How to Get Started with UniFi Wireless Access Points in less than 10 minutes

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Chris Mallia says:

with the unifi APs I am getting speed drops on Android devices, after some time connected the speed drops to a hard limit of 30mbps from 230mbps, restarting the clients WiFi fixes it for a few minutes to a few hours, been with support for ever running around in circles, its clearly a unifi bug as other APs I test do not produce the same problem, tested some LR AC also with same problem

bobstertime says:

Great follow up video, I used Ubiquiti about 6yrs ago for a Point to Point setup. After seeing your video I remember why I did! I setup a Ubiquiti AC for my client and put the controller on azure and using a Ubuntu machine and works magically. Thanks for videos and when I didn’t get a notification I kept checking to make sure youtube was working lol.

Kevin Schmuhl says:

You might want to mention in a follow up video or something that it’s a good practice to back up your Unifi site in case the install gets corrupted or the system it’s running on gets damaged. I had this happen to me I had the unifi software installed on a media server and didn’t leave it running to save system resources the os drive failed and I didn’t have the site backed up and had to recreate my site settings all over again and I had customized mine quite a bit for some special use cases I had. Wasn’t the end of the world just some lost time and effort.

sp3c14l1st says:

I got 2 AP AC LR’s in my home, 1 on each floor, fantastic equipment. grtz from Belgium

stlherfer says:

Is the linux version x86 or ARM?

Mr Dashpuppy says:

Can you do a good review of the UNIFI SECURITY GATEWAY…please 🙂

Christoph Esch says:

Warning: Ubnt becomes adictive! Thanks! 🙂

Silas Hack says:

PLEASE plesae, edit your end credit so that the banner is at the TOP of the screen, not covering you or your shirt logo

RockitMan2001 says:

You turned me onto the Ubiquiti products and I have been very satisfied with their switches and airCube AC and the centralized management via UNMS is the bees knees, especially because it’s free!
Another great video showing how easy UniFi software and hardware is easy to set up.

TrillasAdventures says:

for some reason i get -80 rssi and instability of wifi on my iphone literally directly above the ap. i saw above because the ap is on the 1st floor faceing up.. and the reported rssi is on the second floor in the room directly above. am iwrong for thinking this is weird? would i be better off trying to mount in attic and facing down? thx

Deffy Shittu says:

What do you use for authentication 802.1x?

Kim Jensen says:

Not sure you noticed that the firmware update just released for the cloud key contain the 5.8 Unifi controller version.

nicklbmx says:

This video was awesome! Short and to the point! Thanks!

Woods Wannamaker says:

Once you get one device, you’ll want another. Should be called crack-biquiti. I am in recovery.

tech128 says:

Thank you for the video and all your other free content.

I was hoping that the video would explain what I needed to know to deploy a Ubiquiti system at home. Most home networks like mine have a cable, fiber, or DSL connection and use either the broadband providers router or a BYOD router. I use FIOS with a Netgear Nighthawk 7000 as a router and access point but I’d like to improve the wireless coverage around my property.

I know I could turn off the WiFi AP feature on my R7000 and just use it as a router and then connect the a Ubiquiti AP and use that for Wi-Fi. Assuming I want to add a second AP should I add an inexpensive Ubiquiti router and cloud key. My other option would be to update to a consumer WiFi mesh system like eero but that doesn’t look like as much fun or have the possibility of adding an outdoor AP.

Adam says:

The UAP-AC-LR is a gateway drug. Like you said you are going to want more. They are full featured and priced to sell. I got one for my home after seeing a few of your videos on the Unifi product line and it’s a nice piece of equipment.

Leon Cubero says:

I know I like my unifi setup after watching past videos you did on the gear

David G says:

Excellent summary, Tom. SDN really is a game changer. NFV is the next step.

reginald chan says:

btw you can create upto 8 access point ssid if you have wireless connectivity off for extending your wifi like a repeater

Nick D says:

I want to install and mamage unifi wireless for my clients. But i don’t know where to start… can you do a video on how to start managing unifi for clients? Thanks!

Edy Zeng says:

SUB & Liked 🙂

Peterfixit says:

FYI the unifi camera single packs no longer come with an injector, they require you to use a poe switch for unifi video now

David Grishko says:


Richard says:

Homeusers only need the APP – super simple!! Scan the code on the back and ready to go!

Todd Howard says:

Great quick guide Tom. Just what I needed to reassure myself of the basic equipment I need. I’ll forward this to a couple of friends who were curious about the role of the cloud key, and the fact that you don’t necessarily need one. Thanks so much.

EpicLPer says:

Is it possible to run this software on a pfSense box? That way I won’t have to set up a separate Raspberry once my network stuff arrives 🙂

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