Powerline Ethernet Networking TP-LINK Powerline Kit Review

Using Powerline ethernet you can run your network on your home / office existing power cables instead of pulling ethernet cables and this is ideal if you have patchy Wifi connections or you need stable internet connections in areas where you cannot put ethernet cables, and in this video I review the tp-link TL-PA201KIT which is a 200 Mbps ethernet adapter kit.

TP-Link http://www.tp-link.com/
Tp-Link India http://www.tp-link.in/

Unboxing video of TP-LINK powerline TL-PA201KIT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaur3cJhl0Q


Konalavajava says:

Great video as usual. Thanks, Say, have you been able to test out any of the new “Hybrid” powerline adapters that send out Wifi as well?

ajayalmighty says:

You should watch again and see that it is an electrical screw driver with insulation.

marcogerra says:

best video so far on this product

Prakash says:

m thinking of using powerline (wifi adapters) to connect all my rooms. On the main switchboard, each of my rooms has different MCB, so would that be a problem? and will the wifi adapter provide me with seamless connections across the room?

ilusjon says:

OH SNAP! BITCH! Who talks in megabytes when talking about network…

rzimmer1 says:

i want to thank you for the great video as it helped me with the problem i had and it works perfectly. i liked and subbed your channel. again thank you for the great info and help.  randy

Myles Bakewell says:

Should I get this or the net gear version

JayzBeerz says:

Home plug does not work with AFCI breakers. You have been warned. Why this is not on the outside of the box or in the description is false advertising. Check your breakers before purchase or you will waste your money like I did. Bad TP-Link for not stating this on the box.

Rene Zapf says:

Powerline is dangerous! It turns your AC power house instalation into a transmitting antenna. This causes noise and dangerous interferences.

Gunbardo says:

Wait, I don’t get why you need such high bandwidths? I mean, my modem that I use, subscribed to a local service subscriber, only has Internet speeds capable of up to 6mbps…. So 200mbps? Don’t really understand, currently the fastest internet connection is through optical fibre and they are still only up to 100mbps, so can someone explain to me??

sp0ng007 says:

If i plug it in your ass it would work fine, stupid

-PARADOX- says:

Do you have to Subscribe to any plans or is there an Activation fee to have internet for this ??

susan mather says:

Oops, I also had a question. I was just given the Belkin Powerline Starter Kit that’s a Gigabit. Says up to 1,000 Mbps. Is there any potential problems w/too much attempt at data transfer speeds? I’m only asking this because all the other products I’ve seen so far are much lower as re the data transfer p/second Any comments about this? Thanks for taking the time … Adios.

Tik kamau says:

Can I plug the other end of the TPlink into my other modem and be able to access wifi from it?

Alasdair Gordon says:

I live in an old sandstone house. My laptop is in the basement at the back of the house and my router is upstairs. I could only get a very weak wifi signal in the basement and powerline has been the answer. I am not technically minded but I had my TP Link adapters out of the box and working in a matter of minutes. It is recommended not plugging these adapters into a power strip so the pass through versions are especially useful as you can then plug your power strip into the adapter.  No software or complicated configuration is required – it is literally plug and play and the adapters “find” one another quickly. If you want to create a fully secure network you can press the pairing buttons. I have personally not bothered as no one else has access to my house electricity. I now have a reliable broadband connection for my laptop thanks to powerline.

stargatefever says:

This may be a stupid question but my parents live in the same apartment building as my family. Could this system help us share internet

kenmck15 says:

Do you have to connect this straight to the socket on the wall or can you plug it into a multiplug adapter

F L says:

2:40 the sims talking…

siddharth shekar says:

hey dude!! Nice Video. Do you know where I can purchase this in india and how much is the price?

TheRamboss says:

i would watch but i can’t understand him

JayzBeerz says:

How secure is powerline? I heard if your neighbor gets the same adapter as you he can connect to your network.

Fishtankoala says:


Sukeerat Singh Goindi says:

what speeds were you getting

Rene Zapf says:

You can not notice the interference, unless you operate a air traffic or emergency service radio transmitter. There are serious reports that PLC can disturb police radio, maritime security service, Also check the NATO RTO TECHNICAL REPORT TR-IST-050 by google search. Not to mention the PLC influence on personal health when you are surrounded by high frequency radiation 24/7.

ag69 says:

I want to know if I can use odd number of adapters?
Cause all the kits come in pairs. So if i connect one adapter to my router and then can i connect 2 or 4 adapters in different rooms simultaneously? Will it work?
Does it work like a switch and assigns IP on its own?
Does the adapter in kit are identical or separate ? means the one which should be connected to router has some additional button/feature than other?

jayja45 says:

So your using a screwdriver to open the safety shutters in BS 546 sockets only one thing to say to that: DANGEROUS!

Sacer Ktracho says:

I didn’t understand what you just said, but for seeing what you just did. i’m buying this Shit!!!.. I’m tired of wireless lan ..

Ralph Macchio says:

Thanks for the vid!!!

JayzBeerz says:

I have a TP-Link AV500 NANO. How can it be 500 Mbps when it only has a 100 Mbps Ethernet port? I have a 70 Mbps down load speed and with this I only get 20 Mbps. 

Justin H says:

I want to buy one of these powerline internet adapters for my camper when I go camping. My camper has an electrical outlet, if I plug one of these into the outlet and then connect an ethernet cable from the box to my laptop will I get internet? Do I need an internet provider like wifi?

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