What is an Ethernet Cable? (Computer Tech 101)

Tech 101: What is an Ethernet Cable? – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Mindy Liepitz and I am The Computer Lady from Grand Junction, Colorado. This is an ethernet cable. This is a very short ethernet cable. This is a very long ethernet cable. They come in an assortment of colors. They are generally six feet long and this is the cable that connects your computer to your high speed internet. I say that it looks alot like a pregnant phone cord. It has the same shape and same plug as a phone cable would, only a phone cable has four wires and this has eight, so it is much wider. They are called CAT 5 cables or ethernet cables and sometimes the words CAT 5 will be printed on the cable itself.

The ethernet cable plugs in on the back generally of a desktop computer and sometimes it is part of the original computer pieces or the motherboard, what we call onboard and it would be this hole right here and you would just take the cable and plug it in. Sometimes there is a light that flashes when it is connected. Sometimes the ethernet connection is added later to the computer in the form of a card that is plugged into the computer. And then it would be more toward the bottom here. This computer actually has two ethernet connections, an onboard connection and an added on connection.

Here again, all you would do is unplug the cord and plug it in like that. You push down on the little release to pull them out. Like that. If you have a laptop and you want to attach an ethernet cable to make it a wired internet connection, you would look on the side generally either left or right side of the laptop and again you see it here. And if you just remember that it is a pregnant phone connection. It looks just like a phone connection only much wider.


HorseGirlb says:

Doesn’t really help me know whether I should buy one, if I’d be able to use it, or how to use it. I just watched somebody else doing something I don’t know what. Knowing how to identify which cable it is barely tells me anything.

tierra g says:

Thank you so much. I was wondering why my desktop wasn’t connecting to the internet, and I was just about to give up, until you gave a description of the Ethernet cable. The whole time I was trying to connect with a phone cord, and I didn’t realize that there was a difference because it fit in the back, lol. Thank you!

DippnDonuts says:

“High speed internet” I don’t even got good internet

Alex Garza says:

Ok where does the other end go?

Sinatra Jr. says:

lol. Thanks a lot for this video. It might be obvious but… what does the other end connect to?

Nasser MJ says:

You’re a great teacher ma’am – thank you for simplifying of real tech dummies 🙂

check butter says:

how much does it cost

suganthi suganthi says:

ur clear information abt ethernet cable was awesome . and I was able to connect the network to my PC only after seeing ur video

Filip Kocev says:

Can I have lnternet without Ethernet connected to my PC cuz I want to connect it on my Ps3?

jong dolar says:
Levin khalumba says:

Thankyou alot..you helped me big when stranded

Praveen Kamble says:


Pam Walsh says:

I just bought ethernet cables to to hook up my new BluRay player with and they look nothing like that, so this video was uselsss!!

zakinaab says:

Thank you so much. I like your styling in teaching, very clearly demonstrated.

Gail says:

Thank you very simple clear and thorough

johannes thomsen says:

Thank you Lady, greatly appreciated

bodo bring says:

how to create fast internet………..mem

Susan Myers says:

how do i find an ip address on a hp deskjet 2540 printer

ryan ellis says:

Shes an idiot

Jerry Liptak says:

thank you, good info

Divine Dosu says:

“Pregnant phone connection”

Please..no. Don’t be cringy about it

Vrajesh Prajapati says:


road to 2000 subscribers says:

I had a orange yellow light when I plugged my Ethernet in the Internet still has no acess

sukiKenny says:

If only I had a desktop computer.

Jorge Pino says:

very helpfull

OscarWaG says:

Finally a useful video that isn’t stretched out and overcomplicated

kiara m. says:

What does the other end connect too

XposeD 1 says:

why is she breathing so hard???????? lmao


Finally something I can show my grand parents

Bruceann Yellowega says:

Thanks for your replys

Bruceann Yellowega says:

What is the benefit of having this?

O Cowboy do Mojave says:

So my new gaming pc will come and i can just buy an ethernet cable plug it into the router and vet net

DJRAMVEVO2013 says:

Is 0.5mbps high speed?

Doug Cannon says:

This is HOW TO USE the ethernet cable, not HOW DOES IT WORK.

carl davies says:

so i need a laptop..damm there expensive

Jordan Luis says:

i dont have a ethernet port on the back of my computer

sgt souls says:

I got my on desk top and of course had to put together my self you were a big help to this thanks

MrMilkman says:

So do I need to have a power source for my wifi modem to work (eg. laptop has to be on for wifi to work)

Nyshant Kumar says:

she talks like she hates her job lol….anyways this video helped me thanks

nakuta morish says:

ohh thanks instructor your video is so interesting

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