Setting up a home network

We need to get our new house up to speed and that means we need a wired home network. Todayapos;s episode shows you how to make your own ethernet cables, how to attach ethernet to keystones for a great finished look in your home and more.


Roy Garcia says:

hey bud QQ. what port do you have your modem on your switch? i see you have the 5 cables to switch then switch (grey cable) to router… the reason i ask is cuz i want to move my wireless router from upstairs to downstairs. everything is connected to patch pannel upstairs (wireless router, modem and switch).

Brian Nelton says:

Boiler? you mean the water heater?

shadowflare99 says:

What is your voip system? Is it free?

Midnitte says:

The real lesson in this video isn’t wiring Cat5, it’s the Wife Acceptance Factor.

Luis Anthony Martinez says:

What is the difference if the in and out, cabling wise

nitin mishra says:

your specs are quite good. i m also going to buy one of them

slayaman22232 says:

I understand you are trying to do something good to benefit others by creating a guide. But PLEASE, do not make a guide for something that you are not an expert in. This goes for all categories not just networking. You did not punch down correctly for your keystone jacks ( you left the ends of the wires that should have been cut when punching down. This can cause shorts on your cable and cause it to not work.) Also you should always try to keep the twisting as close as possible to the ends when you punchdown to avoid crosstalk and EMI. So again, if you are not knowledgeable in a certain field do not make a guide. This will give out false information to those who are looking for help.

Nirvaxstiel says:

Am I watching Linus…?

ShyRage1 says:

Is that a special kind of crimper?? Where would I get one of those at??

MrAlex3132003 says:

Now make a video of you at a buddy’s house and install ethernet cables throughout the house that didnt previously have any installed behind their phone jack faceplates… like mine.

Mark Nelson says:

This was very helpful…. Thanks Iyaz, I still miss this show

ShyRage1 says:

WHen terminating the wires, would the same rules apply for cat 6?

har12rocks says:

his on cnet

Erich Schuller says:

you are a good Dad.

David Martin says:

Hey that’s cool but one question ,you started with phone line or cat5e ,did you cut and splice or did you run phone line Some other way thanks

Jonathan Castro says:

Jajaja the baby!

danielgartin6993 says:

Dude, I remember you from CNET Top 5

Dana Reynolds says:

watched the video and found out i do have cat5 run throughout the house to phone jacks. the issue appears to be that the telephone box is on the opposite side of the house from where the cable guy brought the cable into the house. would it be simple enough to to make the phone jack by the modem the starting point or should i run a cable line to the where the phone lines come in?

Chris Taylor says:

i youse long noes plyers for holding the wires before i put them in rj45 plug

Blair Jackson says:

Love that Beatles complete score book there…

Abdul Nazir says:

thank u

NYC Salsa Classes says:

Hi. At 8:55, you said the red keystone is a input. Does it have to be wired differently so that it becomes an input?

Andrew Johnson says:

Category 5 cable can handle gigabit speeds. You should keep your pairs untwisted as much as possible when terminating. To be teaching how to terminate you should do it properly.

arshi khur says:

why do you pronounce your name wrong?

A M says:

Awesome video. just ran 9 cat 6 throughout and working on the jacks this weekend. thank you for the video.

Andre11210 says:

Thank you~Thank you~Thank you…
I just stumbled across your video. Did I say thank you yet?
You just saved me an enormous amount of time-sweat-blood-cursing…
My home builders also used network cable for the phone lines. Awesome.
I’ve been dreading running new cable to the second floor (from the basement).

Kozy VLOGS says:

Very helpful Thanks!!!

EliteSniperTV says:

LMFAO his face when he said future. This guy is a visionary

Victor Kidd says:

I sure like being in this computer

Bitsofskin says:

The more you hold your kid, the more he will want held..

Its a catch 22, i know…

Nice video bro 🙂

81Garret says:

this dude knows his shit!!!! you have a subscriber for life bro!!!

BirdWell says:

copying linus

Luke Palmer says:

Very helpful thank you for posting! Do you have any contact info you’d care to share? I’m starting my own business doing this type of work

Mike Trieu says:

Whoa, where did you get those Ethernet jacks with the guides? That’s an amazing concept! The most frustrating part I’ve encountered with such installations in trying to keep those pairs straight and even. I’m guessing these aren’t cheap, but if I’m only doing a house install for myself, I’ll be more than willing to splurge a little.

James Kelly says:

I have cat5e cables in my house for the phone, but I only have one wire coming into the house.  but in some of the phone kestones have 2 or 3 cat5e cables.  how do I go about changing them over for my network

Brimo Barcklay says:

You need to show how actually the cable/internet is actually connected to the switch. you just talk about it and don’t a actually show.  step by step by step for us do it yourself guys plz

Sabatheus says:

Are you Aasif Mandvi’s brother?! You have the same voice, mannerisms and facial expressions! 😀

Todd Vinton says:

You are a pro bro! nice vid!

al lafon says:

My neighbor had Broadband over power line units.
I am a ham radio operator and had to get fcc to stop
them as i had Real Bad RFI from cheap units they had.

DJAlup says:

I flippin hate those stupid “Modular” connectors. they are a pain in the ass. You should of just got some good quality Cat6 RJ45 connectors. The eaisest to use are the ones that the wire goes clean trough it. IF you do get those make sure to get a crimper that cuts the wires at the same time as crimping.

guygamer65 says:

In theory, if my telephone wires are cat5 can I replace the jacks in the wall with the network jacks?

Nando Prudhomme says:

Great video. Some basic stuff for those who already know but for newbies and those out of the loop on cabling and networking, not bad at all. I will watch your other videos.

Jason Butler says:

Sorry, but your guide to terminating is a total fail. A proper scan of those drops would show you just how poor those connections are, it might work but it’s not working as it should!

frankozzie1 says:

did he say isaiah fucktard??

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