AMAKE WiFi Wireless-N Router Extender Review

Review of the AMAKE WiFi Wireless-N Router Extender.

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1.Plug this router on your wall socket,search for the ‘Wireless-N’ wifi signal,then click on ‘Connect’
2.Scan the QR Code or open your web browser and type the address ‘ ‘ , then you can login and start to setup.

300Mbps wifi AP/Router
Wireless-N router works well as an ideal solution to access to Wi-Fi and enhance the signal for your study or work

5 optional working modes
1.Wireless Router:
an instant private wireless network and share Internet to multiple Wi-Fi devices.
2.Repeater Mode:
Receives and broadcasts your existing wireless signal to extend wireless range
3.Access Point Mode :
Connect to a wired network and transform wired Internet access into wireless allowing multiple devices/users to share the Internet
4.Client Mode:
Connects to another device via Ethernet cable and acts as an external adaptor to send/receive wireless signal from your wireless network.
5.Bridge Mode:
Connect to an outdoor WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) AP to allow multiple devices/users share the same wireless internet connection.

Technical Specifications:
Wireless Standard: 802.11n, 802.11b/g
Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
Wireless Speed: 300Mbps
Wireless Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS
Wireless Access Scheduling:Specific day and time
Wireless Coverage Control:15% – 100% Output Power
Antennas:2 fixed 3dBi external antennas

Package List
1 x Mini Wifi Router
1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
1 x User manual

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Kodo Elder-Groebe says:

How can you reset this to work with a different network?

phillip walker says:

Hi. I got this about a month ago, and i’m not sure if it’s working right. I did the setup for the Repeater Mode but i am not getting a single in the back yard. I also can’t find the single on my desk top. I was thinking of doing a reset, i hit the link you provided but it goes nowhere. can you help?

Rodolfo Sabonge says:

Thank you for a great explanation, I did everything you said, but at the end, it just timed out and left me hanging. I tried to enter again but it did exactly the same thing.

steve fuson says:

When I first got this device it worked absolutely awesome now that my sister is mad at me I’ve had to switch over the bouncing off my cousin’s Wi-Fi but is having trouble getting done it keeps saying that the website is down we’re busy for 3 days now it said that wonder why

Roy Kimmins says:

I was trying to setup my Amake WiFi extender to bring a stronger signal to my Kuna video camera/porch light. The included instructions were terrible and very confusing. I’m very tech savvy and wasn’t able to ever get the thing to work. Your instrucions were excellent and got me up and running in under 5 minutes. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this video.

TheJazzie6 says:

That what happening to me just at home on my Roku keep stoping will this help me?

Oclone2007 says:

Thank you for the help how to set up the mini router.Now I got mine up and running.

Roderic Navarro says:

Good review sir,but does it work if i use this as a repeater with MAC filter from my main router?thanks

Barb Hunter says:

If I get a new ISP, how do I get the Wireless N to connect? It does show up in my network connections, and I’ve changed the passkey in the properties, but I can’t get to the admin web site because I can’t get the wireless N to connect to the network?

Salsero Ruiz says:

Hi there, great video. Is the key the same as my wifi password?

Neal A. Gray says:

My workshed in my backyard is 150′ away from my house….will this help to get a connection?

K J4422 says:

My is plugged in but the WAN light is blinking and the website when scanned by qr is not coming up. Plz advise.

Pepe learns to fly says:

what if i am using the for an open “guest network” and there is no key required?

mike Pinkston says:

Thanks for this review. I bought a similar Router Extender and I couldn’t get into the software until I saw how you did it. Thanks a million!

Jim Korth says:

Your experience may vary! Mine was nothing like the video. Mainly because of the message:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

I remember when I purchased this in October an Amazon review posted a different address and it worked. Now I’m experimenting with resetting the whole thing and I can’t find that number.

It doesn;t really seem to improve performance at all. It LOOKS like a better connection because get more wireless connection bars, but when I do an actual speed test there is really no better numbers than without it.

Maybe the Amake person who monitors this can help with the “site can;t be reached” problem.

Cathy Booth-Smith says:

i don’t see the Wireless-N network in my network list. Im using a MacBook Pro to set this up. I tried it on my iPad mini v4 as well. Same thing. The only device i have left is my iPhone. None of my devices have a network port to plug into for configuration.

Barbara Rambo says:

This looks great but the login credentials don’t work even after resetting the amake unit and confirming connection to the wireless N network. Is there another web address you can use to communicate with amake unit?

Diane Rubery says:

Connected to the wireless N thru my phone, went thru all the prompts, said it connected successfully, showed up on my laptop network, plugged in the extender on our porch wall that is the outside wall to where the router is and the wlan kept flashing, what am I doing wrong?

Kodo Elder-Groebe says:

I have this in my room which is far from my modem, and I have an Ethernet cord between the repeater and my computer. What I ran into was that it would only give my computer the same signal from my modem rather than the stronger repeated signal. That said, is a wired connection to the repeater no better than a wireless connection to my modem from the same distance? Or is there a way to connect to the stronger repeated signal using Ethernet?

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