What is a Patch Panel? Do You Need One?

In this video I discuss what a patch panel is, what it does, and the pros and cons of using one. It should help you decide.

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MrDarfoot says:

sorry but just becoming interested in this stuff…. if i want to run two connections into my room and have a modem with one port available, would patch panel be needed? or just a switch?

Mike Lincoln says:

I dont need a patch panel, but im def going get one anyway, ill justify it some how

The Killbreath Family says:

I subscribed because of the quote: “Nothing says I love over-engineering things and am I giant IT nerd like a patch panel in a comm closet in a residential home. It’s nerd bling. And sometimes that’s the only reason you might need.”

Sorin Sandu says:

Blah, blah, blah, just label the switch that is coming from your router and after that write the number on the wallplate, done. Just get a 48 port switch if you want to be complex, and after that you can just add another switch if you fill up all the ports and run a patch cord between the switches. Patch crap.

Javier Torrez says:

question, can you use a patch panel with a POE switch!

Ashwani gupta says:

no gr8 need of patch panels just connect cable directly to switch write pc number on it thats all

Joe M says:

I’m an electrician and I do occasional data jobs, I’ve terminated dozens of patch panels, and not once have I considered it for my house. You don’t need one unless you live in a huge mansion

Geniusaur says:

I have a bunch of servers in a closet, no need for a patch panel as nothing comes from the wall except for 1 10gb connection, but interesting vid anyways

Alex Brown says:

16:31 is gold.

Barb Hinds says:

I’m sorry if I come off as dumb…I’m taking a networking class now and I’m just learning what device connects to what. Your video is EXTREMELY helpful in the office setup I’m building for my project. Can I ask what the other devices are above your patch panel? One is a switch, but what are the two above it. I’m still learning about routers and modems. Does the switch connect to the modem or the router? I appreciate any and all help you can give me. 🙂 Thank you!

Javier Ortiz says:

My brother has the same setup just without the patch panel

Man ni says:

Best video on Youtube

AnonymousGamer says:

I just subscribed. Watched your home budget tour. I’m only 18 and new to it. But shit man your stuff looks Amazing. I don’t usually comment but you deserve some serious kudos for this work. Wish you could help me with my home network lmaooo.

Ranjith Mathew says:

awesome explanation!

Steve Wang says:

Nerd bling! I could relate lol!

Vertigo101 says:

Good video I was thinking about a patch but I realise with my house hold it’s not required.

Here’s my set up.

16 100-200 feet Ethernet cat 5 running through my floor and through the rafters of my badement.
All of this was done over the course of a few years as my house hold continues to expand while everything was neatly hidden.

I have a business switch from netgear, 24 port.

I plan on more wired devices soon from recently discovering Zcash mining as a hobby

dalriada842 says:

I think I’d go for the type of panels discussed in this video, rather than the IDC type.

wellygeek says:

you also need patch panel if your router or switch is in a different room

mark quinteros says:

Spotted the Rock Band Keytar around the 1:55 mark…NICE!

Amir Muslim says:

Your video was great. I know all this already but came across it and found it informative and humorous. Great job.

StigDesign1 says:

16:26 LOLOL thats true 😀

Sun Shine says:

For a regular residence, you may no need one. If it is for a large business office where there could be 100’s computers, printers… the network cables and connections needs to be organized for several reasons. Offices may go through changes and IP devices need to be relocated, the technical personnel may change jobs and others will be new at the job, cables may break down and need to be rerouted… Organization needs materials, labors and cost but in general it will get paid off in the long run just like anything else in a larger organzation.

jbartl87 says:

This video definitely changed my mind from your original video about a patch panel. The nerdiness and solid core wiring were both good points for me to get one.

Hammouche Nadhir says:

thank’s great video 🙂

Clinton W Salvato says:

Hey, great video I’ve had some networking classes years ago, but don’t live in an environment where the patch panel would give me anything. I have an Airport extreme as my main wifi router, with gigabit ports. What I have done for the computer is to run a cable direct between the computer and a port on the router. For my home theater setup in the living room I’ve run a 25ft cable to a gigabit switch on the back of the home theater stand for the smaller cables to connect to each device. For the long run, i’ve coiled the extra cable cleanly out of site, and have run the cable under carpet, and behind the TV stand.. My main reason for doing this was to have heavy traffic devices such as streamers wired, and instead of wireless for better latency and overall performance.

One thing I’ve done additionally is to use black cables so they blend into the black stand. For most wireless here they are on 80211ac, or n. One bedroom apartment here so this is the cleanest way to do it without any leasing violations.

Ike Ibe says:

very good video. Can we talk privately? I need help in setting up my first networking project!

Chris Kalke says:

Nice video and good explanation of patch panels. However, that’s only half of the uses, or maybe only 1/3 even. Im currently wiring my house top to bottom, inside and out. At the hub, I am going to use a 24 port patch panel. I will have 24 cable runs out to various locations around the house, but not all of these are dedicated for data/networking purposes. I am going to wire some to handle video transfer, some for audio surround sound, and some for low voltage power transfer throughout the house. I will post a video once i get things going. If anyone even cares. ?

Jordan Ferry says:

I bought a rolling 42u Sanus rack for my home. 99% the rack will never come out. Can I put my patch panel in there or should I mount to the wall so that the wires don’t get worn out from occasional moving of the rack while servicing.

zhang wenfeng says:

Good video,Our company is major in produce patch panel and other network products.if someone need can contact me.Thanks

Anthony Challis says:

Thanks for that, I never even thought of using a patch panel. I can certainly see the benefits, and as you say it looks cool.

George Murray says:

My house was built in the 1950s so network solution is wires run on the floor

Christopher Duncan says:

Great video! I had a lot of questions about setting up my home network and this answered so many of my questions!

Rahat Rambo says:

yes I need one please

Jesse Delgado says:

Don’t need one, but would love to have one just have and a reason to expand my network

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