FASTER WiFi?!?!?! Is This The Answer? Ubiquiti Unify UAP AC PRO

Is this the best and easiest option to speed up your WiFi? We’ll find out when we set up the Ubiquiti UAP AC PRO Wireless Access Point and see what happens!


Kevin Smith says:

Have the UAO AC PRO and the AP. This is much faster.

Gino Monteyne says:

I have a large bungalow style house with 3 of those … absolute stunning performance (also 200 Mbit on Wan), no hiccups while roaming from the office to the garden and visa versa. The only thing i’m sorry about is that I didn’t buy this earlier.

Sam Robinson says:

You SUCK. I wish I had 1/3 of that speed. CenturyLink SUCKS BAD. The MAX I can get is 1.5MB/s YES thats 176 KB/s and on top of all that they charge $65.00 USD for that crap. So lets say I lived in a better spot THE MAX they offer here is 10 MB/s That’s garbage. I wish someone ANYONE would move in here

Alan Lei says:

Just wondering, I have this Ubiquiti AP placed on the 2nd floor of my house and created a SSID for it, and I keep my wireless modem to cover the main floor. My current configuration has the wireless modem still broadcasting it’s original SSID so there’s 2 SSID in the house, but the speed/bandwidth seems really slow like it’s being split? Should I be doing something different? I can’t seem to setup a mesh AP where the modem and Ubiquiti are on one SSID.

ChedWick05 says:

Unifi access points are indeed great but this video is just a fluff piece for those who don’t know any better.

You don’t gauge an APs performance or quality by how fast your internet is. Doing such is very misleading to the average consumer. Really not better than bestbuy advertising gold plated HDMI cables.

Keith X says:

I’m using it but that Unifi stuff sux

CypherX5 says:

Did this guy just benchmark his internet speed over wifi?
Please don’t do that. If your connection is (cable or fiber) fast, your speedtest shows the limitation of the wireless hardware of the device you are testing with. It will be slower than what the service provider’s hardware is capable of.

Ubiquiti hardware will well out perform anything you are used to. You’ll end up wanting to upgrade your all your wireless stuff to take advantage of the speed these APs are capable of.

Matt says:

Its wifi speed your testing, not your internet speeds – Shouldn’t you be using an internal file transfer over wifi to gauge speeds?

Afif Ahmad says:

Man, I’m watching your 200mbps up/down while struggling on a 500kbps ADSL connection here in Sydney 🙁

Ulaganath krishnasamy says:

Yes you might have regular non AC router and proper AC router will deliver this speed with 5ghz

Jeff Miller says:

Upload has always been a sore spot between me and Comcast. I have 1 gig down ……. and 35 meg up! UUUGH!!! Great video! I’m subscribing!

laskors says:

what a load of bollocks… your connection speed is down to your fibre/isdn modem not the access point….please get the basics right at least. I have the unfi products around my house.. they ensure i have good coverage and access to the speed available from my connection via my fibre modem to my isp (using a unifi usg)… you should be ashamed

Sergiu Negara says:

I’m getting 300Mbps over wifi – this is actually the limit from my ISP, so have the same speed over ethernet

Christoph Esch says:

I use the AC but my internet is 50 Mbit so no use. But it is still better than the ISPs router ping and throughput

davirgo77 says:

Great video! I use the UAP AC LR it covers my whole apartment. We have a lot of IOT devices as well as Desktops, laptops, and tablets. I also have the security cameras that I love. Just wish they would come out with a PTZ camera. I’m a UniFi Fanboy! lol

Michael Baker says:

First, you have fiber, second, it dont matter what AP you have if you pay for 15down and 5up or 75 down and 15up. This ACpro isnt going to pull a rabbit out its hat and magically give you better up and down loads. Your speeds are throttled from your ISP. Where the ACpro shines is… local area, not wide area. So to sum it up, yes, if you have fiber like this guy (luck bum :)) and your POS home router sucks, then yes, by all means step the game up to the ACpro, but if your like “average enthusiast” you dont have $$$ for fiber nor have access.

btw, i have the complete ubiquity setup which includes this very antenna. I like the redundant LAN ports on the back.

tom bruton says:

for those wondering the unifi AP’s tested here, max though put during my tests on a enterprise network have been 200mbps up and down. This is on a ten gig connection. The HDs perform slightly better. These are single user tests. Can share multi user tests if anybody is interested. However for a home connection these are fast enough and reliable. Also the high ping here is probably not caused by the AP my tests had an average to 2ms with the highest being 4ms

Aaron Weinzierl says:

I installed 2 of these in my home and they are amazing. Using a throughput test to the controller I get 250Mb/s in the furthest points and max out at 450Mb/s. In speed tests to the Internet I saturate my cable connection

Fluffythurms says:

wish you put this video out last year. there were no reviews on this when i bought them last year. have been using them happily with cloud key for the last year with no issues whatsoever. completely changed my concept of “home” network.

twennywonn says:

I might have missed it but what speed are you paying for?

Mariano Gaston says:

this test sucks. you need to use iperf with a wireless laptop to another or to a server with ethernet cable. you are just testing you internet connection. if I have a 1Mbps speed test will say that no matter what wifi I use.

scubafossil1 says:

I use 3 with a captive portal. If you change to 40mhz bands on 2.4 and 80mhz (cant remember)on 5ghz you can pull over 300mbps on a pixel and iPad Air.

candoslayer says:

I just ordered the lite which the only diff is 2 radios instead of 3 which is all that I really need

Jimmy H says:

maybe you should configure it correctly, vht80, etc.

dhowser2008 says:

Speed Test isn’t a proper way to test a WiFi network.

Danang Widiantoro says:

anyone can read the text? sadly I am not a superman

Jose Sanchez says:

I replaced an entire Aruba Enterprice WiFi network with Unifi….best decision ever…I’ve being a Network Engineer for over 20 years…and I am a Cisco guy…but I love Ubiquiti and it measure up with the big dogs of the market…

Julian says:

I’m assuming you are on Fiber, ATT copper can’t support those speeds

qazsedcftgbhujmkolp says:

An internet speed test can never show how good an access point is.

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