EGOKEE 300Mbps Wireless Network Repeater/Access Point Review

Originally recorded December 18, 2018.

A tremendous product in a small package, and small price to boot! This is an automatic problem solver for a lot of people who have poor wi-fi reception in their homes. It plugs in to any electrical socket, picks up your existing wireless signal, and re-broadcasts it stronger.

In particular I have a problem in the bedroom, which is 2 flights up, opposite diagonal corner of the house. This solved the problem as a plug-and-play solution. They make it easy for those who just need the wireless stronger as there’s a setup wizard that you can follow. But even better is this unit also has an Ethernet jack on it, so it can be hard-wired to the rest of the network. What’s more, you can change the mode of it to a Wireless Access Point, basically turning a wired connection wireless (and vice-versa).

So it has the easy setup for those that need a quick problem solver, but also offers a full web-driven setup utility that lets you configure everything right down to the subnet! Completely full-featured, and supports up to 300Mbps transfer rates.

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Just Plain Weird Goat says:

Damn, I just purchased the 59 dollar one from amazon that’s not going to work. Oh well, my smart plugs can wait to power my lamp.

Michael Gegzno says:

Another handy device I need, I used to be able to have wifi out to the shed, but with 12 other networks surrounding, signals have been greatly diminished. At one time I was able to fire a bluetooth signal out to the shed with a directional antenna, can’t do that either.

240 Volts says:

I have a netgear router exactly like that. I was thinking about putting it back in use because my voice/data modem drops the internal network when the net goes down. So I can’t even access my network printer or IP Camera.
I think I need to set the voice/data modem in bridge mode to be able to use my old netgear router. I would need a wireless network repeater like that to extend signal to the garage. So I will add that to my amazon list.

tallboyyyy says:

Of all the China products you have reviewed this is the first one that I could actually use. Only problem is I won’t need it until next spring when we open up my father’s summer home for the season. We have a fairly modern N series router there but the signal upstairs in my bedroom kind of sucks. This would help a lot. We’ll never come close to the speed this can handle as we only have 3mb dsl but being able to not use up my data allowance connecting to the cell network due to shakey wifi would be a big help.

Jordan U says:

We know nowhere near 300fx transfers will be going through this thing.. What real-world speeds did it give you?

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