Review & Speed Testing of the Ubiquiti AirCube ACB-AC / airMAX Home Wi-Fi Access Point

Review & Speed Testing of the Ubiquiti AirCube ACB-AC / airMAX Home Wi-Fi Access Point


Marcelo Massarente says:

Great reviewAny idea of how the hardware compares to the Amplifi?Some reviews show Amplifi, which is 3×3, with speed limit of 450mbpYou got about that with the 2×2 cube, right?Can you turn off the 2.4 radio completely and just use the 5ghz?Regards

towhom78 says:

Cool little piece of hardware, except for it auto agreeing to the EULA. WTF!

Matt Theman says:

I wonder if you can make a network of multiple AirCubes

Martin Lang says:

This device was designed to be installed together with a CPE on the client side. Thats the point why there is a POE output connection on the back. So, you as WISP make a wireless connection to the client (bridge cpe installed on the roof for example), run a cat cable into the Aircube. And the client has now Wifi, and two additional ethernet ports for the devices. The Aircube is available in two versions, don’t know whats the differences. Thats the thoughts behind the Aircube i think…?

mark householder says:

I just ordered one about noon today…wonder if it will work with unifi?

Philip Cook says:

I’ve had one of these deployed for about 3 months now. They have excellent download speed, but the upload isn’t too good. Not sure if that changed at all with the current FW, 1.1.1. This ran circles around my AC-pro for download, both on 80 Mhz channel width. The main issue I’ve had is that the AirCube doesn’t always get along with iPhones. One of the users randomly has pages not load, but then load on refresh.

osminator says:

Single most brilliant video on the AirCube! Well done!

Maybe anyone out there could shed some light on the following 2 questions/thoughts:
1. I would need to run 2-3 AirCubes in my house (3 floors, my thought is 1 per floor)… how would the three mesh/interact (say if I gave all SSIDs the exact same name) on my devices (say my phone) as I move from one signal to an area with a different cube’s stronger signal?
2. I got tons of friends and family that come around all the time… any way to set up a guest SSID?

For months now I’ve had the AC Pro in my sights… after this brilliant video, I am all about the AirCube now! Thanks v. much for this video!

supersejethomas says:

Do you know if Ubiquiti plan to update the device to handle basic routing capabilities (e.g. port forwarding)? This device looks sweet, but without any routing capabilities I am still stuck with the shitty control (and partially locked) and bad performing router from my ISP.

Is it really necessary to buy CloudKey, UAP and EdgeRouter to go Ubiquiti?

mark householder says:

thanks and nice job…..does it do DFS channels?

Justin says:

As good as amplifi system? POE IS HUGE

Si Si says:

Thanks for the review, iam shopping for a good AP in the next few weeks. This looks great

Evil Congee says:

So is this a cheaper version of the Amplifi HD?

Xciter327 says:

As far as I read the documentation, leaving the auto option for channel selection is not great. Unify products scan the spectrum and chose channels only on boot. No further channel switching is done, unless you reboot the device. I would love to be proven wrong. I last checked this behaviour in Sept. 2017.

RockitMan2001 says:

Oooo, I like show-and-tell time!

Erniethebrave Ivey says:

A better test would have been the speed test whilst out in the car park!

Martin Lang says:

the ap ac lr is configured to 40mhz bw, the aircube to 80mhz bw on the 5ghz band! so please set the ac lr also to 80mhz bw.

Jamie Warren says:

Another factor for speed differences could be air time fairness. Unless it has it on the Cube, I would think your business had other connected devices to the AC LR which would use some wireless time slots in network chatter at the very least.

Amilcar Cruz says:

it’s possible to add multiple ssids and vlans for each ssid?

halon73 says:

Just wanted to say thank you very much for posting this video! I made the leap and got one of the Aircubes. Installed it on my nightstand on the top floor of my home and saw my speed test download speed go from 15 Mbps on my old WAP to 63.25 Mbps on the AirCube!!!!!!!

I did testing on several of the old WAPs I already own and none of them come even close to the I/O of the Aircube!!! I also did testing as various distances and speed did vary depending on location in my home. So being so impressed with this little wonder WAP I bought another one for the basement of my home. I figure between one on my nightstand on the top floor and one in the basement/family room area I should have total coverage.

Thank you again! This little cube has transformed my WiFi experience in my home!!!

PS – Purchased through B&H photo. Super easy and it arrived a couple days after I bought it. Also the setup of this device is even easier than shown here on the video. Perfect gift for the baby boomer mom or dad in the family.

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