The Budget Fluke? Noyafa NF-8601 Unboxing & Review

Need a network and cable tester with more features, but don’t want to spend Fluke money? In this video, I check out the Noyafa NF-8601 and then have professional also take a look at it. Is it any good?

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Gabriele Rossi says:

how to remove NF-8601 files to PC via Miro SD card
PC sees nothing on MiroSD

Dr. Anthon Rijkard Cortes says:

Thank you for your advise. What should I use for the power lines then?

grace7171 Sabugrace says:

sr….how much price

I2amOK says:

I am going to try and translate what the manual is trying to say about the connection to a switch. This wire mapping result shows a cable that’s connected to a switch. The result is good though it shows short but that’s how the tester and switch talks. IMO – This test is pretty much a continuity test where testing if current goes through one strand of wire and returns on another which technically is a short. ie current goes out through the blue cable and comes back through the blue and white indicating the cable is going into some electric conductor at the terminated end of the cable then return. Depending on the corresponding line it returns then you know if it’s a switch or true short on the line. Pairs 4 and 5 should show loop, etc.

oatbaa says:

is this device can detect crosstalk cable?

Parker Smart says:

Did you look at the NF-388 at all? I’m just doing my new home. They guy that built it out went crazy with all of the coax, RJ11, RJ45, etc. The closet isn’t patched at all and I was thinking of doing it myself. It’s just a crazy mess of wires draped down into the closet.

tinkmarshino says:

well done!

Dr. Anthon Rijkard Cortes says:

Question, I have a renovation that has a ton of network cables, a ton of power cables and telephone lines and a door bell system. I have to figure out where all the cables go, or where do they come from. Most of the network cables are labeled, but the power cables and the door bell system are not. Worse off, I have to rewire some rooms for power from one breaker switch panel to another. So, can this unit help me? Mainly I need to ID cables in the rooms throughout the building (several even in different floors) to where they are connected in the electric breakers panel in the basement. I know that I need to have a cable disconnected from the electric power grid and the switches off to properly ID each line, but, could I connect the 8 remote units in the rooms, then go to the panel downstairs and ID each remote unit in the basement?

Mike Mckay says:

To be honest even for a professional I think the W version which comes with (I think) 9 end modules is still worth getting just for that one feature

To add remote modules to any decent brand and even the IDEAL range starts to get quite expensive, but the W version comes with several end modules for less than the cost of buying the same amount for any mainstream brand plus you have the added benefit of a cable tracer and a back up tester for less than the cost of adding the extra remote modules and cable tracer to a “better” make

So even for a “pro” something like this can have its place and can sometimes speed things up by allowing you to do multiple tests on multiple cables at once instead of doing each sequentially

So many people cant seem to think past “either/or” ways of viewing things when often AND is a much better option

Frank Kujawski says:

I bought one for maybe $20, some years ago. All it does is send power down one line and then I can see a light come on. I have a remote unit when doing wall installs. While your unit is cool, mine is good enough for me. As for battery life, I do not recall every changing my batteries.

Riskteven says:

Is this really the name?? I checked in and it says “Fluke: an accidental advantage; stroke of good luck: ” I would not trust that device because how many times have I thought things “Just works” when it comes to Ethernet, just to reboot and see the bootUp stop at Ethernet for a while, signal a red “[FAILED]”. Best thing would be ending up change the cable AND switching to Windows… Things tended to work. Hopefully I hope they change their name to “Connected!” or something.

antonio athanasiadis says:

Nice review.
Certainly it’s a budget tester for home use or for hobbyist.

Ray Ghasemian says:

Very nice review. Rather than reading the instructions I just watched your video.

Anuar Cárdenas says:

Is there any difference between this model and Noyafa-704? I know the second one is intended for CCTV but I wonder if it includes the same functions as the model reviewed in your video (plus, obviusly, CCTV functions)…

Joe Lugo says:

Out of curiosity, which Fluke tester does she use? Just want to know which model she was comparing it to…

Tito1337 says:

Does it really always show the same length for all lines of the cable? I would have thought that feature is usefull to find where a pair is damaged along the cable

bsc285 says:

what happens when the battery dies? Can it be replaced being that its integrated. That’s the only thing stopping me from buying this unit. Other models which are less expensive with similar functions require batteries like 9v or 3A or 2A batteries. That way 3 to 4 years down the line if the batteries die, you replace them. Tell me what you think. Thanks

ghostrider says:

It’s an ok tester. Length measure not very accurate and if charged up the battery will go dead even if you’re not using it

Gabriele Rossi says:

you managed to see txt files by saving tests on microSD card

Gabriele Rossi says:

a test performed asks to save
or repeat tes saving should go on SD card
to view the performed tests, it needs a SDT TXT file reader

Chris Mak says:

very nice product.. lot of features.. but not good tracer.. beeping everywhere either i decreased the sensitivity very low

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