24v on the secondary port the uac-pro can not do this.

Michael Holmes says:

The secondary ethernet ports on UAP-AC-PRO and UAP-AC-HD aren’t for connecting additional devices but for feeding the access point. They both have a throughput larger than 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps), which is the maximum speed of one RJ-45 ethernet port. That is why you need 2 (2x 1 Gbps = 2 Gbps or 2000 Mbps).

Cowboy Frank's Personal Videos says:

Just bought 5 Pro models for my large house. Had trouble understanding the system now your video explains them very well. Only complaint I have is you have to install Java on the configuration computer to run the software. Thanks..

Antonio Persichini says:

I installed an AP Ac PRO, after 3 hours activity it going self disconnects, and do not boot. what can I do?

elukok says:

Why do you need the unifi controller? Why cant you configure the APs from the web interface like normal?

Sean Vlad says:

Can you daisy chain the UAP-AC-PRO’s?

James Davies says:

Chris, aren’t AC lites going to be 48v 802.3af soon? I swore I installed a couple that would accept real POE once.

Mowcowbell says:

Not sure if anyone has already posted this, but you can use flat Cat6 cable for these devices without any problems. I have wall mounted my AC-Lite’s and wanted to use flat Cat6 to be able to neatly tack the cable to the wall and out of the way. Flat Cat6 can handle data and POE.

Inafu Sabi says:

Enlightning. Thank you for sharing

Donald Smith says:

You didn’t say anything about password or security on them.

Justin Brown says:

tp-links makes more or less the same hardware for similar prices, however there are easy to use/update thru a browser instead of “propriety software/ hardware dongles to “milk” the end user IE: going back to change/update stuff.

Gary Li says:

I had 3 pro in my 4500sqft home, and replaced one with HD in my study room where most computers are. I can say that even with 3×3 clients, there’s a significant performance gain from pro to HD. I had 300-400, peak 500 Mbps on pro, but now I’m able to get consistent 650-750mbps, with peak close to 900 on HD.

Guilherme Peralta says:

Great video, helps me a lot! For a basic home setup do I really need a CK (prices here in Brazil are too high)? What happens if I set it all up with the iPhone app and then my phone is lost/stollen or if I change to a new iPhone?

MacExpert WillemsTech says:

LR antenna not only boosts range for transmit but also has bigger “Ears” to receive weak signals from smartphones.

Evrydayzawrkday says:

Fun fact that I just realized. If you assign a static IP to a device, like .. lets say a UVC-G3 (which is what I did), you can use one of the UAP devices as a wireless bridge as a downlink into a remote location, and then use the POE adapter LAN port (which does NOT provide POE) as a wired bridge.

Did it today just to see if my theory would work with a UAP-AC-Pro as the uplink, AC-Mesh as the wireless bridge and a brand new UVC-G3 w/ static IP. Signal from the AC-Mesh to the AC-Pro was -56 dbm, and after 40 minutes of perf testing the maximum latency I got between them (rarely) was 12ms.

I am sure this isn’t supported, but for a home setup like mine it works.. and no more cables ran so the wife doesn’t kill me 😀

Benjamin Fuller says:

The 2nd LAN for the PRO and HD is for total client saturations too, I.E.( x2) 1Gb ethernet to the switch.

timon0x31 says:

I thought the two routers also had the controller.

Rommel Martinez says:

Listening about affiliate links in the initial part of the video makes we want to sleep. Why not put it at the end?

Rays RCs says:

Great video, I’m about to by the pro model for my home to update my older wifi network. Never used this brand before and it looks great. Question can the SSID be different on the 2.4 and 5 GHz band. I currently have my IP cams on a 2.4GHz using a different SSID from my main 5GHz SSID. I really want to continue having two different SSID for the two bands, can the Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO do this?

Arnaud says:

To be fair, the large antenna in the LR model allow for more receiving sensibility, so the emitting power of the end device is not that much relevant. IMHO, the only case where the LR model would be useful is in a building like the one my ex-wife lived in : thick reinforced concrete walls, and lot of interference : I used to run a non-profit WISP, and all of our APs showed their limits, so I tried the UAC-AP-LR and it worked pretty well.
My 2 cents 🙂

BlueW01f says:

Unifi Controller can go on a raspberry pi – why would you recommend buying the key?

Jay Roman says:

So does the PC running the controller software need to be on 24/7?

Todd_H says:

Chris, do you know if the coil noise is fixed with the newer AP’s? I am considering refreshing my home Ubiquit setup with the USG product line. I have an Edgerouter PoE with two UniFi AP’s that constantly ticks and scratches when transmitting data.

Stefan Callendorff says:

Cant acces my Unifi AP-AC Pro wireless to my Unifi AP-AC Outdoor i the controller

AJ Brown says:

Any chance you can go over the in wall-ac units and their range compared to the other access points?

Mathew Subritzky says:

Referring to the LR about the antenna and why ubiquiti don’t put them in all their AP’s. Maybe because it would add to much cost for the consumer? Especially for the Pro and HD? I assume that’s why they have a separate model for Long Range. But definitely the wifi devices also need the same tech/antenna for LR to benefit.

Sergio Caballero says:

seems a cool solution

Rob Taylor says:

Have you ever done a real world test to see the max clients to a UAP AC Pro? I met a tech installer that said Unifi’s claims of 250+ clients is not possible as they experienced a max of 30 clients.

dhrdan says:

another great vid. great content.

Eric & Val Goodyear says:

Hi Chris.
I use the UAP AC HD regularly with great succsess. The situation of the device with low power trying to reach the LR AP. makes sense initially, but remember that the sensitivity of the AP is also improved, thereby allowing connections to weaker signals than the standard AP.
Yes definitely a good pick for repeaters, ( I use the unify Mesh) , but in the hotel motel environment, the AP AC LR. definitely increases connectivity for users, without the cost of going to the pro.
Also the cloud controller is nice for status and remote monitoring. But in any small deployment like a small business or motel. I have found that configuring the units with a controller and then letting them free run without one, works fine unless you need active guest policies or hot spot fuctionality. I use another user gateway for this downstream.

Love your videos.

Landon Mclilly says:

Can’t I just install the software on a server (Server 2012) and not use the cloud key?

MacExpert WillemsTech says:

Can you make a video about WiFi Roaming?

Jessie James says:

“The house had walls…” ok where the fuck did my walls go!

MrTechdude1 says:

I was thinking about getting the 5 pack of the LITE access points for my 2500 sqft single story house, is that overkill? I was going to put one in each bedroom, one in the office, and one in the living room.

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