My On Site Tech Tool Bag contents and network cables.

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My On Site Tech Tool Bag contents and network cables.
October 2016

Monoprice 20-Feet 30AWG Cat5e 350MHz UTP Flat Ethernet Bare Copper Network Cable, Black (109552)

USB to Ethernet Adapter by Cable Matters

EGOGO Microfiber Cloth Hook and Loop Fastening Velcro Cable Ties
14140 Pennsylvania Southgate MI 48195


FiberNinja says:

Fantastic breakdown! Your mentioning of how it looks to the customer when you’re rummaging through a pile of messy cables is sooo on point! Thanks for sharing this info. Great stuff here!!

LordDrachenblut says:

Sounds like a homage to a long running HPR series

Matt says:

Nice nice. Why don’t you have a Ethernet tester?

Jeff Pancrazio says:

Do you have a model number on the MS keyboard, cant find it anymore and like the form factor .. thanks!.. Great video’s 🙂

markomus says:

This is great! I use so many of those in my own toolkit (that network crimper is THEE best!). In addition to those basic supplies I also keep…
* Classic multi-ended screwdriver
* Torx screwdriver (with multiple sized heads)
* Phone line tester
* GFCI tester (Step 1: Is there a power problem?) 🙂
* Small, round auto mechanics mirror
* Extendable magnet (another mechanic’s tool; not as much a threat to data these days)
* Normal wire cutters
* A very small level
* Various adapters
* 1 x 6mm socket and 1 x 3/16″ socket (various loose parts)
* A couple of small hobby hammers for tacking in cable clips (or percussive maintenance as needed)
* A PSU tester (SUPER handy!)
* SATA/PATA to USB adapter
* Small flashlight
* Small first aid kit (especially bandages; accidents happen)
* 6″/15cm clear plastic ruler
* Tape measure
* Portable multimeter (RadioShack #2200820)
* Hobby size box cutting knife

I suppose that could seem overkill for a short video and for a “keep it simple stupid” solution, but I’ve found everything to come in quite handy more than once 🙂

Alex Munoz says:

Harbor Freight!!! They also sell velcro.

Wytch says:

Those joiners/couplers are a godsend. Thanks for the great video! Very informative.

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