The Best Wi-Fi Routers For Tricky Homes

New mesh routers from Eero, Luma, Ubiquiti and Linksys use teams of access points to bathe large or hard-to-network homes in Wi-Fi. WSJ personal tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler puts them to the test in a three-story Victorian.

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Nico Lay says:

unifi ap ac lite is cheap enuf for me

Matt Riddell says:

sucks about pewdiepie – otherwise I’d like this

Chris Stone says:

You also tested the AmpliFi HD. That is for high density situations which wasn’t what you had in that house. The regular AmpliFi would have worked just as well and been $200.

VvXXXvV says:

Fuck you WSJ

Fluffy1oO1Owl says:

normal access points can also act these days like so called “mesh” you see only one network but there 3 access points. So “mesh” is nothing new. It is just marketing. But i agree it is made easier for home users. Still overpriced.

Michele S. says:

these are ugly, rubbish, expensive wifi device that will never work fine. just use wifi powerlines with wifi ac dualband. it cost less then 150 dollar

Highlight777 says:

Doesn’t it make the internet speed slower with multiple ap’s since the information has to bounce around more to get to the router?

Aaron Hilbert says:

What app is he using at 1:25 to test the speed?

HTB Dog says:

I’m a dog

이호림 says:

You missed Netgear Orbi. It’s Tri-Band WiFi Mesh System. It has dedicated 4×4 1.7Gbps backhaul between router and satellite. so no speed reduction even many wireless device connected at once. Best WiFi system ever.

Landon Jensen says:

Google’s OnHub is the answer

Joeker San says:


Theron Akubuiro says:

So much fucking editing and money spent but no views lol

xTheShady1x says:

You could also use an old router and turn it into an AP(third party software might be required) + powerline networking.

Javier Lopez says:

do you have to be connected with a company in order for these to work or do you pay these companies on a monthly bases??

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