Engenius ENS620EXT Outdoor Access Point – Strong WiFi outside the house!

There are a lot of solutions to get fast, high-speed WiFi inside your house, but what about… outside? We take a look at an outdoor wireless access point that could let you browse, tweet and game in your backyard just as well as you can in your living room.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


Hicham Gouchida says:

give me the z170x- gaming z

Dead Shot Trailers says:

Ok so now I think maybe I don’t know

The Goat says:

Holly Shamolee! I love that coffee cup! ;O)-

zzzerosama says:

What is outdoor?

xleMnlx says:


ElCartelMexicano says:

3:35 did that fucking plant just move

scruff says:

Should mark these video’s as an #AD. And this product offers nothing better than others IMO

heyou says:

I use Engenius routers for my work, they are a solid brand.

Craig McAnuff says:

Set is looking nice so far, but what about that vlog about the move??

DanielRichards644 says:

4:56 who the heck is that, thats not Julia or Esther

phatdunny says:

Only quad core? I’ll stick with AMD

SoullessMadness says:

Where is Linus you asshats?

Mike G says:

I literally stopped the video 13 seconds. “What happens if you need to venture outside?”
Well I have an Archer C7 so I get reception half way down the block and it likely costs half as much of the item you’re trying to pawn off to the masses.
Do I really need my home wifi to be stronger then that?
-Edit: okay just watched the rest, Didnt you guys already do a video on this, and don’t you legally have to declare if a video is sponsored?

SoulDragonWithFlow says:

At first, I misread the description as “high-speed wifi inside your horse”.

Richard Garrard says:

If given the option I would go for the unifi (I’m nothing to do with ubiquiti, I just fit alot of it) ac mesh points as it offers the same speeds at only $99 usd/£99 gbp (can be found for less if shopped about) the unifi clams upto 600f range, where my understanding is 5000sqf if about 35f from the device in any direction so 50f test on the engenius was at the maximum specification. What do others think ?

Robert Phillips says:

where is Julia ?

Finn Andersen says:

i would hide that thing. easy for someone to connect something in btw ur network and that thing with the ports open like that. well i would since outdoors i have heard can be dangerous

Alexander Galloway says:

Dear NCIX-TT, please for the love of god, when comparing specs, or results involving numbers, put them side-by-side. By the time you switch to the second number, I’ve forgotten most of the first, because I am a millennial with a tiny attention span! 🙂

Da Pagionator says:

71 ft x71 ft orrr 23×23 meters…. wow such huge area

Andre Adhitya says:


[EmP] toiletduck says:

What’s the point? Everyone knows there’s no air conditioning outside.

Darkfire Blast says:

Wifi is my life-i

Lee Gallop says:

I’m just here for the giveaway

Stlavs says:

Top Zozzle

Logan Paul Idea Team says:

Why would I go outside?
I don’t understand…

Scott Davenport says:

If you need an internet connection when you’re out in the middle of the woods or gone for a hike or something like that there’s something wrong with you. You literally go for a walk in the woods are go hiking somewhere to get away from everything not bring it with you

Dan Reed says:

I think the new set looks like you put a table in the room and that is about it.

Roberto Cabrera says:

You don’t need outside wifi if you’re never outside

Stef_R says:

What is this… Out Side?

Marius Solberg says:

If it was able to connect to my exisisting mesh network i would have bougth it

SauceMan8 says:


Nathan Zheng says:


CapSSon says:

Filipinos have been doing this shit since forever… Just stupid network providers butt fucking our wallets for money.

gameflux says:

Cool !

HelplmAlive says:


Dragonbike Gaming says:

I need fast speeds boi

Kytes93 says:

Show us how Julia takes wifi outdoor

Max wellbelove says:

I never go outside

Mjolk says:

can this be used as a standalone router or does it have to connect to a home router and be used to increase range?

Anyeel Dulal says:

I got a new link to know wifi password with out using any software in simple steps

Lakewood says:

5000sqft= πr^2
√1591ft=r= roughly 40 feet or 12 meters range in all directions. A bit underwhelming and quite deceiving. stating 5000 square feet of range sounds like a lot but it isn’t that much :/

Pieter Bester says:

Cables got stolen #southafrica so no adsl internet. Watching on mobile data.

J Jo says:

(not a techy). Perhaps you mentioned it in all your facts and data descriptions, but I didn’t catch anything about security. Does this appliance keep one’s usage and data secure? Is it meant to operate when travelling, or away from home, and again the security question while on the move. Thank you for your response. : )

Gabe_N says:

Or just turn 4G-LTE from your phone?
And honestly
There are lots of smaller that come with screens to go around the settings to change the WiFi band and see the password

GeebusCripes says:


Uumas8 says:

Why not just use LTE

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