Optimize your cable runs at home! – Installing an exterior Cat 5e cable

Spotty network connections are totally unacceptable. ESPECIALLY in my own home. So I settle for nothing but the best… Full wired, baby!

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Banana Poop says:

America, the continent where our walls are made of paper.

Prince Westerburg says:

Driling through walls you should always drill uphill so water cannot run into the building and leave a loop or drop of cable outside for water to drip off.

PushGently says:

oh lmao, asked my dad about this, he said “I designed this house, you think i’m stupid?” already had this without knowing.

Danny Foster says:

god this music….

John Rokam says:

wtf, r u too poor for a proper house? dry wall as exterior wall? wtf? i know americand are dumb af but this is beyond dumb

Inachu Ikimasho says:

I would have drilled through the floor into the closet instead of going outside.

Wapn Perfo says:

DAP sucks… use the GE stuff.

Yukami Takeuchi says:

In switzerland, 10meters of cat 5E ethernet cable cost 50 bucks… 🙁

Ken Noneya says:

Way too much advertising.

You should says:

Is that a some kind of hint ..6

George Proimakis says:

Why not drill from the inside?

William Ginter says:

Nice SDS+ hammer drill and the impact driver

Chris W says:

“Immediately break down.” Meanwhile, I’ve had the cheapest possible Cat5 pulled outside my house, in Michigan since 2009 and it’s still gigabit strong.

PhantomGaming says:

How come you didn’t use a keystone jack??

Mitchell Theobald says:

Why has nobody suggested using internal wall cavities? The proper way to run cables, do they not have wall cavities in North America?

terryeffinp says:

Not Tee bad for an IT guy 😛 When I refinish a house
I will be sure to integrate networking, Coax, HDMI, and USB charging jacks.

Matte Edström says:

Or just drill from the inside?

bartonez123 says:

If you live in Australia, don’t do this. Any cable installation requires an electrician (sigh) and DIY is illegal, and may have implications for home insurance too.

Jack Henderson says:

no one else realise that it isnt an impact drill it is a combihammer drill

Andy Carvalho says:

That was not an impact drill. It was an SDS

J Anything says:

Why not drill from the inside out?

Doug mc' less says:

3:43 Linus how dare u refer to a Makita impact driver as an “electric screwdriver”

YARN-dere says:

Linus you’re a dumb Jew NUFF SAID!!”!

LivingSuSpence says:

why not put it down the inside of the wall? isn’t it directly in the room below?

Tim Wainz says:

Impact drill ? U mean rotary hammer

BobChob2 says:

Caulk delicious caulk.

RCwalrus says:

Who thought blue was a good idea for Ethernet cables

Adam M says:

rather than poking holes in brick, you can just run cable between floors going through the floor stud. you cut bigger holes in drywall, but it’s relatively easy to fix. also, screws outside should be stainless steel or galvanized, so you don’t have rust going down a wall after a year.

Popcorn Chicken says:

LMAO who the fuck would install their ethernet cable outside? This is stupid as fuck.

Matthew Littler says:

No steel toe socks and sandals?

ICgasm says:

T568A? Thought he was doing T568B?

Kahsa says:

I would use CAT6 because a lot of areas are getting Gigabit Ethernet now, so it can help FutureProof all your work. I have Goggle Fiber here, and it’s very nice.

Devin D says:

How do you know you’re not drilling into an electric wire or pipe or wall stud?

felix920506 says:


newSogn says:

The going outside is cool and sort of classic linus, but extreme Linus would have gone full fiber optic

W3z31 says:

this is so funny to me that linus is finally trying to teach me some shit i already know, i work for charter com / spectrum & do this shit all day but waaaaay faster.

Matt Christie says:

At (0:40) Is that your grow room Linus?

Terry Barber says:

You forgot to reinstate the vapour barrier.

pescod96 says:

wait your using caulk to ‘seal’ a hole when silicone is mostly specifically for that job?

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