Extending Wifi With UniFi AC Lite vs. the Eero Review and discussion

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/s6oey (affiliate link) – Here’s how I’m using the Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite system to extend my wifi and why I think it’s a better value than the $500 eero that everbody’s talking about. See my 101 video here: http://lon.tv/ac101 and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:02 – Hardware overview
03:13 – Unifi Controller set up wizard
05:59 – Configuring additional access points
08:00 – Minimum RSI and roaming
09:20 – Logging wireless roaming activity
09:55 – Monitoring wireless users
10:55 – Wireless site survey / RF environment
12:24 – Setting up wireless uplink / mesh / repeater mode
13:48 – Mobile app
14:37 – Performance benchmark
16:22 – Conclusion and final thoughts

What’s great about this system is that it’s affordable (about $85 per access point), very scalable, and very easy to set up. And despite the ease of configuration there is a ton of depth and configuration that can be made to make connections even stronger. It supports 2×2 AC wireless on the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands.

The Unifi’s are powered by POE (power over ethernet) so only a single cable is needed for power and data. A POE injector is included in the box but wireless switches with built in POE will also work.

Performance is fast, range is great, and they are attractive too. I just can’t see spending $500 on a wifi system when this one can get the job done better for half the price.

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Fernando Kreutz says:

If the controller is not running, will all AP’s still run as a single SSID and roam clients?

Cam Alliance says:

Lon sir, great find! This looks like an inexpensive solution that my customers will love! And as per usual, great review!

drees84 says:

I have to say, you are among the few content creators on YouTube that are open about (not) having been sponsored and that say so clearly and at the beginning of the video. Thank you for that! It is much appreciated.

Vinny O'Dowd says:

+lon seidman. Excellent video. Very comprehensive and informative. Thank you!

Miguel Velez says:

Do you have to turn off the wifi in your router so that your devices do not hold onto the router’s signal?

MikesHDVideos says:

Thanks. Seems like a good way to update my router to AC for my AC devices. Does it support Beamforming?

knight wing says:

very informative thax just a question u said I need a router can I use a switch instead ? trying to set up ap just trying to do the break down cable modem (the Internet provider) then router then connect to switch or can eliminate the router and connect the switch instead?? some info would be greatly appreciated

Kurt Lindholm says:

Hello.My name is Kurt and I live in Denmark, so please bear with my english.I have recently looked at your Unifi AC Lite review. I found it so good that I bought a unit, and also a PoE-switch (TP-Link SG108PE).It turns out that the Unifi AC must connect to a special PoE switch (Ubiquity), because of some “Passive 24V PoE”, so I cannot use the TP-Link switch, but have to use the included power injector. Not a big deal, but something I would have prefered not to.So,the statement: “The Unifi’s are powered by POE (power over ethernet) so only a single cable is needed for power and data. A POE injector is included in the box but wireless switches with built in POE will also work.”, have to be considered.Thanx for a great channel
I’m sorry for putting this comment on the wrong “site”

Russell Ford says:

After 3 months of pain with Linksys ea9500 and re7000 mesh extender I returned it for a full refund. Bought the AP lite to try it out after this video. Since then I have purchased a second AP and the secure gateway router. Absolutely blows the Linksys out of the water. The unifi access points make the 8 antennas on the Linksys router look like a joke. All marketing to suck in the consumers. The more antennas the better right? WRONG! Will never buy consumer grade wifi again….

wh3resmycar says:

all i need is range. is this better than your usual router in terms of range? i mean if it does even half of the specified range i’d be happy. can you confirm?

Jason Robinson says:

Great vid!!!

Mohamed Malik says:

this device can use as router

ManFromEast says:

Not 100% sure about this model, but the Unifi Enterprise AP require a “proprietary” POE. They wouldn’t run off the POE switch at my office–I had to use the included adapter. I guess standards aren’t always standards.

Ryan Kaufman says:

So what benefit is there in turning off the 5GHz band on your router? I’m looking to install one of these in my house to reach the 3rd story, but still need the router (apple airport) as an access point for the downstairs. Ideally I would want both running both bands, correct?

Fred Zlotnick says:

Ubiquiti is about to come out with a router plus 2 extender in a mesh network for $200, might be very good for home users.

Jason L. Gatewood says:

Hi Lon, I work with a company here in Japan that designs and installs wireless mesh network solutions and we swear by open-mesh systems solutions. They are very affordable and have the advantage of being controlled in the cloud with no on-site data program being needed. They also run via PoE or transformer, and can be wired with CAT 6 as gateways or used as repeaters.

We have 4 systems online now that service entire apartment buildings with 30+ tenants and they are super easy to install. Please have a look at them if you can.


Tomohisa Ishii says:

this is exactly the video i was looking for! ^_^
as a repeater do you lose alot of speed?

MrPl0xygen says:

can this go outdoor ?

Miguel Angelo Conceicao says:

Hi, I have recently looked at your Unifi AC Lite review. I found it so good that I bought a AC LR. 🙂
What settings were you using to reach around 600Mbps?
I performed a similar test on a late model iMac on the 5GHz band VHT80 and could only reach around 300Mbps (wireless client to wired server)
(using a gigabit network with wired speeds around 950Mbps)

Jay Odom says:

Is that a Apple IIGS?

Tim Phillips says:

When it’s in repeater mode, what’s the speed hit? Most router repeater modes cut speeds in half. Debating between this or the mesh kit.

Bruno Verney says:

Hi and thank you for all your videos.
I have a question regarding the Unifi APs. I know there is a schedule setting so you can turn the SSID on and off, but from what I understood, this does not turn off the AP itself, so the RFs ares still there. Before buying the whole thing, I want to be sure that I can turn OFF the radio emissions at night. Is there a better solution than plugging the PoE injectors on timers. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.

Abdoul Razak Issa Amadou says:

Lon.TV I am planning to deploy a citywide wifi hotspot business with ubiquiti new unifi mesh in Africa, I am wondering if you can advice please.Thank you!

Mark White says:

Excellent and informative video, makes seem so simple, thanks.

Brian Walsh II says:

haha you cracked me up in this one lon

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

Gary Johnson says:

Great content, hopefully you’ll consider expanding on this topic. What’s the difference between this and say OpenMesh for those not so wifi savvy? Maybe tutorial on straight access point setup vs mesh network vs repeaters vs extenders


lon you should of blurred your ip address 14:51

Cesar M says:

Hi Lon, I requested you do a video on this and here it is.. Thank you. if you can do the same thing for the cameras/airvison that would be great.

gsac12 says:

Great review, I do have two of this APs and they work like a charm in my house, best decision I took to upgrade to Ubiquiti. totally recommended.

Daniel Chun says:

While there are PoE standards out there, it is important to know that Ubiquiti has their own 24 volt version that is not compatible with other PoE standards. You will need to use a Ubiquiti PoE switch for the AC lite and also some other lower end products they make.

Harris says:

Can I restrict usage by my kids to certain times or limit the number of hours per day that they can access the internet? I am trying out the Luma, which is not giving me great coverage, but it has great security and restriction features.

Mark Burton says:

HI I have a Apple time capsule 2tb and I have just purchased 2x ac-pro can the Minimum RSI and roaming be adjusted on the Time Capsule

nghtguy13 says:

I’m curious… I work in a library and we’re looking to get away from our ISP on the statistic side of things because trying to get our traffic for the month is like pulling teeth. On the statistics, does it show the amount of individual users per month/week each one of these pick up? These are much more affordable than the Meraki APs that are 1k+ each. >_>

Muliady Amrose says:

hi +lon.tv .. I want to know does this unifi ac lite support MAC Address filtering? which is we can blacklist or whitelist certain device? thanks

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