Let’s Upgrade This Wifi | Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro

Need to speed up your wifi? Today we take a look at the Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro Access Point.

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TinTin says:

can we run the dual bands at the same time ?

Mr. T says:

How to setup this up when hook to edgerouter 8 port bypassing the switch?

Sammy Singh says:

One Question :: Can we assign different SSID for two bands, like one ssid for 2.4 Ghz and one for 5Ghz with different passwords for both ..????Another q is how much parental control can we set on these AP to restrict devices and IPs and websites …please addrress both questions

Wim Juste says:

Hi there, nice intro/video.
2 questions:
1) Does the secondary port needs to be connected to a PoE as well ? Or just not at all ?
2) I have 2 UBNT AC PRO access points, but 1 of them is connect ONLY via 1 UTP (PoE) – The second I can connect with 2 UTPS. Would that be a installation/configuration option in case I want thel to share a single SSID and use the Zero-Handoff feature? Because once I conntect the second with 2 cables, it gets “ISOLATED”
Thx !

Mark Seibles says:

what? huh?

sdq sdq says:

does this have a lan to pc 1giga port ?

Keith X says:

I’m new to Ubiquiti and the first difference I’ve noticed and don’t like is that you can’t manage the AP from the router’s console. I come from a Sonicwall background and that’s an excellent feature I wish Ubiquiti had.

Daniel says:

you use pfSense, good man.

HI How are you? says:

See which channels your neighbours are on and change to one that no one’s on.

sir404 says:

will this make my at&t wireless faster?

hall01235 says:

seems a bit overkill to use a AC Pro for a sub 20Mbps speed. Why did you go this route instead of the UAP-LR?

Jason Garrett says:

Seems like you have cable runs going through the walls from your server room already, you should really try to mount the AP to the ceiling, as that’s what they were designed for and you will receive optimal performance. I see that your performance is pretty good now, but it can be better with better mounting.

Peter Mason says:

Talking fast makes people sound smarter.

welmoepics says:

Do you think it’s critical to have a Ubiquiti Cloud Key and Switch along with the AP?

Gabriel Lundmark says:

Got one recently. Really slow throughput compared to other APs like the airport extreme but a lot better range.

rfrancoi says:

Great video Sir.

Shane Cooper says:

at 1:48 you said you need all there systems actual you just need USG and unifi AP the switches are for PoE if you going that route

OfficerBob says:

I’m impressed with the easy configuration unlike Sitecom and Linksys.

Louis says:

Is there any PoE switches would you recommend? (That have atleast 16 ports)

Oblama says:

Can I connect it directly to my ISP provided Modem/Wireless router? It’s a 2 in 1 device so I am wondering if it’ll work. I just don’t want to fork out more money for an addtional device.

ericplatham says:

I believe the dual lan on the AP Pro is to daisy chain multiple AP’s.

Rabbit_Games says:

Do you turn off Band Steering? Some reviews say it works better if you do.

Ralph Franco says:

i just set up my uap ac pro. it seems to only be broadcasting 1 channel. shouldn’t it broadcast a 2.4 an 5 ghz channel?

Henrik Johansson says:

You no longer need a controller to set up AP.

download the unifi app from appstore (android, ios) and you can configure them with the application without any controller on the network. You can do all the tasks from a quite good UI – create wlans, set security, upgrade firmware and monitor status.

Arnold Matulin says:

this is also for outdoor ?

user57682435 says:

please clean up that cablemess in your closet. thank you

Charlie Quiñones says:

I have a problem with my access point seems it doesn’t have lan adapter as what video have. Is this also an update for the access point?

montygram says:

It’s a year old already, but hopefully you’re still not using that gray Xbox 360 “Cat5” cable you’re using for LAN into the POE; I think I tested it once and it only uses 2 twisted pairs. Very poor quality anyways.

Hidden Identity says:

The second port is for daisy chaining, and does not support LACP or LAGG (thus cannot be used for expanding the uplink throughput)

In respect of saturating a GB connection- in the real world you’re not going to saturate that with a 1700mb AP.

DJ_Trolly says:

Can I buy 2 of these for better range in my house?

Mac·au says:

Forums require a bit more maintenance than just the software on a server.
Unfortunately, people will break rules, be dicks, etc.
Not saying don’t do it, just be sure you want to do it.

Also, if you use PoE in one of the ports, does the PoE port drop to 100Mbps and the second port full speed at 1Gbps?

Chris St says:

If I have a built in router in a Motorola modem should I still but a router
Top support say 150 phones with the access point??

I-N-Y-H says:

what’s your wallpaper pls ?

Ter B says:

Can you control/limit the bandwidth from the Unfi software/app? Great Video by the way.

D. Young 17thMEU says:

Gee that’s pretty cool!

Patrick Hijduk says:

Could you use that second LAN port to connect to a small switch?

I have structured wiring in my 2 story+basement home. Everything from the service provider is in the basement, Modem/WiFi Router going to a Gigabyte Switch then hardwired throughout the home. Right now I have a small 5 port switch that connect my Xbox One, Roku, A/V Receiver and Android box on the second floor (where I am aiming to add an AP to get better WiFi signal). Could I move the main connection to the AP Pro main port and then connect the switch to the secondary port? This would save me a lot of effort from running another cable from the basement to the second floor.

ChocateMilkVlog says:

Just a heads up, I would check out the UniFi app. They have changed it so you don’t need the controller at all everything can be done from the phone. (In theory you could run a site with 100 APs from the phone, it would be a pain but you could)

david sonko says:

Can I connect it from router to switch to the Unifi Ac Pro?

Think Tank TV PH says:

Awesome video! What’s the square meter range for this unit? And do you think one of these this will fair well through cement walled rooms in a 100 sq m (more or less 1000 sq ft) 1 story home or should I get 2?

Tom S says:

so i can hook this to my switch in my home office. and it will give me wifi access? (i have a comcast modem/router but the signal will not reach to my office) thanks

Monty D says:

Great Video, very thorough and informative. I liked how you took your time and walked thru every step in detail. Just found your channel, and you just found a new subscriber. Peace

KELLI2L2 says:

An Access Point IS a Router which is hardwired to Ethernet (also called a Node).

TrollMaster Gaming says:


mojo2418 says:

I put the controller on my raspberry pi 2. It wasn’t too hard. I followed this guide. I can recommend it. Means no shitty java on desktop or laptop/server.
Plus now you can access it on different computers.
I found getting up pfsense up and running more complex so this should be a good option for you?


I got my Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro yesterday and it runs great so far. Only thing shitty is now my ISP.

Jeff Miller says:

Very well done! I’ve been looking at the Ubiquiti access points for some time. I appreciate your insight! By the way, my son goes to school ( DePauw )near you I think, considering your Mooresville, IN speed test. Thanks for the info, and all the best to you!

GameIsLooks says:

Stupid question.. i apologize.. I have an apartment and I can get 100 mbps download on all my devices… do I still need the unifi? The whole purpose of an access point is to get a stronger wifi connection and patch up dead spots correct?

STuTe51 says:

Is the Ubiquiti “Air Prism” a good outdoor WiFi Antenna? If not, what are your recommendations for Outdoor WiFi antennas to boost WiFi connections in my home? If you will, do a video on the Ubiquiti “Air Prism” explaining exactly what it does.

Tyler says:

I installed this at a customers house. She has a Charter Modem, a Sagecom Router, and we installed this AP on the opposite side of the house. This is my first time installing one and I kept running into the same problem. When I changed the name of her 2G and 5G signals to the same name that her router had (on the “connect to wifi” screen on my phone) I kept getting 2 of the same named networks showing up, one from her router, and one from the AP. I only want the router to be an extension of the router, with only one network to log onto but where we can walk around the house and be connected to the router if closer to the router, and then connection be switched to the AP if I leave router range.

We were told by tech support that this isn’t possible and I needed to disable router wifi and only use the wifi coming from the AP, but the AP is on a far side of the house and I was worried about range. I have installed one a longggg time ago and I was able to get it to work so I know its possible, any suggestions?

Also in the future we will be doing more jobs like this but possibly using multiple AP’s, and its only going to be residential so is the Pro model overkill?

My understanding of networks and everything is limited since I am just starting so any help would be great. Thanks.

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