Networking Setup Update – Mini Vlog

A mini vlog of me moving my router, modem, 1TB HDD, basically, my entire networking setup. I picked up a 15M CAT.7 RJ45 Ethernet Cable as well as a 10M Twisted Pair RJ11 ADSL Cable for my modem. I also explain how my entire network is setup!

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Cheets_ says:

Nice video man. I’m getting a new RGB strip for my PC today since my old one’s controller broke. I do want LED strips behind my desk and maybe monitors and under keyboard. I see you have a lot of videos regarding LEDs, but which are the best to use without paying too much?
Thanks and keep it up

Mr. Lu says:

Tomorrow last day in Mallorca yeah

Sorry for the late comments I bought “internet” (wifi) today

Looks good

Art says:

Hey just a quick question where will the giveway winners be announced?

Saed Arief Maulana says:

I hope someday i have that netgear XR500

viction says:

its actually slightly annoying how far into rgb you are. “the one thing this router is missing, is rgb”….. its a router like jesus christ

ARI007 Sendrovich says:

now that’s a cool router, nice vid!

Sunnyevans03 says:

I saw your old keyboard for sale on Facebook xD I was very confused because I recognised your setup in the photo

Yekky YT says:

Is their anything els you can add to this setup? It’s insane

Paedda says:

4:20 I’m addicted to this energy drink xD btw it matches with your set up 😀

Clement Tonneau says:

Nice mate

Feloco says:

nice video but what internet do you use for your mobile phone do you use your gaming router or the bt?

Marlon Schwarten says:

So interested in the future projects

ItzLeaf says:

are you gonna add the new rgb goliathus mousepad to your setup?

Joel says:

HI dust the Netgear XR500 Nighthawk Pro Gaming make the internet faster ?

Star Wars Therapy says:

Where did you get that razer logo led for your pc case?

FyZZoH says:

Nice vid again! I have taked a lot of inspiration for my plans to my like “setup upgrade”

Ruhq says:

Too rich xd

Smokefish Gaming says:

What’s your download and upload speed and how much do you pay ?

Sonofammonite 1 says:

Great vid my man!

Songtsen Takang says:

What internet provider do you have?

Blue Fighter says:

hey man…… im form sri lanka….. i very very like your videos

Matthias Lajolo says:

Hey what do you think about the razer mamba élite? Woud you buy it over the deathadder élite?
Love your videos!❤️

StealthPlayz says:

That looks so much more clean than it was before good job em

Pedro Flores says:

Could you use a Telephone RJ11 6P4C to RJ45 8P8C Connector Plug Cable for Landline Telephone to plug in directly to your nighthawk xr500 and completely get rid of the modem? It’s just that I have the nighthawk xr500 and I was wondering if using that connector plug cable could work and not have the necessity of a router

Andon says:

Hey, I was wondering how you got the razer wallpaper on your Amazon Spot, I plan on getting one and my pc is all rainbow rbg like yours, did you have to download something or just set it up with like safari or something?

ToxicIdeas says:

Wish I wasn’t poor so I could afford these things. But nice video and setup

Finn de Sutter says:

1 Do you need the Harddrive? 2 If you don’t use the BT is that a problem

B1SQ1T says:

What’s the difference between a router and a modem?

Doctor Geez says:

U should do pc building video, it would be awesome xD

Kahcai Lee says:

Hey have you gotten your Twitter account back?

Redax101 says:

How did you hook up the external hard drive to the router? Does wd offer some sorta other type of NAS solution besides their bigger units or something like that?

Kumm Schott says:

Is your Desk in your bio

Z-jenrick Poso says:

May i know who is the winner of thee razer huntsman elite i hope iwin the give away

ITZ Trevz says:

I don’t know if question is stupid or not but can a network router help your upload and download speed??

Fortnite Best moments says:

Great vid

Alex-On-Line says:

Router and Modem setup looking nice, fresh and clean.

Lois Cole says:

I like the video!! But why do you use your BT modem for what do you need it what does it do?

RealXdversion2// Roblox says:

Wooo hoo! Amazing video #193628102 lol. Keep up the great work!

Khual says:

Did u have to pay the network every month??

InsaneFlippers says:

Can you do a review on the phillips hue?

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