Network Technician Tool Bag

A veteran network tech reviews the contents of his tool bag and briefly explains why each tool is needed.

Here’s a quick list of what’s in his bag:
– Lineman Scissors (aka: Snips)
– 110 and 66 Punch down tool
– Lineman’s test set (aka: Butt set or test phone)
– Needle-nose pliers
– Standard mechanic’s pliers
– large-guage elecrican’s pliers/cutter
– Toner with RJ-45 and Rj-11 couplers
– Tone probe
– RJ-45 and Rj-11 crimper
– Wide area LED flashlight
– Candescent Mag light (flash light)
– Head-mounted LED lamp
– Key-hole saw (small dry-wall saw)
– Cable continuity tester
– Small Rachet and socket setup (up to 7/16″)
– small adjustable wrench.
– small tackle box with miscellaneous supplies
– inspection mirror
– reversible shaft screwdriver
– small screw driver (phillips and flat)
– cell phone charger
– ipad charger
– stylus (for iPad)
– Cisco Console cable

These tools are listed in greater detail on our website “Telecom Tools” page ‎


Peter Evans says:

Very informative video..I work mostly on the voice side but I want to get onto networks so found this very useful. Could I ask what brand of continuity tester you’re using or would recommend? Also are there any tone and amp sets you recommend? I have not had that much with the fluke one out in the field…

totoche57 says:

Hi, nice presentation of your tools bag, just how do you strip cables ?
As a network technician, I really like cyclop style stripper, they just cut insulation, not conductors

frank walton says:

Your the man, GOD Blessed, love the truck…

Road Runner says:

A very well put together kit, saved the video for future use and improving my own kit

Martin Keatings says:

A little bit concerned about hiding tools from security in a mall…lol

Glenn Graham says:

Also the best kind of chargers to use these days are those portable lithium jump starters they sell for cars. Most of them have USB ports and they last forever on one charge. Last time I charged mine was a year ago.

Steve Israel says:

Thank you so much for this video. I plan on quitting my day job to pursue a career as a network technician. I can’t wait to use all them tools. Do you recommend any good informative books about the field of network technician?
I look forward to checking out your other vids. Thanks again!

NoNoLabs says:

I don’t necessarily agree with the total setup but I have come back to this video multiple times over a year to see how I can upgrade my onsite bag..

T'airn'KA says:

For small items like coins, double “AA” and triple “AAA” batteries and in your case “The Tip” use the orange prescription bottles (half turn, not snap on).

Alex Turner says:

Actually starts going through the stuff at 2:08

Dennis says:

that tone probe is terrible, they don’t last a year, everyone at work hates them with a passion. tempo last longer and has a finer sound, you don’t get the static like you do with the fluke.

Blackpelt ofConfution says:

I’m starting out in this profession and I seem to be going in the right direction when it comes to these tools

Narciso Zambrano says:

Bro he sounds just like Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad/ Better Call Saul! Hahaha

sc St says:

Lol you said 56k and T1. Those still exist?

TheWersum says:

Crappy and very unprofessional. I have a small suite case with wheels and extendable handle. Can carry all network tools and drill, screwdriver, snake and CAT6 box, rods and more.

Chhaka Luoy says:

a Master Tech will have a Dildo in his bag.

pmv800 says:

Also like my selfie stick, yet would like to get a inspection camera for my smart phone

012jason says:

cable tester for $25, I get those for $3

Ian Pineda says:

you mentioned you have all bunch of stuffs on your truck. can you let us view whats on your truck?

Nalu Rash says:

Thanks for the video. I always enjoy checking out what tools people carry. If you haven’t already, you should check out Veto Pro Pac tool bags. They’re a bit pricey but we’ll worth the money. Take care


shadow over zambia

Jon Rose says:

Thanks for taking the time to lay it all out there. Its always a challenge to foresee and be prepared for so much in just one small bag.

Mr.Vilas Deshpande says:


jijomar bartolo says:

love the idea of cabling tool , the one that you can throw on difficult area

mickeydabeast 25 says:

Great video !! can you do your Truck tour?

Jeff Moss says:

YES! always snips!

steve9173 says:

Great video! I felt like I was watching you open my tool bag. I’ve been in the field over 25 years and share allot of those same practices. Nothing worse than going back out to the truck.

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