Mastek MS6813T Network Cable Tester Technical Review

Review of the MASTECH MS6813 Mul-function Network Cable Telephone Line Tester Detector Tracker.

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Wael S says:

Yes for sure it could’ve been great for that and if the toner was working properly I believe you might be able to trace the wire until the cut.

spiros spithas says:

I’m glad I saw your video here in Greece it costs 47.90€ (about 54 $) so I thought it has to be good.

Wael S says:

My pleasure. I am glad someone found it useful.
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Yury Bogdanov says:

Red wire from device must be grounded if TONE test! Then connected cabe to PC or router is not problem – the tone signal is strong and loud.

Adit209 says:

Thank you for the review Wael

Gonzalo Pérez says:


Lucky Underwood says:

Well I can understand some people would like to know which wire is cut on Cat-5 but I think it’s better to cut where it’s cut & put on a new end. I mean basic common sense right? If it cut there why not?

MrSapinhopreto says:

you cut your hair ! good job !

smbrob says:

Sorry to say but your review was incomplete.
Also the sound of the tracer is different to sounds from life cables.
You can trace all connected cables or wires on any connection to the transmitter.
Try pushing the test button until all the lights illuminate and look what happens.
It will even tell you if the wrong wires are used as a pair.
So I think it is well worth its money. :-/

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