Review: Ruckus Wireless R600 & H500

A short discussion on Wireless and why it’s important, followed by a review of Ruckus Wireless’ R600 & H500 AP units.


Ron Peterson says:

Thank you for sharing your review. We’re hospitality network providers and the H500 and H510 are a favorite for the wall plate design. Only 40MW but great for one large guestroom. We can also configure a PAM for various local services via non-broadcasting VLANs. The switched ports can also be extended to offer a wired connection too, using a puck to hold the cable to the desk.

Otto Kos says:

Hello Jon. Thanks for publishing this. We’ve been mounting these Ruckus R510 to the wall.
Now.. One of them needs to relocated. How do I dismount them without damage? It is quite close to the wall, being secure clicked on the screw.
You have solution?

AK 47 says:

Again if Ruckus ill be going with Unleashed

Morgan Finucane says:

I wouldn’t see the R600 as the flagship Ruckus AP – I was installing the R710 in October 2015. However Ruckus make multiple APs for different use cases and the R600 v R500 is a 3X3:3 v 2X2:2 argument. R700 has more antenna patterns than R600 and is beefier in processor and RAM terms. The R710 is a MU-MIMO 4X4:4 AP. All those mentioned APs are good for 500 concurrent connections each – I normally limit them to 200 per AP. They all have a minimum of two Ethernet ports so a minimum of one more drop is available, so the feature of the H500 (four ports) is not exclusive but the cool feature is that one of the ports is a PoE out. It is an intentionally low power AP – it is designed for single rooms like hotels where the PoE out will drive the IP phone in the room and the other ports can be used for an IP TV or similar. Low powered to reduce bleed and interference when multiple APs are in close proximity.

S van Hamburg says:

Hey why didn’t you choose for wave 2 from Ruckus? With the R510 or R710 / T710?

r smith says:

A presentation about ZD guest security options and configuration would be extremely helpful. Amazingly, has minimal practical and complete ZD configuration training videos. Thanks.

savio santiago says:

Queria saber a senhar padrão do r600??????

Ismail Qaddoura, Qtech Systems says:


Junior Hitlall says:

Came I just purchase the r500 and only use that with my modem.

AK 47 says:

Hi Jon, thanks for your invaluable time. i hardly see any candid feedback about Ruckus on the net. I am planning for big home solution and contemplating between R600 vs Ubiquiti UAP-AC but with mixed opinions. Does Ruckus charge you a one time or an on going fees for their products ? They are already so expensive and for a home user i am a bit scared to get into these life long commitments

Teoma Systems says:

Thanks for the great review Jon, we appreciate your business!

Mashar Tailoring says:

Hello Jon,

Looking to use this ruckus hardware on my project.

What is the smallest indoor access point the i can use for ruckus?

Salih Saad says:

Hi Jon, About the wireless coverage (signal distribution) of the R500, is there a difference between wall and ceiling mounted ?

hraqhraq says:

Thanks for the review

Sean Holladay says:

Hey have you played with the unleashed r600?

Ali Highland says:

Ruckus has a lot of features but I am going back to Cisco wifi bc I need wireless that is stable and works. I can’t tell my CIO, “I understand the wireless is spotty but look at this cool mobile app that Ruckus gave me with our wifi!” Going back to Cisco!

CAIrondad says:

Wow…. Jon, I just happened upon this video and it was EXCELLENT…. thanks so much… I’m a subscriber! keep ’em coming!

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