What Ethernet Cable to Use? Cat5? Cat6? Cat7?

EXPLAINED: What the heck are these different cables?
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If you’ve ever gone to buy an internet cable, you probably saw different types available. There are Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and others, but which do you need? Well all of these ethernet cables will work, but there are some differences depending on the speed required. In this video I go over the different types of ethernet cables and what each one does.

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devilguy4321 RobloxGuy says:

My question is, what is the difference between CAT 7 flat and CAT 7 round Cables.

Dart3rocks says:

Go fiber

DjTiqer says:

How is gigabit speed common? It’s expensive AF.

Jack Burton says:

If you’re doing whole house wiring definitely go Cat6. If you’re just connecting a few devices within a room Cat5E is fine.

Mabes X says:

Great video! Afterwards I looked at all of our cables… found my husband’s Alienware was connected to the router with a Cat5! My computer has a Cat5e and my son’s laptop is using a Cat5e. We (the family) play League of Legends and sometimes have 5 devices (usually 2 laptops on wi-fi) on our network at once running the game. I am definitely going to upgrade cables!

Crazy Candy & Collectibles says:

Cat7 is not an approved standard. Its a made up Chinese spec. Usually a shielded Cat6 cable.

VideoNOLA says:

Funny, no mention of the now-obsolete Cat3 cable (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category_3_cable), despite an otherwise very complete and accurate explanation of the different cabling types. Marketing matters, but shielding definitely comes into play in high-EMI environments where cross-talk and radio interference might induce error-prone communications that, despite being invisible, could become noticeable.
P.S. Yes, Cat2 and Cat1 also existed, but I leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Terrible0ne says:

Is it just the lighting or does it look like his neck has a pretty serious rash and or scabies..

Nah Noh says:

We still can get cable cat5 when buying Tenda routers. There are 2 pairs of cords made in that cable.

Chris H says:

Kind of a late post but saw this via Roku.

You kind of missed the point of the Cable specs. Think of a typical office install with lots of cable runs from a switch located in a closet to many PCs, up to hundreds of feet away. Remember those cable lengths you mentioned for the specifications? 100 meters or 55 meters? Now look at the much shorter cable runs most people have in their homes. That means less coupling capacitance. Less attenuation and so forth, resulting in better speed. While the higher the Cat rating is good, you can’t overlook that the short a cable run the better, and that being well below the specification cable length. I bet you could run the same five foot cable test with a piece of Cat-3 cable and still get the same test results. No need to cast doubt on the type of cable people use in their homes. Especially short patch cables. Interesting that the newest Cat cables are shielded since the whole idea for this type of cable is that it be very inexpensive and not need to be shielded. Times change I guess but why not go to fiber at that point? Copper is expensive and the design of the cable is getting more complicated, drain wires and all.

Taunter Atwill says:

Oh my god! Are you still busy with your infantile shit? Are you mentally challenged? Or is it your lonely pathetic life?

jam says:

cat means MeEeOW

Anon says:

Should have tested it next to a microwave oven.

Pastor Lugo says:

Thanks for the explanation of the different cable. It surely helped understand the differences.

Puremindgames says:

I think I have Cat5, looking at “Ethernet Status” it says 100.0Mbs looking in my motherboad manual it is a Gigabit port.

Nope it’s a Cat 6, It’s Skys Router that has 100Mbit ports

Buick Mackane says:

Why didn’t you mention Cat6e? That is what we are using mostly these days for IP cameras. I haven’t seen Cat6a anywhere yet.

Saleh J says:

I use a dog7

Dean T says:

Why not fibre?

Alex Mattison says:

Which one should I use for download speeds for Xbox one? since my download speed is like 1mbps to 400kbsps which is crap

vamdolly says:

would have liked to see test on a crosover pc to pc transfering files of variuse size test.

ThioJoe says:

But the higher number must be better right?

James Avery says:

Wait……..I thought this was a troll channel!!!

Achso says:

My internet speed is 32 MBit/s. Guess I need that Cat7 cable.

Jr Till says:

Can i bury cat 6a underground protected by pvc pipe for a distance of 450 feet? Not looking for 1 gb speed but decent speed? Thought or suggestions? Thanks guys!

walter luis gomez saldaña says:

thanks for the video nice quality and good learning

Juan Olmo says:

Nice video. BTW…DUDE…you resemble James Franco!!!

Mark Collier says:

Would you have any brand recommendations?

noam260 says:

You are my Geek hero !!! I have learned so much from your videos that I feel I owe you a tuition check, but then I will have to take out another student loan which I will probably default on. Thank you Thio. Keep up the great work.

WIlly Tee says:

That was just an interesting education on cat cables and RJ45 sockets

AnnoyingCritique says:

Well problem solved. Cat5 it is because sky is under a fifth of the max speed.

Gajendra Dahal says:

can i use cat 5 cable for 200 meters long destance from switch port.

obinnaibem says:

Thanks, very helpful

SkeletronsArmy says:

u have some bad vids

MahBoyMel - Minecraft says:

Did He like his own video and comment?

Astro Mec says:

I think USB-C is gonna be the new standard. And it should (most notably thunderbolt 3).

James Avery says:

I got cat5e wired through my attic and walls. It’s realistically future proofed for a good long time considering gigabyte internet is still a pretty limited offering and the price is very high. Time warner ( now spectrum) Does not offer much over 100 mbps down and that’s the only cable company in my area. I got 60 down so not even 1/10 of cat5e’s capability aswell.

Phillip Aboody says:

8P8C not RJ45.

RJ45* is a phone connection and only uses two of its pins to connect and is an 8P2C.
The’ Ethernet jack’ isn’t a registered jack.

prannoy tej says:

what the difference between this Ethernet cable and wifi?

Blind Wolf says:

My ISP uses a grey cable . I guess its like a cat 0.5 or possibly in negatives.

Chris Laurie says:

6:28 – If you took the test seriously, you would have done a local gigabit test. Performing the test via an ISP connection introduces unnecessary variables into your test making it… “practical”, but highly unreliable.

StrategySceptic says:

If I get a 100mbps fibre internet, wouldn’t a normal cat5 still be good? What even uses 1Gbps? Some lans maybe? No internet connection comes close to 10Gbps or even 1Gbps right?

Jermaine Powell says:


Ullas says:

Good explanation and interesting topic. I am a subscriber now.

Ares Pinpin says:

omg!! thank you so much for that info… i just confused about my internet is really slow even i have fiber optical like 300mb… and the reason? my net cable is cat5 the oldest one… xD i got my internet faster now…thanks again…

- vShaper - says:

VC glitches be like

Gabriel Martinez says:


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