Engenius EAP1750H Dual Band Indoor AP Range Test

We got our hands on an Engenius Dual Band AP and put it to the range test! Our WiFi is TERRIBLE at the office so we wanted to see if we could get some decent coverage even with all the interference around here.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Kalvin Shum


Sébastien Plante says:

350$ for an access point!

I would get 3 UniFi UAP and get a better coverage at this price.

btw, I’m running a MikroTik Routerboard RB2011UiAS-RM with one UniFi UAP-LR and it’s rock solid.

jacob goldman says:

would this help with an nvidea shield?

Molesy94 says:

yea have crappy router from ISP just went and got a good asus router and use that as wifi and disabled wifi on the ISP one . so much better internet its much more stable. 🙂

Alfie Moon says:

TP-Link TL-WPA281KIT V3 AV200 Powerline 300M Wi-Fi Extender/Wi-Fi Booster/Hotspot with T… https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ECBRGW8/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_QjjAub0XVHETN

hoga2007 says:

perfect to fry brains to much radiation

thgcboss says:

Used to have a crappy modem/router, did a manual (official) update un-locking the settings my isp hid from me and adjusted them to where i found were the safest, i went from 2.4ghz and a coverage of around 50-60m to 5ghz 70-80m by just toying around with the settings

9711will says:

Wifi extender

Richard Smith says:

What blows my mind is people are actually paying their isp’s 10 extra dollars a month for ‘wifi’ like its a feature that has to be turned on. Cracks me up.

Adrian Ioan says:

Or just use the internet from the gsm provider, what’s the point to have smartphone without internet ?

Antoine Dion-Tissier says:

350$ ??? No thanks.

Leviathan says:

i used 2 routers one set in a repeater mode but recently i got new wifi antenna and no longer need it

Max says:

I just installed a router functioning as accesspoint on every floor of the house.

LongerThanAverageUserName says:

he sounds drunk

Artorias says:

Back to days when *Linksys WRT54G* was king,
1) Change the firmware to DD-WRT, 
2) Swap the antenna to a longer antenna 
3) Mod the router’s casing to mount a fan, blowing directly into the router’s PVC
4) Change the TX signal to 251mW.
5) Enjoy the the distance,

The maximum range I got was about 200++ meters away from my apartment 6th floor.  it lasted for 3 years.

lightmooner says:

here in belgium, ISP routers are terrible. i put mine on bridge mode, connected to my personnal router ( FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7490 ), and some devolo to improve range… i know really expensive (cost me 550 USD here), but no way to have wifi everywhere in my house without devolo, and a good router is a need.

Kevin Clingerman says:

I use 2 different access points for perfect coverage around my house. 1 at each end of the house. 

CutTimeBrony says:

We bought a real router and didnt use the crappy isp one!

Stefan Mauhart says:

Dont close doors^^
3 routers><

Malicious Upload says:

I paid the extra amount with Shaw and they said they would give me “wifi premium”. He convinced me when he mentioned something about OVER 9000… but i cant remember exactly? 

Jensen Lowe says:

We scrapped the idea of wifi when our virgin hub came over with fibre optic and we decided that the POE concept was perfect… so we went with 3 adaptors from maplins and we’ve had faster internet than ever before

The CCTV Guy NZ says:

Got a enterprise access point from a company closing down

TuxKey says:

Reconfigured an old router as an access point until I get a wall mount access point. Asus is looking good. But ac kind looks good

brod2man says:

I simply connect via Ethernet then cover my wireless antennae in lead to make sure no one is MAKING MY GOD DMAN GAMES LAG FUCKING NOOB LAG! GET YOUR OWN INTERNET MOM!  GET OF FACEBOOK MAKE ME SO NMAD WHY YOU NED LIKE 5 YOUTIBE VIDEO LOAD OAT ONCE TIME!


i put bologna on mine to boost its signal

Paulo André says:

Prefer ubiquiti unifi!!!!

shawn chartrand says:

i built my own router . took an old cisco  mcs 7800 server and installed Pfsense and put all AP’s 5 , in AP mode and letting my server router do all the work . and it KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

candoslayer says:

no i get good wifi i got the asus ac68u

moaz alhamdan says:

We had a guy install this huge ass metal rod on the back of our house, it was connected to our modem. It gave wifi coverage to the entire neighborhood, my brothers and I use to call it the cancer stick.

becca says:

can I just use any router instead of the one my isp gave me ? 

Pablo Zamora says:

you know what makes me wonder…? how much WiFi is *too* much WiFi? as in how much until it becomes unhealthy to be around for long periods of time?

Brandon Lofstrom says:

I got myself a powerline adapter so I can have all the internets!

মহামান্য আকাশ says:

I transferred my TPlink Wifi USB dongle as Wifi router, it works perfectly for my phone.

Leonhard Bengs says:

I added a second old router and now I have full signal in every place of my house

Richard Wood says:

Added a power line adapter to the other side of the house. Added a second router and use it as a bridge

witz says:

I like the idea of the wall Ethernet but they can be a bit pricey

MoMoors says:

I solved it by using my neighbors wifi

Brett That is Me says:

I have terribly spotty wifi coverage in my house thanks to my ISP, Comcast. I bought a 50 foot long Ethernet cable for my gaming PC and now I get 10 times faster download speeds… My wifi is still slow and I lose connection on my phone a lot 🙁

Kelvin Mark Adrales says:

range? meter or kilometer…

TheSwiftyWinds says:

I was getting a bad connection to i stabled it to the floor in the attic. Worked like a charm.

Th3NinjaM4n says:

I have a good router. The problem is the walls in my house are really thick and stone. The walls just stop any wireless connection completely. Any way i could combat this or a way to get around it? Thanks

Peter Harris says:

haha…we have a bottom-of-the-line Dlink router, which was bought to guarantee no wifi access in my bedroom, and limit device use to the family room 😛 so, i ran two cords of cable though the house (pulling up floor boards, ceiling tiles, and insulation, and then replacing it after the cables) down to my bedroom, soldered them inside the router, and onto its antenna at my end. 😛 its still terrible, but now i have connection XD i ran it past my parents under the guise of a “data transfer link” based on the wiring from the router. worked like a charm 🙂 

SeijuroRen says:

Like you said I have a crappy ISP provided router. I just linked another router to my crappy router using a 50 foot ethernet cable, and use that as my access point. Works much better now. 

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