[REVIEW] Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise Wireless Access Point

My unboxing, overview, and experience with the Ubiquiti Enterprise WAP System.

See part 1 of setting up my parents’ home network: http://youtu.be/UZxEVAwY7YY


ez|2a says:

no, the software does not have to run after then initial setup. You only need it if you want to continue using the guest portal.

abdu2s says:

So does the software have to be running all the time for the AP’s to work.

Or can i just use it to set them up and then uninstall it?

thu tran says:

adoption failed.  I reset the AP, disabled antivirus and firewall but adoption still fails.  Any idea how to fix it? thanks

ez|2a says:

My mistake. Mixed up my Layer 2 and Layer 3.

Though in a corporate environment, putting WAPs on a different subnet/VLAN is probably the best way of securing the computing environment.

Braden Pickett says:

My disk worked fine with both 10.8 and Mavericks. I have 6 in our house, 20 at our shop, and 8 in our church. I am a HUGE fan of these APs

ez|2a says:

because this is the non pro, and non extended range version, it will not even be anywhere near close to being measured in kilometers. More like a few meters indoors with walls.

A quick google reveals that MAC filtering isnt supported on these devices. I’m not familiar with Buffalo routers, but presumably if you can filter MACs, you should theoretically be able to deny any device.

ez|2a says:

Actually it looks like you can block devices through the software. However I dont know if that block is saved in nonvolatile memory at the access points. You might need the controller software active in order to enforce the blocking. Also, the client has to have been connected at least once in order to block. I dont think you can manually input MACs. Another way is to use the guest portal (also requires software). I would not recommend MAC filtering as a security measure.

Eddie Moy says:

correction, it is 10/100/1000

Abdüssamed ULU says:

Bence Engenius tahtindan edecek ürün..

Daniel Gallegos says:

How does this compare to luxul brand?

ez|2a says:

my apologies, this is the non gigabit version. This is the non-Pro version which is 100BaseT.

شمسان العماري says:

what is the range in km??
can I use it with Buffalo Technology WZR-1750DHP to control the access of users??

Amber Yousuf says:

have you dont any speed tests through the ap? its rated for 300Mbp, but it only has a 10/100 ethernet. how does the actual bandwidth look like? 

YooZD says:

Awesome! Thanks for posting this video!

ez|2a says:

I will definitely let you know when i pick a second one up when my parents’ remodel is completed.

ethan leonard says:

hello i have a question about this device… do i have to keep the computer with the soft wear on all the time or is it just for the setup of the router?

Kamikaze Soob says:

How much it cost per access point?

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