Simple Networking – Connecting 2 Computers with Ethernet Cable
You want to connect 2 computers that you have? It’s easy! It can be done only by using an Ethernet cable. We will show you how to do it in this video.

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WTF20235 says:

I put the same ip on both computer, then i had 1 problem on 1 computer it wrrited that allready is the same ip on internet so i coulndnt have connection. reply fast thank u

Luis Lopez says:

Thank you!

john malakos says:

if I was to do a connector whould all pins need to work, its to connect a satellite box to a wireless router

Emjay Rasta says:

on doing the ethernet cable , you say that do the same thing on the other end of the cable? so the cable will be straight through right? but as far as i know the type of a cable use to connect a same device is crossover cable .. hmmm

Nikki Matero says:

ty sir it helps me a lot, btw whats the title of the music?

CHANDU D says:

very nice all are people understand ur presentation

Antonnete Basanal says:

its a nice video but for connecting 2 computers you should be using Ethernet crossover cable (cause he connect two devices of the same type). Straight through commonly used to connect a host to client.

Daniyal Raza says:

Hello , Very nice video and easy to understand…Just one more thing does it necessary to have a same OS on both computers?

Adrew Dio says:

Great video! Very informative and clearly described and I liked the audio also.

syed shah says:

its not about inserting wires in to RJ45 connector its about standards….cover(sheath)of RJ45 connector should also go in side connector then crimp the cover….
follow the standards…

Bagas Pratama says:

PC ke PC ko straight? Harusnya kan Crossover?

Sleepingpanther18 says:

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Ridoy Khan says:
nrlink cam says:

How to connect three computer together ?

Rajat Chodhary says:

to establish connection b/w two computers, you need to assign each system a distinguish IP address. You need to go start > control panel > Networking and Internet connection > Network connection.
You will find Local Area Connection. Right click for its properties. In general tab, you will find Internet Protocol [TCP/IP] in list. Select & click properties, In general tab, check use following IP address and Assign IP and subnet mask [Optional]. Finally, commit changes and repeat on second system.

sabeshkumar perumal says:

O tax 

Rajat Chodhary says:

Yes, Counter strike, NFS Underground, Far Cry, MOH works fine. You need to configure IP address of both system, and mention in game settings as well.

If you are new to configuring IP. Please, Check my answer for #karanksj24. Follow those steps, and you are good to go.
Enjoy and feel free to ask

seya tube says:

i like ur info 10q

JanosWalter1 says:

Good video – I just needed to mute the music!

srinivas rao Chowda says:

very Good

Gustavo Martinez says:

This music is lovely! What is it? I would love to know, please. 🙂 I would like that very much!

Dobre Octavian says:

thanx alot it helped me do it on the first try 

Gypaetus Barbatus says:

would a co-op game work using this?

Ralph Williams says:

Thanks for sharing knowledge!

Rajat Chodhary says:

I hope, this cheap explianation helped you alot.

soma shekar rao says:

You are a Master, After watch this video what I got it. Need to go school for discipline not for learning, If we have a friend like you i can be any in the world. Thanks and Keep it up. All we need to know how to use this information.

Chuck Rowan says:

That was one of the most amateurish practices. Never leave the outside jacket of the cable uncrimped.

GenMinion says:

OR just buy a $1 Ethernet cable that already has a head at both ends…

Fayz Sarfraz says:

i have a old laptop .its DVD room is out of order .i need to install windows xp .it has no usb boot option .
can we install windows xp by network boot ????
how to boot from network?

rilthe cimafranca says:


nintendo freak says:

mate i can do a better job than that at less pull the jacket all the way to the top

Abraham George says:

Nice video

Suman Debnath says:

gd info.thanks

raj choraria says:

to connect two computer need cross connection not stright

Karan ksj says:

your effort is good but i didn’t get the ip adress part …. so can u explain it to me . it will be helpful

Andrew Arms says:

Hey, great video. i have a question: since you are basically creating a crossover cable from regular cat 5 ethernet cabling, if I want to run cat 5 thru my wall and reinstall the connectors on the other side (so the hole doesn’t have to be big enuf to fit a connector thru), do I use the same wire order? my ethrnet cabling will go from router to smart TV device.

Caesar M Foday says:

It is really great

Joshua Susano says:


mehraj ali says:

nice ok……………………..?


great Video thanks !

Zeshan Rana says:

nice video

James Corea says:

need a proper spoken or written explanation. thank you

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