Tapping VoIP calls with Network Hub

An unbelievably simple method for capturing the VoIP traffic from a VoIP phone. Normally, one would setup port mirroring on a designated port of an intelligent switch.
But, what if you only have a dumb switch? What if it’s too complicated to setup? Or, what if you simply don’t have access to the physical switch?

These are all questions which can be remedied by using a dumb hub as the device to put between the VoIP instrument and the wall outlet.

Then, of course, you’ll need some type of packet capturing device (Laptop, or PC) and a packet capturing software like Ethereal or WireShark. That software is free, by the way.

One little secret a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually use this method to record the phone conversation *if* the VoIP protocol is not encrypted (i.e. SRTP). Once the packet capture is done, you can playback the entire conversation in audio from within the Wireshark software.

Best place to look for an old HUB? Ebay!


Benjamin Salazar says:

Aren’t hubs only half duplex? I am interested to know if you were actually able to get a successful call though.

Maybe the switch handled the collisions?

Thank you for your time, and videos!
I’m just getting started in networking.

Bakkasur says:


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