XBOX One speed test comparison using WIRED, WiFi and Powerline Adaptors

Hi, this video shows the difference in broadband speed between a Wired Ethernet connection, Wireless (WiFi) connection and a Powerline Adaptor connection on the Xbox One.
Many thanks Vince


zoelin pair says:

In order to change to wired do you just use a ethereal cable

NorthWest Living says:

What modem are you using And what speed you are you paying for ?

Papa Sears says:

hopefully your wireless has gotten better over the year mate, right now i see no difference in wired vs wireless

Mr TomAW says:

Great video very organised and informative exactly what I was looking for as I want to purchase a powerline adapter for my Xbox one in my room

xXJxkePlayzXx - Fortnite And ROBLOX says:

From the phone service ???? i like from my mate vince . com

Thomas Warner-Bull says:

“I like to keep my cables hidden” has a cable running through the hallway

Jonathan Fernandez says:

Thanks for the post. Just bought a 100ft cat6 so I’m not lagging during multiplayer

Kathy Arthur says:


Biggest Pyro says:

Cohere no way wireless is better than the power line adapter

TheTrueCloutGod says:

Thank god i’m getting a wired connection tomorrow. Oof

Ashley Smith says:

You should do a retest now with new power line adapters it’d be interesting to see if they’ve come on since this video

David Riewe says:

Latency and bandwidth are not the same thing. Typically, the higher the connection speed the higher the clock rate that the data is sent resulting in lower ping times, but not necessarily higher bandwidth because the provider limits your bandwdith in the provisioning of the circuit (they do not change the clock speed, only the amount of cpu time given to move the actual data).

If you tested the bandwidth being used while gaming you would find that most games use under 128K and could run on an ISDN, DSL, Cable or FIOS. The ping times would not be the same because of the clock rate, not the data rate.

On my 30G Spectrum I had 29ms ping for both hardwired and wireless (using a fast Asus router).

With Frontier FiOS (150/150) I get 17ms when hardwired.

The lower ping time for FIOS is based on the higher clock speed, which also prevents me from using coax within the house.

What I should have done was a traceroute when I had the Spectrum to see how many hops I was going through. You can have the fastest connection in the world, but if you are going through 20 hops to reach a server you will have a high latency, even if your bandwidth is good. NOTE: this is a better example of latency and bandwidth not being related. The time to send a packet across the USA might take 100ms due to the number of routers it goest through while maintaining a great download speed. Fast data rate, but slow latency.

rbhx3rh says:

The Rooter /Router

TurtleMan Dead says:

My latency is 71 and my wireless strength is 67 but it should be 100

PS4 Gamer10 Z says:

Uhhhh what’s Mr.Telephone

Timothy Cousineau says:

we have a 60 mbit down and 6 mbit up here in canada, will wifi work fine on the xbox one s im buying in 10 days? I have a N300 mbit wifi router by TPLink. I can get full 60 mbit speed on my GS7 on wifi using that router.

brunogt1982 says:

I have a gigabyte Internet but xbox one s, only give me 300/400 mbps hardwire! Any idea why?

Wolf_Kid says:

Can you make a video an how to use a BT extender. I can’t figure mine out

Aimless says:

My PS4 with ethernet have a download speed og 558 mbps and upload up to 208 mbps

Zefmeister says:

Powerlines are still technically better then wireless because you have a more consistent connection. Usually your ping and download/upload speeds are going to stay very consistent while with wireless, it could change drastically. Depending on how good your router is, it’s most likely better to get a powerline connection with a consistent 20mbps then a wireless connection that jumps for 20mbps to 50mbps to 15 and so on.

Dayne Whitehall says:

Very helpful thankyou for this video

Benny Nunn says:


Jeremy Dunn says:

46 is good? I have 150 and I think that’s Just good

Weston Hastings says:

Just checked my wireless connection, I get 7.46 Mbps right next to the router. Fuck this internet

Thomas Clapham says:

Would an ADSL work on PS4 even that it is for phones

Adam Heikkinen says:

du har fult ansikte tryck Du har tur ansikte streck Hur långt sök

Seth Kornelsen says:

All of my settings are higher than yours and I still have a lot of lag playing video games

TheMaster Karim says:

i love your videos bro , your’re the best , i’m I.T and your videos best , peace from dubai

T-sprigg-Z says:

thank you vince! i knew a wired connection was best but seeing the results really helps! ill have to head to the hardware store to get a long ethernet cord.

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