Is a Vandesail CAT7 B013W0ARNY Ethernet cable faster the a Cat 6 Ethernet cable???

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I reviewed my Cat 7 Cable to see if it would make any difference to me. It could possibly make a huge difference to someone else. If you guys liked this video plz hit that like button, and you want to see more like this plz hit the subscribe button. Thank you again!

Condition: 100% Brand new
Package including: 2x LAN Networking Cable
Color: White/Black
Connectors: Copper Plated RJ-45 Male to Male

Interference Elimination
– Each of the four twisted pair sets are shielded by foil, and the patch cable is terminated with two shielded copper plated RJ45 connectors. Multi-protection mechanism significantly improves noise resistance and interference elimination
Fast & Furious, Performance Maximization
– Every second, even millisecond, counts in the gaming world and a quality Ethernet cable help you stay one step ahead of the competition
– Vandesail Network’s Cat 7 cables achieve higher performance than cat6e, cat6 or traditional cat5e, cat5, boost your online gaming experience
Slim and Flat, Space Efficient
-Vandesail Network flat cables slide under the carpet without raising it or showing that it is under there. Smooth existence also brings about consistent electrical characteristics.
– Light weight and easy to wrap. Rolls up nicely and is compact when traveling
High-quality Cat7 RJ45 Ethernet Patch Lan Network Cable.
100% The Best Quality And Satisfaction Guaranteed.
The clip protector keeps the RJ45 connector from unwanted snags while routing the cable. Surf the net, stream video, music, and other data at a greater speed without worrying about cable mess.
Compatibility: Desktop, Laptop, Router, Modem, Switch, Hub, DSL, xBox, PS2, PS3 and etc.

*NOTE: Your network speed is determined by many factors which include the cable, your router, switch boxes, other network components, and also a service provider.

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Brendan Stubbs says:

could you please not use landscape in your videos

Andrew Flex says:

I have a question that’s puzzling me I made an Ethernet Cable I test the cable with a test after making its ok I plug in from my router to my laptop it wrk but when I plug in from the router to my Android TV Box it don’t work what you think could cause it not to work….. I tried in on more that 4 tvbox

RetroGamer says:

Japan Tokyo

Joe Johnson says:

What is more important is that you are running SHIELDED Twisted Pair (STP). If you are not running STP, your Ethernet runs are a large antenna to receive all sorts of garbage that is in the air.. or electrical noise from nearby power cords near your Ethernet cabling ETC. Look on your cabling, if it does not say STP on it throw it away. NEXT, if you are not using Solid core copper Ethernet and running copper clad aluminum, throw the copper clad aluminum in the trash. Do not waste your money on that junk. I purchased some of these same cables from amazon. The stuff i bought on amazon, same as shown in this video, is shielded from end to end. The “gold” connectors on the end are tied end to end so their is either a single drain that runs from end to end or there is a shield around the entire cable (like it is advertised to have). If you have more questions about Ethernet, feel free to ask..

jerry InFected says:

Its faje its from china

Joe Johnson says:

The only way to do real speed tests is not on the internet, you are not testing the cable, you are testing your internet connection at its slowest connection. You have to use a fluke type tester to actually do speed/latency testing. As shown in this video is not going to be of any value to you. Sorry.. I am not giving the guy a hard time for his video it simply not how testing is done. He is correct that his connection seemed to be more stable, that is more than likely due to having a shielded twisted pair Ethernet cable vs some cheap unshielded cable that he replaced with this one. electrical noise / Electronic Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) will cause havoc on ethernet networks. HENCE why it is so important to use SHIELDED TWISTED PAIR!

jim bob says:

You are capping out at 90mbps likely due to your computers ethernet card only being 10×100. You can buy USB dongles that support 10x100x1000 Mbps ethernet speeds. Most computers are 10x100x because its cheaper and not everyone needs/wants those specs when looking for a computer.
Other reason is that you may be paying for 100mbps and if that’s the case then the results wouldnt change at all.

M7 says:

we bay to 20 mega per sec and we get 9 ^^

Matt's Common Nerd Stuff says:

Thank you for letting me. I will keep that in mind

Joe & RmR , i belong to her says:

can you try a new Video with a cat 5 vs yr cat 7 on an online game for the Ping-Latency because thats whats important

AKBuilder762 says:


The Phoenix says:

bangooods now has cat 7 cables for between 3 and 9 dollars for 2 to 10 meter kables (61% off) get it while you can.
No i do not get paid for this 😀

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