Is Wireless Networking FINALLY as Fast as Wired?? 802.11ad

Can wireless AD deliver a wired-like experience that even the most hardcore gamer will appreciate?

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jamcdonald120 says:

“There’s never been a better time for Dollar shave club,, now supporting 60ghz wifi!”

Greg Hill says:

So why cant we offset the 5 ghz channels by 180′ essentially running a raid array for wifi? (Or even faster run 3 different signals at 120′ much like AC power) This way you get the PENETRATION of 5ghz at the speed of 15ghz( or yah know whatever frequency you want to run at)

TheOneReaper X299 says:

3:57 Netgear 5ghz speeds illuminati confirmed

Rhapbus1 says:

so wait.. it cant go through walls? you just kinda glanced over the fact that its fucking useless unless you’re in the same room as it… and if you’re in the same room, why not just use a cable anyway?

ttalgi says:

Please explain this on tech quickie

edward lowe says:

Wired network rulezzzz. For gaming Wirles Signal suck.

HL4EHalfLife says:

Why didn’t you compare the wired connection speeds against the wireless??

Subri Subrika says:

Why do you keep putting you hand under the desk? It’s freaking me out. I keep thinking you’re going to pull something out from under there.

Clid says:

How about we have long-range 1 GHz?

SilentShad0W679 says:

I would still use a wired connection.


Laptop applicable. Non-laptop N/A. My ISP won’t let me connect my workstation wirelessly.

Raver Magik says:

If you installed that AD card… i wonder if you installed the antennas for it….which do not typical COME with the card. Since you proved that a BOX can drop a signal what do you think would happen with a plastic chassis, a motherboard and no antennas. The wifi chip would work.. but it works better with antennas installed on it and ran typically behind the lcd screen.

Also WHY are you using 2 different wifi cards… ad runs backwards compatible.
Which makes me even MORE suspicious that their are no antennnas on that ad card.

BigKrizzah says:

32 byte ping… Dude, increase the packet size

MotorDog365 says:

Nice try linus… I have AD blocker. Rekt

Jon Salenger says:

giggity giggity, giggity giggity ~Quagmire

Michael Jensen says:

What does Wi-Fi have to do with dial-up being obsolete? — You can setup Wi-Fi with dial-up (like, the hardest part is finding an ISP that supports dial-up…) — Bottom line: Wi-Fi is not related to internet access, it’s network access. — And it’s not faster (or even as fast) as a wired network once you factor in latency (you can get equal speeds in bandwidth, but that’s not the full picture, latency has a huge affect on overall “speed”), and that’s before factoring in saturation.

Martell Tha Cool says:

Ethernet is better

RLS0812 says:

I’ll stick to CAT6A thank you very much.

Utra Ninja says:

Wired WiFi Master Race lol

WoOsKii 1 says:

I feel like if it can’t even pass through a person, you’re better off just plugging the cable into the laptop instead (unless like you said, you want to put one on the ceiling of every room you want to use it) I personally like MoCA boxes w/ 2.4/5 and extra Ethernet ports- fast enough for me.

Crypto Glenn says:

If you are only pulling in to your home from the hub speeds up to 150Mbps you are not going to get 4.6Gbps. You router can only preform as fast as your home speed allows. Right?

ANDROIDGAMER 1861rebel says:


Subri Subrika says:

Do one on ax

Alexbleks says:

7:34 (Sounds like: BILLY MAY’S FANTASTIC SHAVER!!!

Finlay Mitchell says:

As fast as gigabit Ethernet or 10 gigabit Ethernet?

Sci Guy911 says:

radio wave based wifi…what are you in, the dark ages? I use ultra-high-energy gamma waves for my wifi to my ultra 4K.

Charles Pack says:

As a person that has been installing this stuff since token ring and vampire taps I can tell you that a hard line is still the way to go for anything stationary, wireless will never match the speed of a good old copper or optical line

Daniel says:

windows 7 home legend

lilman227 says:

Eh.. my 2x2AC still impresses me

Jaime says:

It’s prob need a better and much improved port. Ethernet port are how long now?

jamcdonald120 says:

what we need is a nice gamma wavelength transmitter

edward lowe says:

Also note apple airport extreme is the best. Go faster then other network brand. I get 1gb out of it

Markinpuff says:

The ISP providers have no problem with the limited range, they will just use repeaters in the home and charge more. It also prevents people from hacking as well, he didn’t bring up the better security.. But as he said the frequency makes it harder to share, which they love… This can be fixed with a focused antenna like a sat dish. I’ve done it. I had a connection to my 5g signal from 8 blocks away with a diy dish.

Dragonsai says:

My building doesn’t have Ethernet……

Jorge Ramos says:

Yes, linus. Your ads are that bad.

bradley michels says:

I need a boothtooth what is the best way to do it and get best speed for mouse working one of those Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth cards

WaveMeow says:

what was the advertised internet speed from the ISP with those graphs? 1gbps?

marawan BG says:

AD in Bulgarian means hell…PERFECT

Alice Di Nunno says:

Poor Screaming brandon :’D

Youthoob Gamer says:

DIAL UP – 56Kb
DSL – 24 Mbps
2G – 128Kb
3G – 2Mbps
4G – 100Mbps
Fibre optics – 1Gbps

N-ninja says:

I could see chandeliers having integrated routers into them from now on,

Minecraft And More says:


Michael554466 says:

Well lucky me, my pc sits right next to the router! …
Oh, yeh… not much point XD

negativespace000 says:

“Kept on trucking”? No. The proper way to say this is always “Kept on truckin”

Alan Wang #36 says:

You can easily fix this minor issue by boosting the antenna output by 1 billion times.

Naryek says:

Do these routers replace hubs like BT home hub or what how do these work

Max GG4 says:

2:45 Why are theese Router CPUs better than the one in my Laptop?

James E. says:

It’s called outernet

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