TP Link EAP225 Outdoor: Unboxing, firmware tour and range testing

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Matt Browning says:

I can’t get to the website to put admin admin in. Do I have to connect to the tp-link access point because If I do I can’t it says no Internet connection. Any help would be appreciated

Microthin Twice says:

code , pass on right monitor?))

Nguyen Dat van says:

circum angle antenna no biquad antenna

Richard Stern says:

Ben, thanks for a very practical review. Planning on using the EAP225 to extend wifi from a house to a lakeside dock, about 60 yards, with some light foliage in between. Wondering, after your marina install, whether you have any impression of “real world” performance, i.e, not unobstructed line of sight.

Kowshik Akanda Razi says:

Super. I am gonna buy

Marco Di Mario says:

name app android for test?

Jasson Quill says:

range of this signal??

OldSkool 55F100 says:

The Phone fine tunes the signal when you stop….

job4 hire says:

Looking for speed test for internal and external (VLAN) compare to Mesh network and wireless controller setting

I love the tablet for nine channel internet protocol camera view , if it using affordable projector (720p) to extend the video streaming would be better

David Tremblett says:

Thank you for the great review.
Can you do a video on the captive Portal Function?
I am looking to get something like this (and this model looks good) that will allow for users to login with individual access codes (Preferably one time use codes).
Can you tell me if this feature is available on this model?

Yhopix Rosete says:

how about testing with buildings and walls

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hey sweet channel ☺ Keep it up!

Palos Alejandro says:

The one that goes from POE to Antenna, is that an ordinary Ethernet cable? Didn’t know an Ethernet cable can handle electricity.

BThiara40 says:

hi ben

thanks for ur review.
im looking to buy this product for my business.
hows does this product do with 10-15 users? any idea
last time i had problems with eap 120, just not handling it.

Esther Garibay says:

Hi thanks for video. I am thinking to buy this product. But i wanted to ask when you move the ap to a different location it will work fine with out being hooked up to the router? I just make sure it gets set up before moving it out.

Irfan Chand says:

What app is the wi fi anaylzer

arif mia says:

Direct contact mobile sir

John H says:

The company claims 200m on 2.4 and 300m on 5. Regardless, a range of 70 to 90m is impressive.

arif mia says:

Thank u so much

John Christian De Chavez says:

Hi ben thanks for the review. i already bought this AP and im planning to change its antenna. Can i put 2.4ghz on the other antenna and 5ghz to the other? is it possible?

Paul Eduard Javier says:

sir how can i able to connect outdoor cpe to my router? my TP LINK OUTDOOR CPE cant connect under survey. i refresh many times but there is none. now i cant use my outdoor cpe 🙁

Shiddiq Diqy says:

this long ranger and for 20 client

zjgvergara says:

Thanks for the vid. I will be using this WAP for a project.

Bud Corbitt says:

You can find the firmware on tp-link website

Melinda Molnár says:

Hi Ben, i like it the video very useful ! I would like to use it as an amplifier without LAN cable, only PoE but I did not find it in the descriptions from this direction info. You can help possibly ? thank you very much

マルケスモーセ says:

Ben, you’re awesome! Thanks for the product review.

Rajesh Kumar Garanayak says:

Can i use it for about 150+meter?

soulnull says:

The reason it works better when facing the antenna is because you’re acting as a giant RF shield. 2.4ghz is absorbed by water, so trees, leaves on trees, human beings, etc.. 5ghz is a bit less selective about what it’s stopped by, it just doesn’t like any obstructions.

With that said, I ordered an eap110 (same thing but without 5ghz), and your practical review in a real world environment (with some trees in the way, and on a standard smartphone) was what knocked me off the fence and into the buy side. Looks like this will do a much better job at covering 7 acres than my current roaming setup, though I’m still going to have one roaming ap in the barn… Metal roof is worse than a human body for WiFi signals.

Amlan says:

Very Helpful Video..But I saw the Description online… They give Its Range about 200+meter.. If I use this To My building 5th Floor,Can It Deliver It Proper Range?

José António Mendes Costa says:

Hello Ben, very good review. I’d like to ask you, what’s the name of the steps counter app?

david barley says:

ben i bought this eap225 not work properly . 2.4 ghz work only 20 to 30m max and 5ghz band not detected by devices like note 8, ipad or s7 edge apart from laptop . what you think ? i tried everything even updated firmware reset device as well but no luck .

Mon Quinto says:

Hi sir, can this be configured as wifi repeater? Thanks

leoprisionero says:

Hello Ben, very good review. I’d like to ask you, what’s the name of the steps counter app?

mumu mumusi says:

can you try more than 150m???

anthony bongs says:

Hi ben,
Do you have an idea on maximum client to connect through this access point? Please advise, thanks,

Richie Rich says:

Hi can you please advise me if which one is better this tplink eap225 or the unifi ac mesh

rashid hamza says:

nice test man 🙂 thank you .

j0bb13 says:

Are the code and password supposed to be publicly visible on your rightmost monitor? I haven’t watched the entire video yet.

Steven Driver says:

Just bought one, works fine with its injector, but won’t power up when connected to a 802.3af/at switch that currently has 2 other Axis PoE cameras on it working fine. Switch is rated for 60W, cams use 5-10W each. I tried switching ports, cables, everything. Just won’t power up. Can you test (with a PoE switch) to see if it really is an 802.11af compliant device, or if you have to use the injector brick.

John H says:

Thanks for this review.

Adyrah 28 says:

can this run simultaneously between 2.4 and 5ghz? Is there a feature inside the two frequencies that can use universal repeater mode?

Matt Trotta says:

Very helpful video. Would this be good for my outdoor 8 wireless camera setup I want to install?

Michael Agda says:

what android app did you use for testing?

Gregory Barbieri says:

Do you have other considerations about this ap?
I want share Network from a home far a 20 meters to other house, but I don’t find many reviews about this ap.
Thank you.

Jalfred8854 says:

Hi Ben, What is the app that measures distance.? Wifi Analyzer I already have it

chris sargent says:

I just purchased this.. Thank you for the walk through! I like your command center desk! Were did u get that little fan? If you get more elevation on the unit, it might get better coverage. I feel the circumference coverage is pretty good for the money! I installed an Engenious directional bridge set to our neighbor about 500ft away.. Rock solid and good speeds..
It too has access points at each end of the bridge, but the directional factor limits its use..

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