When Does Cable Length Matter?

What’s the truth about cable length? Do shorter cables always mean a better signal? Has digital technology made the question irrelevant, or is it still something you should think about?

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Miles Huff says:

What about latency?

EveryBird ManReaper says:

Is Linus a german? 3:16

John Suarez says:

4:05 why not just use ethernet cables as usb then

Vakum Hz says:

Not enough sexual jokes 2/10

harderheart says:

For some reason there is no actual relevant comments.

Carlos Carreño says:

I discovered this problem when I tried to connect a surveillance camera via a 50ft long usb cable lol. I wish I had seen these ideas before.

Gamer9999998889 says:

For some reason i got an ad that showed the entire first lego movie

Christian Añasco says:

so shorter and thicker are better.

edgar siordia says:

Make them shorter please, but good videos

Jorge Hernandez says:

What about for quick charge?

Boba Vhett says:

1:25 you hear that boys shorter cables are better!!!

Patrick Rogers says:

so no more cutting up cables to combine them for a wi-fi antennas dishes

Chris Summers says:

Why? Linus, why do you have an iPhone?

latengocomoburro says:

I always heard that long and thick was better.

Miguel Rodriguez says:

I work in IT for my school district and this is something we always try to explain to teachers and staff. They just don’t care though. They want to run cables as long as possible just to accommodate the new position of their desk that is now on the other side of the room from their projector or display.

Ganesh Karhale says:

Is this applicable to chargers?

The Gorn says:

it’s not the length it’s the thickness and the quickness

only one Mc_savage_Pancakes says:

So Ethernet ?

Abhinav Singh says:

What is maximum length recommended for Usb C?

teodor bozinis says:

So, dumbass question. I want a long cable for my 4k tv, approximately 6 to 7 meters, will I be able to get 4k60fps on that distance?

Whiskey Mike says:

A little corrosion maybe on those RCA’s.

Joseph Catanzarit says:

Should have said to get from a to c and shown usb a to usb c cables

DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff says:

That’s what she said…


Ender Fighter 515 says:

Mmmmmmmmm i am gonna switch to a meter long hdmi cable
Dang it now my playstation is hanging

MythiKalGoatZzZ * says:

Thick and short.

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