What is the Difference between RJ45 and SFP – Which is best for my Home or Business 10GBe setup

What is the difference between RJ45 and SFP for your 10GBe Setup https://www.span.com/search/10gbe/101-

The past few years have witnessed the extensive adoption of 10Gbps connectivity at data center equipment. The expansion 10 Gigabit Ethernet is supposed to satisfy the increasing demand for higher-performance servers, storage and interconnects. Since 10G network generally provides both optical and copper options, here comes the challenge for every IT technician: how to select the appropriate 10G connectivity solution? And could it be able to support data center deployments and trends concerning current situation and the future? In this article, we will compare 10GBASE-T and SFP+ options, and try to offer some help.

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Per Nicolaisen says:

Fiber cableling, is that SFP?

Martin Lang says:

A main feature of fiber is galvanic isolation!

ron fair says:

Is it possible to do a SFP connection directly to your modem or with a switch between your computer and modem and will you see any benefits ?

Jason DT says:

nice video thanks.

Gordon McLellan says:

Something wrong with the audio in this video when watching on Android? Got my volume very loud and can barely hear the dude.

charlie brownau says:

Whats your view on backing up with BR-R vs LTO-6

Gigalight says:

for more optical interconnection transceivers ,welcome to visit http://www.gigalight.com

Gns4 Vm says:

What is the model number of the RJ45 10GB NIC card, please

Thair sahib says:

your information create and wonderful …many thanks

Dennis I says:

If you want to use this for your home setup, the downside is just the cost of the interfaces! SFP network cards, switches, etc… are just so much more expensive than the ones with a RJ45 interface(s). On your note that RJ45 is winning in the industry, I can definitely say (as a project manager for an ISP) that in most cases, patching is done with RJ45 but multimode SFP patching does have it’s place. Especially when relatively large distances have to be covered on the customer’s premises.

Jason Hill says:

Nice video 🙂

Jon Forrest says:

I think you’ve confused latency and bandwidth.

Stolen Account says:

How much RJ45 latency are we talking about?

charlie brownau says:

Gday Do you know of any affordable 16-24 gig 1GBE switch’s with 1 or 2 10GBE TP/SFP+ ports

Sonnet Gomes says:

Thank you so much for posting this video. It cleared up much confusion I had regarding 10Gb interfaces/switches.

auchaser1 says:

Shouldnt it be gain latency over distance

vinz be says:

You can find very good offers for old SFP(+) hardware on eBay.

I made a direct SFP+ connection between a Syno. 1517+ and a PC using Mellanox Connect X-2 adapters on both ends + a direct attach cable. That 10Gb/s setup cost me only 80€ and it was easy to setup (instantly recognized by DSM and Windows 10).

Chris Keller says:

Is it possible to use a RJ45 – SFP Module and connect a RJ45 cable instead of fibre?

Geric G says:

I’m sorry but I’ll have to disagree with one thing you said. Cables for 10GBase-T are definitely NOT the same as the ones for 1000Base-T, the same way Cat5, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, etc are not the same. You could use it to get better speeds than your existing 1000Base-T setup for short distances, but don’t expect to get full potential of your 10Gbps network if your cabling does not meet the specifications.
On another subject, you should consider stop smoking.. It’s not very nice to be listening to what you are saying and then all of the sudden you start coughing.
Nice video though.

Wazze Mazze says:

OH NO you have to manually connect SFP to LC. What a burden to push that cable in to connector. With lots of different standards out there, that is usually how it’s done anyway. Premade cables are for peasants.

Batsile Ngomane says:

I have seen up to 50m; 150m and 300m SFP cables on Amazon. And I think you only can do 10GBe on Cat6a. Not sure about Cat6. Multimode OM3 Duplex Sfp of course they have to match a transceiver that matches that distance.

austin martinez says:

Dont wave the products around as you are talking about them, we cant see them.

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