PowerAdd Pocket / Travel Wireless Router Review – router / access point / wireless client

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/qzula (affiliate link) – This is a handy portable router that’s made for traveling – especially given it has all of the international power adapters needed built in.

The device includes an ethernet port, USB charging port, and has an 802.11n wireless access point / client running on the 2.4ghz spectrum.

It works well and as expected. It’s no powerhouse so I wouldn’t expect to run more than a few clients off of it, but it’s enough to set up an ad hoc network in a pinch. It can also act as a little firewall if hotel internet is your only connectivity option. One of its settings allows the wireless interface to act as the WAN connection with the ethernet portion acting as the LAN.

My only issue with it is the confusing nature of its configuration. For example “bridge” mode on the device by default is really just an access point mode. A second option has to be clicked for it to work truly as a bridge. Additionally the wireless WAN mode I described above is called ‘ethernet adapter’ when that would be a term I would normally associate with a wireless client mode.

That gripe aside this can be a handy tool to have when traveling – especially for adding at least a little bit of protection when connecting to a hotel network.

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DISCLOSURE – Poweradd sent me a review sample for this review


Ali A Salih says:

Can you please make a video on Xiaomi mini wifi Router. I know it should be straightforward but I really like your explanation on Routers.

Azaan Khan says:

CAN YOU PLEASE! Make a video to show how reduce the graphic settings for the hp stream Thank You!

Ozzie O says:

Hmm.. didnt know these existed.. thanks for the learning Lon..

Emmanuel Sanders says:

Thanks 🙂

MrChanw 11 says:

that twisty thing is trippy

Eric Brunhammer says:

That would have been helpful last year when I went to Lancaster since the WiFi in my craptop is a bit hit or miss at times.

Azaan Khan says:

So I saw on the Hp stream video and you said “We Need to reduce the graphic settings” So can you make a video to show how to reduce the setting so all of us can play a game like Minecraft thank you!

OhAssCrap says:

ok one question , i have a router that has a weak signal , if i use this with my home internet will i experience better quality gaming from my room?

irakli rostomashvili says:

Hello. After several days of vane efforts I am not able to
configure the repeater function. Have you used this function, and if so, could
you tell how to configure everything?
P.S. Do not tell me where to get a new firmware (if any)

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