How to trace and track wires using a cable tracker

Hi, this ‘how to’ video shows how to use a cable tracker tone and probe to trace and track various cables and wires.
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airstreamz says:

Thanks Vince I’ve needed 2 of your videos as many days (Cat6 connectors and this Cable tracing one). Got to now locate a network cable in a very big old house. This was very informative thanks! (+subbed).

me me again says:

when testing twisted pair data cable, you should use one core from a different colour… the reason they are twisted together is to stop outter noise/interference, so therefore you might not be able to pick up a tone..

Hugo Antão says:

but this cable tracker detect where is the short-circuit on the cable? ..dont understand, if only detect a short-circuit (if so its like a continuity tester) or if it find where is the cable damage? for exemple a cable broken or with a internal short-circuit, it find where is it on the long cable to allow me repair that segment of the cable?

Adit209 says:

Thank you for this very informative review

Shailendra Yadav says:

Nice to see its very informative video thank you for sharing

barleywells says:

I have a zillion AV wires I my rack with RCA connectors. How do I attach this device to the RCA jack. I have tried everything and hear no tone when I touch the wire. I’m trying to understand the wiring configuration by tracing several of the wires. Thanks!

Comrade Pupper says:

Lol I’m casually watching all your videos.

bugoutboy says:

nice cheers!

true. lion says:

This is probably the best explanation of how and what a Wire Toner Tracker is. Best video on youtube on this tool.

gloorbit says:

What if the building just has RJ45 connectors on both ends of the wire? I know that’s not the correct way to do it but short of cutting one end off and using the alligator clips I winder why tone generators do not have a female receptacle for an RJ45. I’m sure there’s a good explanation.

Ben Sandham says:

Thanks Vince that was very informative and clearly explained.
I did not know about the shorting out of the two cables as conformation, although it is so bloody obvious I should have.
So that is something I have learnt today.

Maarten Hofmans says:

I want to buy this product but I’m not sure it fits my needs.
This is my problem, I’ve got a cable coming out of the wall, but a don’t now where it goes to in the wall.
Can I put the isolator on the cable and than move the probe around the surface of the wall and track the cable to see where it go’s? Or is it just going to make noise when I get to the end of the cable ? Because that would be a problem because I don’t now where the cable go’s to so I don’t now where it ends

grtz Maarten

sandy anderson says:

brilliant thanks

RoadRashSpirit says:

Hi Vince, I have nearly finished installing a Cat6 to my workshop. I am a little bit worried about signal degradation as I have come into my workshop with my 10mm cable and cat6 using the same hole. They then travel in parallel for about 140cm. The 10mm cable was an armoured type but I have removed the armour where it runs next to the cat6. The insulation is still quite thick though. -Can I use my tone generator to test for signal degradation? Will the tone become weaker if there is electrical interference? – If not what is the most inexpensive way of testing this? Cheers Will (PS great videos, I have found them really helpful since I am electrically trained but a complete novice with telecoms)

William Magill says:

Worthless product — does not work.

707SonomaComa says:

Can you test just one Single Wire at a time? Such as using it in an
Automotive situation or for Trailer-Camper wire mapping after someone
else has made a bunch of splices and re-wiring?

Electrician Dallas Tx says:

Thanks for the suggestions you have shared here.

Sidney Mathious says:

I purchased one of those tools and have not used it yet, but plan on using it on one of my automobiles, which I am having problems with.

paul morrey says:

Very helpful  Thanks for sharing

Jason Jackson says:

Very informative. I feel like I know everything about tracers now.

HappyFebs says:

Thanks for explanation. Very helpfull. What max range this tracker can measure? sorry for my bad english.

Ben Teasdale says:

As an electrician I’m always moving phone lines and adding points been after something like this for ages but wasn’t sure how it would help I regularly use a cheap handset just to test for dial tone but recently was dragged in to second fix a bungalow complex but previous sparky was clueless and I had to bell them out with my probe tester bit fiddly this is now on my shopping list

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