Networking 101: How To Punch Down Cat5/E/Cat6 Keystone Jack – FireFold

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Networking 101: How To Punch Down Cat5/E/Cat6 Keystone Jack – FireFold

Learn the fastest and most efficient way to punch down a keystone jack with this how to tutorial from FireFold. In this video, Daniel will explain everything you need to know when it comes to how to punch down Cat5/E/Cat6 keystone jack.

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ayoub meghebbar says:

Thanks a lot

abdu osman says:


Chris Season says:

he thinks that’s a cat5 but it’s a cat6…

r bldwn says:

Never used punchdown keystones before, now coming up on a project where they’ll be needed instead of a coupler. This instructional was easy to follow and should make my project easier to complete. Thank you!

Dwalu Tay says:

Thanks for tutorial Daniel

oglilp2fo says:

I don’t like using that cheap punch down tool… There are way better ones’ if you do allot of terminations or drops. Your hands will thank you and you’ll get it right the first time!

kulamai says:

muy pendejo eso de usar el plastico

James Holleran says:

Always get into epic arguements with my boss in regards to me calling these ‘keystones’. I call them keystones because they lock into a wall plate or surface mount box. I’ll say Im installing RJ-45 Keystones in this wall jack and he goes ” YOU MEAN DATA JACKS?!?”

Manesse Vilsaint says:

Thanks for the video

Doron Schiowitz says:

Nice video. Correct me if I’m wrong. You said in the video that you were using cat5 cable but it looks like cat6 cable based on the plastic separator in the core of the cable.

Benjamin Perez says:


yuyukun says:

thx u so much :,D i have competitions coming up and this cleared up everything i was confused about ^^!

iZags says:

What if i want the other end of this cable to have a male plug? Does it have to be also B(T-568B) or it has to be A, like crossover?
I wanna have 4 jacks in different walls around the house and all of them coming to the same place as male plugs to connect direct to the router.
Thanks in advance!

Mac Pelao says:

can I use a cat6 keystone jack on a cat5 cable?

Jo Otoole says:

you are right thats cat6!

igrewold says:

spiritual backup for other tools! 😀

Jeffery Jones says:

that’s tedious work. I’d rather just buy one that’s already had a jack placed on it.

Howcast26 says:

I want to know if it’s okay to use the dull side of the retractable knife to use as a punch down tool. The reason I use the r. knife, is so I can cutoff the nylon coat. But anyways, it fits, it makes the clicking noise like a impact tool, it just doesn’t cut excess, and the jack works anyways!

Hamking1 says:

Any suggestions on alternatives if you don’t have that punch down tool?

K J says:

Your Taking too much twist out of the cable more likely to fail

Jonathan Waller says:

Thanks! Now I don’t have to spend $75.00 on someone to come and do it for me.

Okaythen001 says:

I am trying to instll this female cat6 jack, but the cable is cat5e,jack is cat6, crimper is cat6, so use cat6 method and wiring?

Izaias Trancoso says:

muito bom gostei.

ƒunky says:

Hey Sir, do you have any idea on how to identify which cables (telephone line that uses Cat6 data wire) that were hiden inside my house walls goes to which rooms? OK, I know I sound pretty weird, the wires go through the walls and into separate rooms, now, I don’t want to convert all these cables into RJ45, I only want 3 out of 5, do you know how I can test out which cable goes to which room? Without buying a tester…

Hi-Def says:

Using the throwaway piece of shielding to untangle the wires, that’s genius! Talk about getting the most out of your garbage.

Robert S says:

Thank you for sharing!

Louis P says:

Thanks so much for the video! 🙂

Sheveion Callender says:

Thanks man great video

Ruchir Tondon says:

What is the purpose of this pro

Mark Richman says:

I have a 66 block in my new home, terminated only with blue/orange from cat5e for voice. I am trying to tone out the block to find which run goes to a specific jack so I can use that cable for ethernet. When I tone the 66 block, the whole thing sounds hot. Is it possible that the block is run in series? I tried holding the probe behind my back and running my finger down the block, but touching every bridge clip produces tone. Is there a trick to doing this, or do I need to yank all the runs?

ronnieam33 says:

What did I need those scissors for ???

Feroz Siddiqui says:

it really helped me. thanks

FireFold says:

Hi Hamking1, we have a much more affordable option to the tool used in the video which can be found on our website by searching for Part# – PDT-YLW

Thanks for watching!

Ewan Crawford says:

So I could put one of them on each end then plug an Ethernet cable into each end then plug one onto my Xbox and the other into my wifi router and it would work?

fairbanksbrian says:

The brown wire does not look seated.

gogoyogo says:

Thanks for explaining the A and B

Howcast26 says:

Could some one help me with the impact tool? I can’t seem to switch it from lo to hi impact, and I don’t know why!

Srikanth B says:

very good one thank you ….

FireFold says:

Yes, the Cat5e and Cat6 pin outs are identical in both T568A and T568B pinouts. T568B being the standard for most in North America. You will be able to punchdown a Cat6 keystone jack with Cat5e cabling, although the network would only run at Cat5e. So while it is possible, we cannot guarantee the functionality of the products when used in this manner. 

Jesse Holt says:

Using the snipped off bit of shielding to help unravel the twisted pairs change my life. Very helpful video. Thanks! 

Jerry Wilson says:

What were the scissors for?

Idris Apatira says:

Nice Job

Zaid Iraq says:

Cooooool, thank you.

BlakeTiger says:

thought he was saying ‘salad’ not ‘solid’ for a second lol

Salman Hai says:

good job



Jason Adams says:

So, I don’t need to strip the individual wires?

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