More House Ethernet Wiring (p2 of 3?)

Another pointless video, showing me cut holes in my house lol

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badnewsblues says:

For the Basement, Try using a 6 port keystone plate, and then just stagger your keystone placements.
Top=Left port
Middle=Right port
Bottom=Left port
Then just blanks in the empty ports.

Sammy Woo says:

Dude, it was hard to watch… really don’t like that snake drill bit thing, drilling blind, into live electrical wires, holly smoke, water lines, gas lines. Best of luck.

Loren Howe says:

You could tie your yacht to their pier with that cable, its a beast.

Mr Bob says:

One word…wireless

jason h says:

that’s some thick ass cat 6 cable. what type is it? i need to get some of that cable.

Killer2600 says:

Why do you have a NOC (Network Operations Center) for a house and does your home entertainment center really need a CAT 6A jack/10Gb Ethernet?

cdoublejj says:

BTW @bytemybits you did terminate the cat 6a correctly as far as i can tell. you want the distance between the end of the sheathed cable and the punch down as short as possible to reduce noise and you whats the cables twisted if you do have a gap. ( i dind’t see one in yours) This conversation came up at the spiceworks forum watercooler once and not everyone knew that.

so kudos!

Grumpy Electrician says:

Why is that cable so expensive? I can get the Cat. 7 with 350m (1148ft) for about 65$ from my Supplier. strange

Hussain Ali says:

why cat 6? cat 5e will do the trick, the cables that u used are very think and hard to bend!!!

mintyfreshpenguin says:

Hey Jason whats that tune you use in these videos?

thtadthtshldntbe says:

Hey Jason, you should get an electrician in to look at your electricity in that new place. Those romex cables just hanging in free space there are supposed to be tacked down, in the middle of anything they run by, not just laying on top of walls and such.. not that big a deal in the short run since its exposed and you can see it and are unlikley to nail, screw or drill through it (despite what you almost did, which was caused by this issue) but who knows what other short cuts were taken if they did that. And that damaged wire, the electrical a fire hazard now.

Jose Vigo says:

Where did you buy your cables (6A)???

YouTuber says:

Great video! I make a ton of drywall cuts for my low voltage jobs. I use the DeWalt Oscillating tool as well. If you are going to be making more cuts, this is worth the investment and attaches right to the tool. >

Terrill Cockeram says:

You might find this video useful
You can see they make a tool to cut a hole just for your boxes

SyberPrepper says:

Appreciate the video. Helps give me motivation to get going on my project. Thanks for the tips on the various aspects.

The_KillShot says:

Why are you changing out the HP switch for that cisco one, you can setup vlan’s on the HP switch. I purchased one of those HP switches after watching you install yours to improve my home network as well.

Chris Pistocco says:

Great Video!!

marcounchained says:

that cat6 cable is so T H I C C

AJ Brown says:

Wow..amateur hour on how to run a cable. Make sure to have that electrical wire checked or replaced.

Ronald Domino says:

i just ran cat 5e to every room in my house so i can see how this is dangerous and hard work lol

strzaskany alf says:

this is not a house, its a cardboard box.

Raymond Day says:

Doing a hole in the dry wall can use a utility knife over over it easy then more and it hardly makes any dust from the dry wall and looks nice and neat.

xz86 says:

Thx for the video. Does the category of keystone and RJ45 plugs really matter? Will cat6 keystone/plugs reduce the speed? I have got different answers. Thx

Callum.G says:

I absolutely love watching this videos brings back great memory’s of when I wired my house with cat6 a

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