How To use a RJ45 Crimp Tool, Crimping tool for CAT5 / CAT6 Ethernet 8P8C Plugs.

Hi, this ‘How To’ video show you how to use a RJ45 Crimping tool, it shows you the difference features of the tool and the process of crimping 8P8C Ethernet RJ45 plugs onto either Cat5e or Cat6 Cable. The tool can be used on both stranded and solid core cable.
Many thanks Vince


Peter Buchta says:

Very good!

Wild Ginger Photography says:

sweet video thanks

Gazi Md Saddam Hossain says:

cat 6 koto mitar jay

Rejul Ghosh says:

Company’s Name Of The Crimper???

thekaduu says:

Rooter… Hahaha

Winston Clarke says:

This is a wonderful video.

migb misganaw says:

thanks i hope i can to scrip

George Wilson says:

Thanks for the many useful and instructive videos.
My Sky router tells me I get 30MBits/s at the test plug of the Master Socket!
But I have to have my router where the patch cables go to other rooms!
My Sky system then implies that my speed could be better!
I believe I will have to adopt some of your techniques to get an improved connection in the location that my router is located.

pacora07 says:

why we do not use those type of wires in the US. no need for untwisting wires, not need to put them in order and you can do a lot of termination faster with this type of wires.

Makla Bouhlel says:

Nice video, many thanks. I keep breaking the plastic clip in the connector when I press too hard. Is this normal?

Adrian Dresler says:

Go and learn how to make video

Jules Bartow says:

My rooter? Are you doing plumbing?

Franck Delio says:

Nice Video, THANKS

Derek wilkie says:

Hi Vince, I enjoy watching your videos. The problem i have is it states on the cable i have “cat6e 4 pair/24 awg” but the inner wires have solid colours, they are not the same as the wires you show as in striped. Any links to show this please?

Samuel C says:

Great Video, I really needed this!

Luis Pinto says:

No se ve nada

jaypee nickdan says:

thanks dude!!

Mario C says:

Inserting the wire into the plug is off camera. Sort of important

Joel Lynch says:

Thanks a lot, Vince!

Saru EMS Education says:

THUMBS DOWN. did not show the wiring order or how to crimp.

renderz says:

Great video!! Been building PCs for decades but always bought network cables. Your vid showed how easy it is to make them!!

Kim Gundersen says:

Great video, very helpful. thank you.

Wot Viewer says:

ebay shop closed between July 2017 to Jan 2018 also his website is actually my mate vince .

Asentrix says:

Sick video , bought a 30m cat5e and it got wedged between a door and it’s frame / damaged
Crimp tool saved me 25-30$ 😀

Rejul Ghosh says:

Company’s Name Of The Crimper???

satwinder singh says:


Linesh Mody says:

Good personality with teaching us nice and how to care for tools also thank you dear

Basavaraj G says:

Nice..explained well..thanks

Weaver Cattle Company says:

I got one of those crimpers … its for 4p4C though … fixing handset or making custom handset cables. Good quality tool :o)

seth legaspi says:

Did you strip the wire before putting it in the plug? Or not?

Andrew Geary says:

excellent vid

maccmike8 says:


Paul Morrey says:


Michael Golan says:

if you put the cat6 line in and close the crimp using the safety pin you will get the exact pressure needed to strip it properly.

Yu Jay says:

Are CAT6A/7 swallowtail plugs the same as CAT5/CAT6? I have a RJ45 Crimp already and another tool I could use to wrap the tail around the wire.. The tool needed for the swallowtail crimp is very expensive..

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