UniFi AC HD:

A detailed unboxing, setup and review of the UniFi PRO and HD from Ubiquiti. Please subscribe and like for future content!

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UniFi AP AC PRO vs UniFi AC HD
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Nicolas Pagano says:

Never put a wireless AP inside a metal cage(wire shelving) like you did with the apple airport.

Master Chief 00117 says:

Used 4 of these with seamless roaming. Using the USG 8 port PoE Switch and USG router. The Switch has 4 PoE powered ports. So no need for injectors. I can be 200′ outside and get a full connection. It you turn the outside AP to high. Not Auto…

MrPvallone says:

Hey you say “it’s not a typical router”. It’s not a router at all. It’s an access point. Your should correct your video

Mario Huana says:

Lol. These are NOT high-end Wireless AP’s. 🙂

Oscar Oldendorp says:

Nice video mate! I have a UAP-AC-PRO and a 300/30 Mbps connection and I do obtain those speeds even through cement walls. I am very happy with these products 🙂 Keep on the good work!

wimrotor says:

I can imaging it wan’t take long until you’re also working with the USG as a gateway, to have all green bubbles in use and to have all configuration being managed by your Unifi Controller, wouldn’t it ? 🙂

indiekiduk says:

its megabits not megabytes

Quasi84 says:

The Unifi Controller application can run on Linux and most likely BSD too. I’ve had it running on my home server for years now.

S E says:

Mbps is Megabits per second. Not Megabytes per second

Nathan Campbell says:

For future videos remember Mb is mega-bit not mega-byte. There’s an 8x difference.

Adam Panagiotis says:

Fixed your audio. Listen with headphones. Such a painful experience

chazzico says:

Better than orbi rbk50?

CypherX5 says:

You can install a Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key. It’s a stand alone device that runs the UniFi controller software. The Cloud Key and the UniFi Security Gateway are exactly what you need to compliment these amazing APs

Hugo Monster says:

Very informative . I just added this device at home.

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